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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Let's Learn English! Topic: Entertainment (Part 2)

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lesson we are today doing part two of

the topic entertainment if you were with

me last week if you watched the live

stream last week we talked about

entertainment and last week we talked

about a lot of the things that you can

go out to do and this week we're going

to do part two bonus points for anybody

who can tell me what this person is


maybe type in the chat what you think is

happening here but certainly as time has

gone on people have learned how to

entertain each other so today once again

we'll be looking at entertainment I hope

it's a good lesson for you

I brought my fly swatter again because

there is a fly I was wondering if we

should just name the fly that comes to

all the livestreams I thought we should

name the fly Joey or something like that

but yeah I brought the fly swatter just

in case he shows up again hello to all

the people in the chat it was fun

chatting with you earlier

I just wanted to shout out to a few

people it's good to see a janilla again

he is back after taking a bit of a break

from the internet but it's good to see

you a Janee and i really hope that you

have a good day today and it's good to

see the rest of you I'm sorry I can't

mention everyone by name lolly says

juggling Toto Park says juggling I think

you guys got it so this is a juggler and

he is juggling very entertaining I can

juggle three balls maybe some tape I'll

do that anyways welcome to this lesson

again Todd will be posting let me just

check something though the live stream

isn't working on my screen

I'm assuming it's working on your screen

because you're answering the questions

so give me two seconds just to do a

check here oh yeah there I am yep it's

definitely working so that's good to


welcome to everyone who's here we are

going to be talking about entertainment

oh yes I was going to mention Todd is

here hello Todd he will be posting a

link in

the chat if you have any questions but

let's get started

so I forget exactly where we left off

last time but we're gonna start by

talking about something called a comedy

club so a comedy club is a place where

you go because you want to laugh excuse

me a comedy club is a place where they

focus on having people up front who do

different kinds of acting or tell

different kinds of jokes to make you

laugh I live close to the city of

Niagara Falls if you go on Google Maps

you could search up Niagara Falls and in

Agra Falls they have a couple comedy

clubs I haven't been to one for a really

long time

but when I was younger I went to a

comedy club once and I went there to see

a stand-up comic or a comedian or a

stand-up comedian we have a lot of

different names for the person who goes

up front at a comedy club and they

usually have a microphone and they tell

jokes so if you need a good laugh and

you want to go out and be entertained a

comedy club is a great place to go so

these people I think are doing improv

improv is a kind of comedy and this

person is definitely a stand-up comic he

has he's making a funny face he probably

just told a joke

and he is talking into a microphone it's

possible that someone is heckling him

there might be a heckler in the audience

a heckler is someone heckler is an

audience member that yells at the person

on stage so that's what a heckler is you

might also if you want to go out and be

entertained you might go and see a magic

show so you can see the classic magic

trick is for a magician to pull a rabbit

of a hat I don't want to give it away I

don't want to talk about magician yet

because that's the next paper but we'll

talk about him anyways this is a

magician and he is doing a magic trick

and he is pulling a rabbit out of a hat

I actually have tickets to go see a

magic show in Niagara Falls by the way

Niagara Falls is a really cool city to

live by it's a beautiful place to go and

it has lots of attractions attractions

are things that like magic shows or

comedy clubs attractions are things that

draw people to a city or make people

want to go to a city so I have tickets

to go see a magic show I got them as a

gift and I haven't used them yet Jen and

I will probably go this winter to see a

magic show and again if you go to a

magic show you see a magician so a

magician does lots of magic tricks

welcome to everyone here I've always

kind of shocked when I looked out and I

see that we're at two hundred and sixty

viewers hey we're doing an English

lesson about entertainment this is

actually part two uh-huh so what on the

chat says magic the magic is a lie yeah

it's all an illusion we say an illusion

to make you believe that it's happening

mom let's see here

oh yes welcome to everyone we're living

we're doing a small lesson on

entertainment let's do one more and then

I'll take some questions you can also go

to the circus now there's a really

