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Hello, friends, and welcome to another video.

Today, I'm gonna be ordering a customized mascara online.

So this company, Eyeko, offers a bespoke mascara service

where you go online and answer a short quiz

and from your answers, they'll make you a personalized mascara formula with a tailored brush

They also offer this service in person in London, Paris, and Hong Kong.

But since I don't live in any of those places. I'm gonna have to do it on the good old interwebs

I like the idea of customized or personalized mascara

And I do have a few eyelash concerns number one being that I have a couple

unruly lashes that sort of grow in a different direction than they're supposed to and number two being that when

Coated my lashes can tend to get clumpy or spidery also

I don't know if they can help with this

But I often times hit myself in the face with my mascara wand as I'm applying it to my lashes

And I'd like to stop doing that so I'm interested to see if this

Customised mascara is any better than what I'm used to but I also wonder how much they can really do to customize your mascara

So I'm gonna order one custom formula based on my eyelash concerns, and then as an investigation

I'm gonna order a second tube with completely different answers so I can have two tubes to compare and contrast

Alright, let's get started

I've used the brand eyeko a couple of times before but I think they're like a primarily European

Based brand so I haven't come into contact with them a lot the first thing on their website is

Yoga waterproof mascara which I guess is mascara for when you are doing yoga, ah here

We go so they've got this video. That says what makes the perfect mascara you do ah

Wait is there volume oh, it's a quiet video. This is basically just like a silent

Animated video telling you how to take this quiz it's at the artistry quiz test

Oh, and then we've got some reviews down here fun. Fact. If you have a mascara emergency in central London

You can get it delivered in 90 minutes all right eyeko coming for postmates wig all right

I think we should just take this quiz I'm gonna click shop now. Okay, so here's the first question

How would you describe your natural lashes all right number one unruly

I said that was one of my lash concerns before I think my lashes are naturally long and medium

I wouldn't call them fine

But I also wouldn't call them full so I guess that's three options alright question number two which effect is most

Important to you when choosing mascara, I definitely am gonna want length and definition

I don't necessarily need it to be waterproof but long wearing would be nice added curl could maybe help for the unruliness

perhaps alright next oh

I just realized there was no option for stop hitting myself in the face alright so question number. Three is now

We've got to know you now that now that we've got to know you we'd recommend

One of these brushes the first one seems to be like ultra curly the second one seems to be like ultra

Volumizing and the third one seems to be more like on the go like do it real quick

I kind of want to see what they think

Based off of this quiz I would need so I'm gonna tell them to choose for me and see how that works out all right

So this little cat says that he's making my formula and here we go it says introducing your bespoke mascara

It's $40, and it says I can monogram it for $4 sure I like my initials, SN

That's me

And if I scroll down a little bit more it tells me a little bit about like what I've just ordered with natural

conditioners including shea butter our classic tubing formula

promises ultra black smooth application every time and then for the brush they've chosen quick fix

volume curl and separation in one sweep

Okay, cool, so that is customized mascara number one, so I'm going to add this to the bag

and then I'm gonna do the quiz again just to see how different the formulas are and

How much like your answers really matter for this one? I'm gonna say that my lashes are

Curly fine and short. I don't think I would say any of those things about my current lashes so for the second question

I think I'm gonna choose that I want a volumizing effect a body boosting effect, and I also want it to be waterproof

All right next so looking at the brushes two of them

I haven't seen before the first brush though is the quick fix brush, which is what they gave me with my last formula

All right, well, I'm gonna ask them to choose for me again. Just to see what they have to say alright here

We go so it does look like for the your formula blurb that they've written something different

But my last formula was also a tubing formula

So I'm not sure if that's like one of their favorite things for like a lot of different lash types

Or if it's actually a very similar formula and for my brush they've chosen for me the twist and shout

Short spirals will extend and lengthen each and every lash, so they did give me a different brush

Which is cool all right Tyler drove me to my monogram this for you yeah, alright, so the second one is the Tyler Williams

