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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 세계유일 고슴도치, 햄스터 초호화 3층 주택/World's only hedgehog, hamster luxury house

Difficulty: 0

Looking at Pichu and Sonics house, I always wanted to move them to a bigger place.

So I was searching up the internet

Ahh.. this kinda onesmy house is too small for this….

Hello? Say wut? You will just make me a house for Pichu and Sonic?

First meeting

On this day, we talked about the overall mood, concept and brief structure of the house.

It felt like I was a building owner, which Ill never ever feel like in my life.

First design confirm

Based on what we talked about in the first meeting, I got the design and the description through video file

And I have passed on my opinion in return

Second design confirm

He introduced me a new design having different mood from the first design

Second meeting

The meeting was held in house of ZIT Studio

The hamster house for Hamson, made my ZIT Studio himself was really cool

He also had a cat, so I decided to show some value of my nickname (Translators comment: 냥이아빠 means cat daddy)

Whats his name?

Song, hes called song


Songsing me a song

(Hes named song because he was picked up in front of a KTV…)

(Lucky that he wasnt placed in front of a Dog shop)

Ahh so cute..

The final work

Knock knock


Parcel delivery here~

Awkward gretting

Im sorry LOL

I wont be doing a skit acting like this with ZIT Studio again LOL

Mr. ZITs masterpiece after a month of work

Now Ill reveallllllll the houseeeee for Sonicccc and Pichu!!!

(Structure that even seduces me to go in rn)

(Adequate slope made for Hedgehog)

(Lighting with concept: Hell)

(Paradise-Like Pichus house)

(Grass that I wanna try after turning into a rabbit)

I tried putting Pichu in first

Looks like hes nervous, he went straight to the W/C

And he goes on to check his hideout

Mhm~ Cutie

Looks like Pichu is conducting a covert research to find out how he can look cuter



Looked like he really liked it, made me feel good as well

He uses the stairs as well

Using mealworm, I tried to lure him to the another stair there. I failed.

Going up

Thank you Ms. Pichu

He also tries the digging box

But he doesnt dig. This is the way of pichu.

The real problem actually is Hedgehog Sonic.

He already got angry.

Soniclets do thisfighting!

He goes in

Pichu on the top, Sonic on the bottom

Hehe so cute

He goes down straight

First time ever for me to see Sonic using stairs..

He has his meal.

After the meal he goes on marking his territory

Oh thank you Mr. Sonic!

After the meal, he uses the underground tunnel to go to his hideout.

Of course, the underground tunnel has this panel to make it even darker.

He also does a good job running in the wheel

Thanks to the soothing red light, I had my first filming to see Sonic running in the wheel.

(Hell concept&Red light: perfectly adequate)

Just like this, the basement and first floor belongs to Sonic

And Pichu uses the second floor.

And here is the silver button you all gifted me here lol

I really thank you, ZIT Studio, for gifting us this wonderful house

I dont know what to say here

The material fee costed around 300,000KRW (Translator Comment: Around 300USD)

Including labor fee, the house would cost around 1.5~2million KRW (Translator Comment: Around 1500~2000USD) but he just decided to gift me,

So I wasnt sure if I can really receive this wonderful gift

Really thank you again and

Thank you for making my own house turn smaller and smaller

The Description of 세계유일 고슴도치, 햄스터 초호화 3층 주택/World's only hedgehog, hamster luxury house