popular circus from Canada it has a

French name it's called Cirque de Soleil

and they have shows in the province of

Quebec and also in the city of Las Vegas

they're kind of a modern circus so a

circus is a place where you go and

usually they have elephants they have

jugglers remember we said this guy is a

juggler this juggler is juggling that's

hard to say but you go to a circus

you see elephants and you see a big show

in the big top so the big top is the big

tent usually well at least a long time

ago circuses used to travel from city to

city and they would be in tents so there

would be big tents and one of the tents

would be extra-large let's see here a

Janine has the first question says mmm

this is asking about Canada a Janine

says Bob I know you're you're going to

talk about sports today yeah we'll get

that's good yeah you got that do you

know a sport called cricket and why is

Canada not a major cricket playing

nation like other former British

colonies that is a great question early

on in Canada for art entertainment we

started playing hockey and we started

playing lacrosse and cricket just didn't

catch on

there are cricket teams in Canada and I

think and I think that there are more

and more cricket leagues in Canada

because as more people move to Canada

from countries where cricket is popular

we do see people playing it when you go

to a park in Toronto for instance

Toronto is a very multicultural city

it's an awesome place to go to see the

world as I always say and there are a

lot of people at parts who play cricket

but a Janee I don't know it just didn't

catch on it's a cool sport let's see

they're gonna go with lolly I'm gonna go

with your second question lolly Bob do

you celebrate Halloween so last night

was Halloween here in Canada on

Halloween you your kids dress up in

costumes and you take them out and you

go trick-or-treating so they go through

a neighborhood they go through a part of

town and they go to each house and they

ring the doorbell and when the person

opens the door they say trick-or-treat

and the person gives them a little bit

of candy or a little bit of chocolate so

yes we did go out for Halloween last


my kids got way too much candy and

hopefully they don't eat it all in one

today that wouldn't be very good next

question is from Henry and then we'll

get back to the lesson Henry says hi Bob

could I say I love watching your field

trip English lessons as learning

entertainment in my free time yes so

learning is kind of a hobby right

learning is something you do to make

yourself a better person to make

yourself more knowledgeable so you could

totally say that you love watching my

field trip videos those are the most

popular videos by the way people love it

when I go out and I do an English lesson

in town or different places so anyways

let's get back to the lesson when you go

to a big city you might see street

performers or we also call them buskers

this might be a new word for you a

busker is someone who plays music or

juggles or does other entertainment on

the street in a big city

we usually say street performer but we

also say busker so you can busk it's

actually a verb like oh do you have a

job for this summer no I'm just gonna

busk on the street of Toronto so you can

see these people are playing music I

actually think they're somewhere in

Italy I think that's where this picture

is from but a busker is someone who like

they have their guitar case open because

they want you to throw money in so

sometimes for entertainment you might

walk around in a city and you might

watch or listen to some buskers we

actually have something called busker

fest it's a festival I think in Toronto

I hope that's where did where a whole

bunch of buskers come together and you

can just walk the streets and listen to

music and watch jugglers and magic

tricks etc so street performers and

buskers another thing you might do for


Joie the fly is back right now he's

flying around here is you might go see

parade so we have a lot

parades in Canada around Christmas there

are a lot of Christmas parades a parade

is when a town or city closes a street

and once that Street is closed then this

is called a float sometimes you'll see

marching bands you'll see floats you'll

see politicians like to walk or drive a

car in a parade but a parade is a long

procession and it's usually done to

celebrate something we also have parades

after our sports teams win sometimes

they'll parade through the streets

I think the Raptors did that last spring

so it's a different kind of parade and

it's not exactly a parade but it's very

similar so closing a street and you will

have good parades I know around the

world there are many countries that have

parades and they are super fun to go

watch I just want to stop and say

welcome to everybody who's here we're at

386 people hello to everyone in the chat

please make Todd's job easier by asking

questions via the forum and please keep

please be polite in the chat to each

