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Hi, My name is Juha Kuusama. This is my concept

video for the hackaday contest, showing my low cost pick and place machine.

This machine is my almost completed third prototype.

The design is very similar that you would find on light duty CNC machines.

One stepper motor moves the bar back and worth,

and another motor moves the gantry left and right on the bar.

These use GT2 precision belts.

At the gantry, the pick-up head moves up and down using a threaded shaft stepper motor.

You only really see the shaft here.

The needle rotates using this small stepper motor.

It is spring loaded,

and a limit switch is used in probing functions.

The vacuum is switched on and off by a solenoid valve up here.

An essential part of the machine is the visual alignment.

There are two cameras. There is one on the gantry, looking down

and another, looking up, in this hole.

The software is written in C sharp.

The workflow and functions are optimized for prototype building.

The whole design will be open source with detailed instructions.

The real point of open source is to enable others to have their own machine.

So, as you can see, I can offer a complete parts kits very soon.

The price will be approximately 1500 us dollars.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned

for more videos and the store opening announcement!

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