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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [적십자아카데미_위기상황에서의 응급처치] 28 자동제세동기AED 사용방법, How to use AED

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How to use AED

The Automated External Defibrillator uses audio-visual sources to display the need for defibrillating by automatically analyzing the heart rhythm

of a patient after cardiac arrest and changes the defibrillating energy

and leads the person giving the treatment to carry out defibrillating

Such an automated external defibrillator must be used only to cardiac arrest patients with no consciousness or normal breathing

and when the automated external defibrillator comes while performing CPR, you must immediately prepare it

Even when an automated external defibrillator is being prepared and there is another person giving the treatment

you must take turns so that CPR doesnt stop

The following is the order of use of an automated external defibrillator

Turn on the start button(Only for the practice equipment, the real one automatically turns on when opened)

The automated external defibrillator must be used only to cardiac arrest patients with no normal response or breathing

and when the automated external defibrillator arrives while CPR is being carried out you must immediately prepare to use it

First put the automated external defibrillator in a position where it doesnt interfere with CPR and turn on the on-switch

Attach Two Pads

Pad 1: Right below the right clavicle

Pad 2: Right below the left nipple

If there is any foreign substance around the attached pads remove them, and connect a pad cord to the automated external defibrillator

Remove clothesremove chest hairremove moisture

In the real equipment scissors, razor, and a towel are included

If the voice order ofAnalyzingcomes out you must stop CPR, take your hands off the patient

and block the touch of other people around in order for a more accurate analyzation

When defibrillating, the automated external defibrillator lets out the voice order ofDefibrillating is neededif defibrillation is needed

and starts to automatically charge itself according to the set-up energy

The charging of the automated external defibrillator takes several seconds, so if possible, keep on with the chest compressions

When defibrillating is not needed, the voice order ofCheck the condition of the patient

and start CPRcomes out

In this case you must start CPR again immediately

Only when defibrillation is needed will the defibrillating button start flashing

Press the defibrillating button in order to implement defibrillation

You must check once again before pressing the defibrillating button

whether the people are far away from the patient

After carrying out defibrillation, immediately restart CPR with chest compressions

and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in a ratio of 30:2

The automated external defibrillator analyzes the heart rhythm per every 2 minutes, and the use of the automated external defibrillator

and the implementation of CPR should keep on until the 119 rescue team arrives at the site

Korean National Red Cross / Ministry of Education / Ministry of Public Safety and Security

The Description of [적십자아카데미_위기상황에서의 응급처치] 28 자동제세동기AED 사용방법, How to use AED