other be kind to each other I always try

to be kind in my videos and in life but

try to be kind to each other in the chat

I really really appreciate that let's

see here sometimes when you go out to be

entertained or for entertainment you

might go seed fireworks so that's how we

describe fireworks you go see fireworks

in Canada we often have fireworks on the

long weekend in May we have a holiday

called Victoria Day and there are often

fireworks on Victoria Day we also call

it the May - for weekend because it's

usually around May 24th we also have

fireworks in Canada on Canada Day which

is July first not July 4th that's when

our American cousins celebrate their

holiday but on July 1st Joey don't fly

here on July 1st we have Canada Day and

often we go out to see fireworks let's

see here oh that's nice Nazmul Biddy I

really like your pronunciation sir I

learned a lot of pronunciation from your

YouTube channel well that's awesome I'm

glad I try my best to pronounce things

as clearly and as properly as possible

fireworks are awesome they're quite loud

one of the things I find funny about

fireworks in Canada I don't know if you

do it in your country but whatever a

firework goes off boom boom boom boom


everyone goes ooh and they kind of do it

in a funny way

at least Jen and I do that so fireworks

are fun for celebration I actually had a

friend where at his wedding so in Canada

you have a wedding ceremony where you

get married and then that evening you

have a wedding reception where you have

a meal and people dance and he had

fireworks at the end of his wedding

reception my friend John it was really

cool fireworks are pretty awesome hey

let's do some questions let me see here

this is from Louise my tan Louise my 10

says hello from France my first question

here well that's awesome Louise is

Halloween important in your country

that's hard to say when we went out with

the kids last night there were a lot of

people trick-or-treating okay so there

were a lot of kids out on the street

asking for candy I think it's really

important to my kids to be to be honest

I didn't really feel like going out in

the rain and wind and it was dark last

night to go trick-or-treating so I would

say is trick-or-treating important it's

it's certainly important to my children

and a lot of Canadian children they they

do look forward to it there's just way

too much chocolate in my house right now

because my kids just got so much candy

that you'll probably see me start to put

on weight in the next little

let's see here we're gonna go with

Danielle's question Danelle says or yes

Danielle hey there dear teacher Bob


could you please contrast hiking

campaign and camping for me thanks a lot

in advance so a campaign is something a

little different a campaign generally we

use the word campaign in English when

someone wants to be in the government so

they would campaign they would go from

city to city giving speeches because

they want to be elected and be part of

the government so that is something


hiking and camping are two activities

that you do outdoors when you hike you

simply walk through nature sometimes you

have a walking stick and a backpack a

hike is basically a long walk through

nature and camping is when you sleep

over so you have a tent and you go to a

campground let's see here

$3.99 English says it's important to me

hi Sean by the way it's important to me

that I give my kids the same fond

memories I have from trick-or-treating

yeah I wet trick-or-treating as a kid

when you live out in the country like I

do it's a good way to visit with your

neighbors because you kind of talk for a

few minutes with each neighbor so

trick-or-treating for me as a kid was a

really fun thing to do so Sean is just

reminding us that it's a cool tradition

I guess to do let's see here Lita I'm

going to stick with only questions that

are untaught on topic so we're gonna go

with their gisa hi Bob what is the

difference between fun fair and park so

depends a funfair will usually have fun

things to do a park can simply be a

space with lots of green grass and trees

it doesn't have to have anything other

than nature okay but a fun fair would

have things like games like ring toss or

they might have it where you have to

throw baseballs and knock over

different things to win prizes so

usually a funfair has attractions it has

things to do let's do one more question

and then we'll move on let's see here

this isn't directly related but it kind

of is Louise Martin says I'm assuming

your last name is Martin and not Martin

so the proper English pronunciation

Louise would be Louise Martin doesn't

sound right does it

so I'm saying Louise Martin what is the

difference between advertising and

publicity thanks a lot so publicity

sorry publicity is more of a general

term so advertising is money you pay to

put thing commercials on television or

to put advertisements in a paper whereas

publicity is like the general term for

things you do to make other people aware

