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-Hi guys, my name is Yichao -Hey, I'm Rosco

And we're gonna be doing an unboxing for you

of Archenemy Nicol Bolas.

This is a super fun product and we can't wait to share it with you

so you can get a little bit more idea of

what's in the box and share that excitement with your players.

[Rosco] Archenemy Nicol Bolas is an awesome 3 on 1,

multiplayer experience. It's gonna be great for both

your new to Magic players and those who are more enfranchised.

[Yichao] And if 3 on 1 doesn't sound quite fair

don't worry, there are Scheme cards that help that one player

have an even battle against a team of 3.

[Rosco] Each of those 4 players gets a 60 card deck.

One of those players plays as Nicol Bolas

the Archenemy, kind of Magic's super villan,

and the other 3 players get to play as members of the Gatewatch.

[Yichao] Players will have a chance to play through the story of

Hour of Devastation, and see what happens

to the plane of Amonkhet.

[Rosco] Awesome, let's take a look at the box!

[Yichao] So as you guys can see

we've chosen a really cool piece of key art here

with Nicol Bolas reigning down on the Gatewatch.

And the idea here is to have a really eye-catching piece

on your shelf to start generating some of that conversation

and excitement about this product.

[Rosco] Archenemy Nicol Bolas is an awesome

Magic multi-player experience that plays just like a board game

so when it comes out of the box, it's gonna take about

30 minutes for your players to play

and it can serve 2-4 players.

[Yichao] As you open up the box, there's a lot of contents here

we're gonna go over the items with you, one by one.

So the first thing you'll see is a package of

all the different deck boxes.

Of course you also have your 3 decks for the Gatewatch,

Gideon, Nissa, and Chandra

all featuring new art for the Planeswalker cards themselves.

You have your double sided tokens as well as part of that,

you're gonna get 20 Scheme cards featuring brand new art.

And of course, the deck of the Archenemy himself, Nicol Bolas

also featuring brand new art, and last but not least

the lifecounter for your Archenemy to track their life total.

[Rosco] Let's take a look at our first deck!

[Yichao] So the first deck is Gideon Jura, the mono white deck.

[Rosco] This is the original Gideon card but now updated with

awesome new art, a holo-stamp, and that new border.

This deck has a kind of defensive theme

it works really well with the other members of the Gatewatch

and uses that support mechanic.

The deck has some awesome cards that your players

are gonna be really excited by: Sun Titan

Flickerwisp, and Grand Abolisher.

[Yichao] The next deck I wanna talk about is Nissa,

one on the Gatewatch as well.

And her deck features the card "Nissa, Worldwaker"

which is a mono green Planeswalker however her deck has

blue and green spells, reflecting the fact that

she's learned blue spells in Amonkhet.

[Rosco] The deck uses Lands, that's its main strategy,

and to make that work, you've got the landfall mechanic.

There's a ton of cards in here your players are gonna be

very excited to see such as Forgotten Ancient,

Thragtusk, and Rampaging Baloths.

Let's take a look at the deck of the final member of the Gatewatch

Chandra Pyromaster.

Chandra's deck is mono red like it's fiery leader

and it has an aggressive bend so if you're playing with this deck

you want to be attacking. To make that all work

we've got the bloodthirst mechanic packed in.

And there's a ton of cards your players are gonna be really excited about

We've got Grim Lavamancer, Inferno Titan, and Obsidian Fireheart.

[Yichao] Last but not least is Nicol Bolas' deck.

This deck features the iconic Planeswalker himself

and is a black, red, blue deck all about

destroying your opponents permanents and stealing their creatures.

This deck features some of the most iconic cards in Magic

including Lightning Bolt, Baleful Strix

Dreadbore, and my personal favorite, Cruel Ultimatum.

Lots of fun for the caster, not so much for the opponents.

[Rosco] Together these 4 decks create an engaging and fun

multiplayer experience. They're designed to work together well

so every time, it's gonna be a different, unique, fun experience.

[Yichao] Also included in the box, are double sided tokens.

We know that players love tokens, I love tokens,

and these double sided ones are pretty awesome.

Of course, we also have deck boxes so that you have something

to house all your cards in. These deck boxes are pretty awesome

they feature the art of the Planeswalker on it

and they fit your cards, even fully sleeved.

[Rosco] Yeah, they snap together really easily,

just like that and you've got a ready to go deck box.

[Yichao] And there's even a little icon for the Planeswalker.

[Yichao] And of course, it's not Archenemy without the Scheme cards.

And we have 20 brand new cards with associated

brand new art for this product.

This art is all featuring things from Hour of Devastation

so your players have the opportunity to play through the events

of the main Magic storyline.

You have cards like A Reckoning Approaches;

with this card you can summon a creature directly from your deck

without having to pay its Mana cost.

You also have a scheme that allows you to

find Nicol Bolas and helps you to cast him so that he can arrive

and wreak distruction personally.

Plus, all of your Scheme cards can fit in the box

even fully sleeved.

So if you're like me and you sleeve every card that you touch

it'll totally fit in the box.

[Rosco] Let's take a quick peak at the strategy insert.

This features our great art and it also has

some rules for the game, and information about setup.

Also, we've got some sweet info about strategy

both for our Gatewatch players, and the Archenemy, Nicol Bolas.

The final item in our box is the specialized life counter.

It's a really beautiful item and those numbers lock into place

which allows your Archenemy to go over 40 life.

Im pretty excited for this, drop it down on a playmat

and it doesn't roll over.

[Yichao] So as you can see, there's a lot going on in this box.

I know one of the things I'm most excited about is that

you actually get to play the story line of Hour of Devastation.

You get to play as the Gatewatch, battling this impossible foe.

Or, you get to play as the supervillain

destroying everything in your wake.

It's gonna be a lot of fun.

[Rosco] I'm really thrilled about the contents of this box.

You've got your four, 60 card decks, 4 iconic Planeswalkers

with brand new art, and to boot you've got deck boxes,

double sided tokens, a specialized lifecounter, and

20 brand new Schemes featuring all new art

from Hour of Devastation's story.

[Yichao] It's a lot of stuff packed into one really great game

and a really great experience.

We can't wait for your players to get a chance to play it,

and to see this stuff on your shelves.

[Rosco] Thanks so much for joining us today.

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