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In this lesson today we are gonna add glitter to our English. We are gonna look at expressions

with the word, gold.

Hi friends, thanks for clicking I am Niharika. Well all our lives we have learned that gold

is the sign of beauty, power and purity. Now in English also it holds a lot of importance.

We have lot of expressions with the word, gold. So in this lesson today, we are gonna

learn six expressions using the word gold that can be used in your conversation.

So let's get started, let's have a look at the first expression which is all that glitters

is not gold. Now this is a proverb and when do you use it? Or how do you use

it in English? Well you can say it for the things which look very attractive to you but

then guess what, not necessary that they are genuine or valuable. Just because something

looks very attractive, it's not probably genuine or valuable. For example, the glamour industry,

oooh it looks amazing. Right, people look so happy who belong to that industry and somewhere

in the heart you feel that, I wish I was a part of this industry. But then here I used

the proverb all that glitters is not gold. So even if something looks attractive, not

necessary that it is genuine, okay? Alright so that's how you can use this proverb.

Lets move on to another expression with the word, gold that is have a heart of gold.

Now there are certain people that we come across who are so kind, so loving and absolutely

charming. Like for example, my neighbour, she is such a nice person and she really has

a heart of gold. So if you do come across people who are very kind and genuine and absolutely

loving, then please do mention it to them, by saying that you really have a heart of

gold. So this expression can be used for a kind and loving person. My dad really has

a heart of gold. He is just so loving and so kind, right? So this is the way you can

use this expression in English.

Lets move on to the third expression, which is gold digger. Now who is a gold digger?

Well a woman who extracts money from men by showing her charm. Now beautiful woman whose

interest is just money, she wants her man to buy her expensive gifts. Diamonds, solitaires,

designer clothes, then she is a gold digger. So if you know a woman who has no love for

her man but has love for his money, then you can call her, Uhh you are a gold digger, okay?

So a woman who attracts money showing her charm to men, okay?

The next expression that I have for you is be as good as gold. Now this expression is

generally used for kids, for children. Now this expression is not used for all children,

only for the children who are very well behaved. Yes at times kids can be very hyper active

and can be really crazy. But then there are certain kids who behave really well. Like

they know their manners, they respect their elders and still they are so cute and adorable.

So for children who are very well behaved, you use the expression, they are as good as

gold, okay. So you kind of compare these well behaved kids to gold, okay?

Lets move on to the 4th expression which is go for gold. When do you use this expression?

When you are trying to encourage someone, motivate someone to achieve something big.

So probably your friend is starting up a new business and you really want him to be successful

and it's time to motivate him and it's time to encourage him. So you gonna say, John go

for the gold. So here you are asking him to do your best and achieve your goals. Now this

expression is also used for the sports people. Okay so someone who plays different types

of sports and when you say that go for gold. Especially their coach would say that go for

gold. It means that he or she the coach is trying to motivate them, encourage them to

attain a gold medal. Okay so to perform really well so that they are awarded with a gold

medal, okay?

Lets move on to the next expression which is worth its weight in gold. So you use this

expression to talk about something which is very valuable. Now if you talk about gold.

Yes gold is very valuable, super expensive and you have to really buy it. But then when

you compare something with gold, it means that this thing is very valuable to you. For

example, this is a book, okay. I have a very nice book and probably you don't get it in

the market anymore and people really want to read this book and are really looking forward

to buy this. But they are not getting it and I have it, yay I do have it. So it is so valuable

to me that I am comparing it with gold because gold is expensive. Because gold is very powerful

and valuable, I can use this expression by saying that this book is worth its weight

in gold, okay? So somethings which are way too valuable to you in your life, you

can compare it to gold. Alright so these are the 6 expressions that you can use.

Lets just quickly go through it again. All that glitters is not gold which means

if something looks very attractive to you, not necessary that it's genuine. And then

we also have a heart of gold. So this expression is used for someone who is a very genuine

and a very kind, loving person. We have gold digger. Well used for the women who attract

men but only for money. And then we have be as good as gold. Its used for these amazing,

adorable, well behaved kids and we have go for gold. This expression is great when you

want to motivate or encourage someone and then the last expression is, worth its weight

in gold. Well you use it when something is very valuable to you, okay.

So start using these glittering terms in your English and make your English very colorful

and Ill be back with a new lesson soon, till then, you take care.

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