of your things the whole world of

entertainment though is full of

advertisements for sure prayut let's see


Bryant's from Malaysia says hi Bob hi


I believe attending Bob's class can be

considered entertainment could you share

with us how you normally teach students

that class do you use PDF slideshow to

teach so this YouTube lesson is a kind

of entertainment for people many of my

subscribers come early and they have a

fun conversation in the chat if I'm

early I chat beforehand as well so

certainly learning can be a kind of

entertainment how do I teach my class

it's kind of hard to see but I have both

normal whiteboards that I can write on

and I have boards I can project on and

there's actually on that side of the

room you can't see it there's a large

television and then there's another

whiteboard here so I have kind of a

blend of two ok so oftentimes I have

things on the television my computer

screen can go up on the wall and I just

do a variety of things so it's it's

quite modern I think the way I teach so

but let me move on to the next question

Shawn wants to know if I enjoyed my

Halloween yes you know the cool thing

about my Halloween is the last stop when

I go out for Halloween with my children

is that my sister's house and my sister

usually has a nice warm cup of coffee

ready for me and we stay and we visit

with my sister for about an hour so it's

kind of a nice social night for me let's

see here I'm going 200 Fay let's see

here awful the Filipino says hi sir Bob

hello Ethel do you have a Christmas do

you do Christmas caroling aye

I personally don't go Christmas caroling

Christmas caroling is something at

Christmastime people go out and they go

from house to house and they sing

Christmas songs so they knock on the

door and then they sing a Christmas song

I'm not a good singer I can't sing on

key if you were to say sing a C no I

can't sing like I'll sing a Dee Dee's I

know right see I don't know anything

about music so I personally don't go

Christmas caroling

but for entertainment some people will

go Christmas caroling great um let's

keep moving along here so sometimes

people will go to a fair in my part of

Canada in Ontario there are a lot of

fairs in the fall in the autumn so right

now I think there were three regional

fairs just in the last month so there

was a fair in a town called Waynflete

and there was a West Niagara fair a fair

is a place where a couple of things

happen there are lots of rides and there

are lots of games for people to play and

our fairs are usually also agricultural

so people will go and they'll take their

best goat they'll take their best cow or

they'll take their best chicken and

they'll show it to people and it's a

competition you can actually win best

chicken or best cow at our fares people

also take in a lot of produce you can

also say produce by the way which are


vegetables so you can win for largest

pumpkin you can win for you know best

looking flowers so a fair is a really

cool thing that happens in the fall I

love going to fairs by the way and I

didn't go to any fairs this fall I

missed all of them because I was too

busy so I just want to stop and say hey

you're watching part 2 of a lesson on

entertainment we did part 1 last week if

you go to my youtube channel you can

find part 1 if you want to watch it if

you're new here you should click that

subscribe button

I love having more subscribers I love it

when people watch my videos to learn

English and thumbs ups are always

welcome I have a hundred and pretty

three of them maybe I shouldn't ask for

thumbs up that sounds I think you guys

just do that automatically now so

anyways 456 of you we're doing a lesson

on entertainment if you have questions

ask Todd but the cue of questions the

list of questions is filling up really

really quickly earlier a Janee said he

thought I might talk about sports so I'm

going to talk about sports briefly but

in terms of entertainment this might be

the biggest form of entertainment this

is soccer or football you might call it

football we call it soccer people watch

a lot of sports I'm not going to talk

about playing sports playing sport is

also a form of entertainment but people

watch a lot of sports there's a couple

ways to entertain yourself by watching

sports you can go see a game so this is

the verb structure we use to talk about

if you like to go to a stadium to watch

a game you would say I'm going to go see

a game like I'm going to go see a hockey

game I'm going to go see a football game

we also say watch equally usable you can

say oh I'm gonna go watch a soccer game

I'm gonna go watch a football game

generally for me if I buy a ticket I say

that I'm going to go see a game if one

of my kids is

playing a sport I would say I'm going to

go watch their game or I'm going to go

watch a game it's a subtle difference

and I don't know which is which like I

would say when my son was playing on a

basketball team I would say oh I'm gonna

go watch a game after school but if I