So I've got two customized mascaras in my bag, and they're also giving me a free

Waterproof shadow liner. Let's check out so I think I placed my order now. They gave me free 48-hour FedEx

Delivery which is fun because I usually have to wait months for things to come in the mail to me

But anyways next time you see me, I'll have one customized mascara and one

Customized mascara alright so both of my custom mascaras have arrived it did take a little bit more than 48 hours

I'd say it took probably like three to five days, but I believe I have both of them in here

So let's open them up and take a look and see how they are and also how different they are from each other ta daa

A piece of paper and a little cat he says lash alert alert your lashes the British are coming

Oh, wow, this is fancy. So I try and break the seal or no just kidding. I can't break it. I'm going around it

I have what looks like two very fancy pins alright

So this is the me and my shadow waterproof shadow liner, which is oh my god well

It's gonna stick that back in there

pretend that didn't happen so basically I've got like a little bit of like a stick shadow on one side and

On this side have a little brush. I'm a little confused by this product

I'm gonna put that away and these are our custom mascaras this one is mine

You see the SN on the side and Tyler. That's yours

Wait give it back alright, so I'm gonna start off with my customized mascara and apply it to my right. Eye

Whoa? Oh there's a mirror in there? Hello hello?

What are you doing in there and then I'm gonna guess that this is our mascara?

And I think this little card says the ingredients right let's unwrap this guy whoa

on one side

It's got the e with the crown and on the other sighs it says the original tube mascara hold up hold up

I paid four dollars extra for my mascara to be monogrammed, but I think the only thing they did is add these stickers

I thought that they were just like letting me know which was which and I thought that the bottle would have some sort of etching

Into it but it does not I think I paid four dollars for these two stickers that makes me a little bit upset all right

Shall I open it. Yes. I don't care what you say. I'm opening it anyway, okay?

Alright, so this formula is supposed to add length and definition

Curl, and it's also supposed to last like all day the quick fix brush is basically just supposed to do it fast like in one

Sweep, do all of the effects, and I'm seeing a lot alright

So I'm gonna do the bottom lashes now oh no hit myself in the face alright, so that is my customized mascara on this

Eye, I would say that a lot of the supposed value propositions are coming through

I think that the lashes look a lot longer than they did before and I do think that it is much curlier as well

I'm not sure about the definition

It's not clumpy, but it's like a little spidery so on to the next mascara the TW mascara

See you know what the problem is here now that we have two of these things and the tubes are not monogrammed

How are we gonna know? Which ones? Which well they're really?

Maybe you'll be able to tell the difference but only after you put it on

All right

So this brush is the twist and shout brush it supposed to give me some volume length curl all that jazz ready

Yeah, all right, so this formula is supposed to be body boosting

Volumizing and also waterproof. I'm gonna do the bottom I have got mascara all over me all right

So I think that that is pretty much that

application of that TW mascara my first impression of it is that the effect is somewhat similar

But I do like the brush of the other mascara a lot more

I think that when you're really up close to the camera like you can tell like oh this one is curlier and longer

But any further away than that. They look pretty similar, okay, so those are both of the customized mascaras

I'm gonna wear them for the rest of the day and see if like a long wear test

Illuminates anything more okay, so it's been about five and a half to six hours since I first apply this mascara

And I have to say they're both going pretty strong this right eye is supposed to be long lasting

I picked the all day every day option and the left eye is not necessarily supposed to be long lasting

But I did specify it to be waterproof so they're both staying put pretty much

But I think it's time to test it a little more than just wearing it around

So this first test is the NAP test so basically I'm gonna take a little sleep right now

I'm gonna start on one side and then

After 10 minutes Tyler will come in and force me to rotate to the other side to make a pancake flip exactly

Alright sound roll over and basically we're gonna see if any mascara rubs off on the pillow. Oh, you're out of it

Huh I brought you a crusty. He's gonna eat my mascara off

This is just an excuse for you to take a nap in the middle of filming

I have engineered this perfectly anything on the pillow. I don't think so. I like it staying on all right 10 more minutes. Yeah

alright saf and crusty

come in cat noises

howd I do yeah theres nothing on your pillow. Well. I feel like I was really hitting the pillow that time