was going to yeah see if I bought a

ticket for a Toronto Maple Leafs game I

would say I'm going to go see a hockey

game so anyways I think you can use both

safely and you're not gonna no one's

going to look at you funny if you do

that that's a good phrase a when you

make a mistake

in English we say people sometimes

people look at you funny like what was

that another way to watch sports is that

it can be televised so this is how most

people watch sports because it's

expensive to go and see a game but it is

relatively cheap or or zero cost to

watch a game on TV so sports are often

televised so in Canada hockey is

televised football is televised which is

not the same football you're thinking of

it's Canadian football which is like

American football hockey is televised

football soccer is televised car racing

is televised so we can watch Formula One

we can watch NASCAR we can watch a lot

of sports are televised and you can get

some pop and chips and sit on your couch

and you can watch sports although I say

pop which is soda but most people when

they watch sports drink beer in Canada

that's a pretty popular alcoholic

beverage to drink I'm sure a lot of you

are sports fans I guarantee it because I

think I don't have the actual numbers

but I think sports watching sports is

probably one of the most popular forms

of entertainment I let's see here I'm

gonna take a couple questions here

they're not directly related lali lali

says Bob is it possible to learn two

languages at the same time

do you recommend that I cannot do that

there are people who can so Lally I

really think it just depends on how you


for me when I learn new words in Chinese

I get them mixed up with my French words

so it's it's a challenge for me

irv e says hi bob could you please

pronounce the word alien slowly and with

normal speed so aliens are people think

maybe there's aliens that come from

space so an alien is someone who comes

from outer space if you believe that

aliens exist so the word is alien alien

let's see here let me do one more

question oh this is fan of botha

canadian it's a great dave let's see

here what's the meaning of hecklers so a

heckler is someone who sits in an

audience and yells mean things at the

person on stage okay so it's not a nice

thing to do it's not a polite thing to

do but often if you in particular go see

stand-up comics or a stand-up comedian

sometimes there will be a heckler so

it's someone who yells basically you

suck that's probably a common phrase for

a heckler to yell oftentimes I've

noticed hecklers tend to be a little bit

drunk they've usually had too many beers

and they start to yell at the person on

stage so don't be a heckler it's not

that's not a good thing to be let's see

here let's move on sometimes you don't

want to go out to be entertained

sometimes you just want to stay home and

play board games I just seen a mewn says

hi Bob I'm your student I love your

videos especially when you film outside

honestly I didn't replay any English

lesson videos until I I real alright

found yours Thanks

it's no problem I love making them so um

sometimes you don't want to spend money

you don't want to go out but you do want

to be entertained so you might stay home

or stay in and play board games so we

have board games in Canada

manopoly probably the most popular board

games in the world are games like

checkers and chess but it is nice just

to stay home sometimes and play board

games other times you might stay home

and play video games this seems to be

the more popular option video games are

something that you can play on your

computer you can play on your phone you

can play on your television sometimes

people have a gaming console and they'll

have their controllers and they'll stay

home and they'll play video games these

people are actually playing a soccer or

football video game I think they should

just go outside maybe and play it

sometimes you stay home and you play

card games there are thousands of card

games in the world and oftentimes this

is something Jen and I do in the winter

when we visit her parents we will

sometimes play a card game with them so

a card game you have a deck of cards

you shuffle the cards that means you mix

them up and you will sit with a few

other people and visit and you will have

some snacks and you will play a

different kinds of card games we usually

play card games where there is no

bedding okay but you can also play card

games like poker where you bet money and

we call that whole realm of things games

of chance or we call it gambling I

personally do not gamble I think I'm too

logical of a person to I think what I

understand is that when you gamble you

usually lose money you don't often win

money or at least I don't often win

money so I don't gamble

I thought usually gibble IC behar yankin

saying thank you so much I've been using

your videos in my English class that is

awesome the heart thank you for letting

me know that and just again hello to

everyone in the chat down there games of

chance or gambling you can play games of

chance with friends you can play poker a

lot of times people will have

tonight that's an evening where you

invite friends over and they bring some

money and and you play poker

so you can gamble with friends but

sometimes you can go to the casino so I

mentioned that I live close to Niagara

Falls Niagara Falls has two large

casinos so people go to the city of

Niagara Falls to do gambling or to do

some gambling sorry this is not actually

Niagara Falls though can you guess what

city this is I'll give you a couple of

seconds here is one of the biggest

cities in the world for gambling at

least I'm pretty sure that's what this

picture is it's just a picture from the


I'll wait two seconds here this is a Las

Vegas so Las Vegas is known for being

one of the best cities to go to if you

like gambling that they have I would

think hundreds of casinos it is a city

built around casinos so I have never

been to Las Vegas and this is going to

sound a bit funny if I ever do go to Las

Vegas I probably won't gamble I'll

probably go see the casinos because I'm

interested but I don't know if I would

actually do any gambling hey let's do a

couple more questions here let's see

here I'm just need to make sure that I'm

answering questions that are on topic so

here we're gonna go with Manny's

questions sorry if I skip your question

I'm going to try and just do the

questions about entertainment Manny says

hello teacher Bob could you please

explain the difference between a Joker

and a clown so a clown is someone you

see at a circus this guy juggling is

actually a clown

so he's dressed up clowns usually have a

big red nose and their face is painted

the Joker is a movie right now and the

Joker is a character in Batman movies

and you can call someone a joker if they

like to joke around and make fun all the

time but a Joe

a clown are not really the same thing a

clown is us very specific way of

dressing up to entertain people and a

joker is really just someone who jokes

around a lot let's see here next

question group inna says isn't it

dangerous to go out on Halloween evening

so we try to be very careful on

Halloween evening because it's dark and

last night it was dark and raining so

you want to make sure that you walk on

the sidewalk and not on the road but

there are usually lots of other people

out and about and in Canada the towns

have a lot of street lights so it is

fairly well lit at night so not super

dangerous but you do have to be careful

in terms of entertainment you could also

read so reading is as most of you know

it is one of my favourite things to do

for entertainment

I love reading a good book it is my

favorite thing to do on a Sunday

afternoon is to read a book and then

sometimes fall asleep on the couch so is

having a nap like a little nap in the

afternoon is that entertainment I'm not

sure if it is some people go shopping

for entertainment I would say that Jen

and I tend to go shopping for

entertainment because when Jen and I go

shopping we don't necessarily go to buy

things sometimes we go shopping just to

see what's new we go shopping just to

have a bite to eat at the food court so

every mall in Canada has in the center a

whole bunch of restaurants so sometimes

we'll go in the winter we'll go shopping

as entertainment we don't have a lot of

money so we don't buy a lot of things

but it is fun to go I think we do it

because it's winter it can be really

cold and not very nice outside here in

Canada so Canadians do a lot of things

indoors in the winter

to entertain themselves and one of those

is to go to a large mall let's do a

couple questions here leila says hi Bob

what's the verb for making fireworks do

you turn burn or something else so we

would say you know if you're doing them

at home you would say oh come on over

we're gonna we're gonna do some

fireworks tonight or we're gonna set off

some fireworks tonight or we're going to

have fireworks tonight so it's kind of a

weird thing we usually are pretty clear

on what verbs to use with certain things

but I think with fireworks all of those

would work like hey come on over we're

gonna have some fireworks later tonight

or hey come on over we're going to do

some fireworks we're going to light off

some fireworks we're going to set off

some fireworks all of those work for

sure you can only buy fireworks though

in my part of Canada close to holidays

you can't buy them at other times of the

year for some reason let's see

trying to find the next questions makes

the beat rhodos that I'm a NASCAR fan

Dimitra from the Ukraine says hi Bob

what do you find exciting about cars

circling around an oval like in NASCAR

so NASCAR is a form of car racing and I

like watching car racing okay so

Dimitrios wondering how do you find that

entertaining well when you have a driver

that you like your favorite driver

you're always excited to see them pass

someone that's really cool and I won't

try to pretend that I don't like it when