Oh, you wanna wake up no all right, so I actually think that this mascara survived the nap pretty well

I don't think any debris came off from either side, and I also don't see any sort of like smudges underneath my eyes

So I guess there's really only one more thing to do in the wear test and that's a crying test

So I'm gonna go downstairs and cut some onions alright

So I'm here with an onion and a knife please no comments on my cutting technique. Just like typing

I didn't learn the right way, but I now operate on my own scheme feel any tears there not yet, should I go closer sure oh

Yeah, that was good feel those tears now. Oh yeah that stings oh

Damn, those ninjas cuttin onions is this a meme. I don't know in a comment mean. You know what makes me sad

What that little animated spider? He's so cute. I know I got some tears there. We go. I have a problem ty

I'm crying more out of my right eye than my left so we have an uneven crying distribution

Yeah, I got my left leg going did anything happen. I think your mascara looks unscathed

Can we spray you in the eyes with like a super soaker you wanna?

Just throw some water at my face and what will that proove. I'll be fun for you. Let's try this oh

I'm like a dog No

I'll stop I won't be on the couch

No, okay, so I didn't bawl I didn't get to like tears streaming down my face sobbing

But I definitely had some tears forming in my eyes, and then Tyler threw some water at my face

So I feel like we like reasonably tested this mascara within some watery

Situations, I think that the left eye looks really strong

That's the one that lets you waterproof and the right eye also looks pretty good

I don't know if it's like a shadow or what but there does seem to be like the tiniest little bit of a

smudge under here

But I think in general both mascaras did pretty well so after both of these mascaras have pretty much like proved their worth

I wanted to take a look at their ingredients and just see like how different. They are the actual ingredients

I feel like we shouldn't like go too far into because I am NOT a chemist and I don't know exactly what they do

But I'll say that like the first three or four ingredients are pretty similar

And then the rest of the ingredients seem to be similar, but in different orders

Which leads me to believe that the formulas are in fact at least somewhat different in their composition

also, what's interesting is that printed on the top of these paper slips are fo2 and

Fo6 which leads me to believe that eyeko has like a set number of

Formulas and based on how you answer their questions. They will like assign you a formula, so it's not exactly

Misspoke or one-of-a-kind, but it is like a customized sale like it's like well

You wanted this so the formulas although similar are definitely different

But to me like the true X Factor of this customized

Mascara is the brush so I went back to the eyeko website to see if they sold these brushes with other

mascaras that they already sell

And I found a few interesting things so the ones that stick out to me as dupes for the SN

Mascara are the lash alert mascara and also the black magic mascara

I think the black magic mascara has my exact same brush

And it also has tubing technology and shea butter the lash alert mascara seems to use like a slightly smaller brush

But it also has shea butter and tubing technology

and I feel like the vibe is the same like this was supposed to be like a

quick fix and this one is a

Wake up

and go so I feel like you might not be able to get like the exact combination of everything you want in the

Mascaras they already have but you could probably get pretty close and pay like ten to fourteen dollars less

But that's just my thought so first and foremost. I think that both of these mascaras are very good mascaras

They both lasted all day, and they stood up very well to our

Official tests and even though my SN mascara wasn't waterproof. It doesn't seem to be to smudge

I think I was initially skeptical about the idea

customized mascara because when I hear the words custom mascara

I think like how

Customized can you really make it and I do think they ended up giving me a good formula that addressed a lot of my lash

Concerns but some of the things that they say are like really impressive about your

Customized formula are things that a lot of their mascaras have like tubing

Technology and shea butter and even my favorite brush

I do think that their quiz could point you in the right direction

Of like the products you should be looking at but I don't know that they should be charging you more for like a customized

Preset formula, I do not know about the personalized experience

I feel like maybe it's more fun to like go into the store and like test out the brushes

You know maybe pop some bottles, but as far as the online experience goes

I would say maybe get a normal one and definitely don't get it monogrammed

Thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see

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Thanks for watching Callum, and I will see you guys next time

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