the cars hit each other sometimes

there's an accident and that can be very

entertaining as well but I just like it

it's fun if you ever Demetrio I don't

know if you've ever gone to a car race

live but when you go to watch a race

live okay instead of watching the

televised version see I just used the

word televised the sound of the engines

at a car race is really cool I really

like that part of car racing let me do a

few more questions here to do the heat

that's no problem Louise Louise Martin

says sorry for my last question I

understand that I must ask questions

about the topic of the day that's no

problem by the way Louise I do a live

stream on Saturday evenings might be

pretty late for you if you're depending

on where you are where you can ask any

questions you want so maybe come back

tomorrow night I do a live stream once a

week from home and it's Saturday evening

at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and

come to that one you can ask any

question you want let's see here

Wilson Maher asks how did Halloween

begin notice I corrected your sentence

there Wilson

how did Halloween begin I don't know the

exact history that would be a great

thing to search for online I think that

would be a great question let's see here

Piazza says do you celebrate All Saints

Day in Canada we don't call it that let

me find the date yeah we don't celebrate

that I guess that's today it's not an

official holiday I'm sure some of the

more it's a more religious holiday so it

would be celebrated as Reformation Day

or All Saints Day there's a number of

different names for it so that is not

like I'm at work today it's certainly

not a holiday today Piazza for me so

let's see here and then I'll fell says

good morning Canada could evening

Philippines yeah it's already the

weekend there I'm always jealous hi sir

Bob what what do you celebrate most

Christmas Eve in New Year's Eve we

celebrate both so usually our kids open

gifts somewhere around Christmas and we

usually spend New Year's Eve stay up

till midnight and we have a little

little party with friends so that's

always fun hey let's do a few more of

these another thing you can do for

entertainment is you can go on a tour I

live close to a wine or sorry a grape

growing region in Ontario I live close

to a lot of vineyards and vineyards have

tours there's all kinds of different

tours in the world

but sometimes people will go on a wine

tasting tour so they'll go to one of the

local vineyards and they'll go on a tour

and they'll see how the grapes are grown

they'll see how the wine is made and

they'll be able to taste some of the

local wines so another form of

entertainment is to go on a tour

sometimes people will go to an amusement

park so an amusement park I did a video

actually on the amusement park Canada's


if you do a search for Bob the Canadian

amusement park you can watch that video

where I go to an amusement park but an

amusement park has a ferris wheel and it

has rides it has roller coasters okay

and usually kids like amusement parks

although some older people do as well so

yeah Shawn I'm almost set 1/4 million

subscribers it's a little daunting I'm

happy but it's a little bit it freaks me

out a little bit that's a great phrase

too anyways amusement parks are fun kids

love them something that's become more

and more popular in North America or

something are things called conventions

and you might not recognize the word

convention because they usually shorten

it to con so we have conventions like

Comic Con where people who like comic

books will dress up as their favorite

comic book person or from movies and

television as well or we have things

like VidCon for people who like making

videos so it's a convention it's

basically a whole bunch of people go to

one city and you hear people talk and

you can go and meet and greet people who

maybe you are fans of so conventions are

becoming very very popular in North

America close to me there is a town

actually the City of Hamilton and the

city of Welland both have food festivals

food festivals are places where you go

and a whole bunch of different food

vendors or a whole bunch of different

local chefs will go to one place usually

a park and they will cook food and you

can go around and try different kinds of

food food festivals are super fun I love

going to food festivals I haven't been

to one in a long time but they have

names like rib fest so that's where they

cook ribs you'll have to look up what

ribs are and there are some where you go

and you just have chicken wings but food

festivals are super fun I love food

festivals and believe it or not this

might sound silly but sometimes people

to entertain themselves will just go for

a drive

and we've done this before where we've

just gone for a drive to see the fall

colors sometimes you go on a road trip

to see what the leaves look like in a

different part of Ontario because in the

fall the leaves turn color and they look

really beautiful so road trips are very

popular forms of entertainment but

sometimes people go for what we call a

Sunday Drive sometimes when I'm driving

on Sunday the person in front of me is

going really slow and in English we

would say oh they're just out for a

Sunday Drive

so they're just kind of driving around

to kind of look at a few things okay let

me just jump back to the questions and

see what we got here

let's see here Agra Pina says in Russian

we have a traction parks where you can

for example ride up and down metal

slides how do you call this kind of

entertainment we call it American slides

I think you might be talking about

roller coasters but I'm not sure Agra

Pina that's that's that's a that's

that's what we would call it Sean says

go for a rip actually Sean that reminds

me of when I was younger I had a

motorcycle and people with motorcycles

definitely go for a drive once in a

while as entertainment if you have a

snowmobile you go for a ride as

entertainment and that's pretty popular

let's see here I'm trying to find a

couple more

questions about entertainment let's see

Vinicius says hi Bob

you asked about the clown doing

something in the picture is he a juggler

yes he is a juggler I checked out the

meaning of this word and I find some bad

adjectives can you say more about this

word so the word juggler so this guy is

juggling and he is a juggler we also use

the phrase sometimes when you're really

busy you're juggling a lot of things

okay so I'm not sure what bad adjectives

you found I can think of a few that I

don't want to mention but certainly if

someone has you know three things and

they're throwing them up in the air

catching them and throwing they are

juggling totally safe to say that to

call this person a juggler totally safe

not a bad adjective at all and to say

that you know I had to juggle a few

things the other day because I was so

busy totally fight that that wasn't a

great sentence but sometimes when you're

really busy you are juggling a lot of

things let's do one more question let's

see here let's see let's do this one

from Pieta

this is our last one Piazza says Bob are

you sitting in your classroom I am

sitting in my classroom yeah so this is

where I teach this is where I work every

day this is where I teach French this is

where I teach Computer Studies it is the

classroom at the school where I work hey

I'm gonna say a couple of things here

number one your job to morrow if you did

not understand parts of this is to come

back and re-watch this video and turn on

the subtitles hopefully that will help

you if there was a little section you

didn't understand re watching a video

twice is a great way to learn language

it's not always exciting it can be quite

boring second thing I'm Bob the Canadian

there will be a live lesson tomorrow

night at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

open questions if you are new here you

should click the subscribe button or if

you haven't clicked the subscribe button

usually click it you get notified when I

do a new video and there was

one other thing thumbs up it's not

usually what I asked for I think that's

what it is I'm just gonna say bye to

everyone in chat thank you so much for

watching this video my wife told me that

when I push the button the live stream

gets cut right off so I'm just gonna

ramble on for a little bit a minute or

two I hope that you have a good weekend

that you have a good weekend thanks Todd

and Shaun thanks Todd and Shaun for

being here you guys are awesome

again do rewatch the video if you need

it if you haven't watched my Tuesday

video Tuesday I did a video where I went

to town and I stood in front of a

building and then I described the

building and then you I gave you a few

seconds to guess what the building was

so just do a search for Bob the Canadian

buildings on YouTube and you'll find it

let's see here oh yeah Shawn says hit

the bell for notification I always

forget to mention that that would help

and thank you to all of you who are new

here you are helping me grow this

YouTube channel to an incredible size

and I I really appreciate it okay I am

actually humbled and honored with the

sheer number of people who have done

that so thank you very much I'm just

gonna say bye to a few people in chat

bye everyone have a good day

this was fun live lesson tomorrow at 7

p.m. Eastern Standard Time new video

next Tuesday one last thing here

sorry I'm not talking I should be excuse

me I'm just gonna do this if you haven't

watched here is last week's video go

watch it so there's a link in the chat

right now if you haven't watched this

week's I said last week's but it's this

week's videos is a guessing game about

buildings I think you'll like it let me

see her anyways I'm going on and on I

should top I should stop I starting to

not make sense thank you so much for the

500 odd people that came through this

lesson I hope you were able to learn

just a little bit more English and I'm

going to push this button

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