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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to use "Turning Point"

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hi i'm vanessa from speak english with

vanessa calm I have a question for you

today what was the turning point for you

let's talk about it in this video I want

to teach you the natural expression

turning point turning point simply means

a time a specific time when you changed

your mind about something probably

something important so I want to give

you a bunch of different examples and

especially tell you a story so that you

can remember this expression and see it

in context I want to tell you about the

turning point in my own life when I

decided that classroom language learning

was not the only option and definitely

not the best option there was a turning

point for me when I decided that other

methods were also available and also

great choices let me tell you a little

story about that when I was in college

in the US we say college instead of

university when I was in college I

decided to take a French class

in this French class it was the basics

we learned very basic things because

most of us didn't know anything about

French yet we learned how to introduce

ourselves and just say some basic things

but the next semester I decided that I

wanted to continue and study a little

more seriously and learn a little bit

more complex expressions so in this

class I was really disappointed because

it seemed like I was the only student

who really cared about using French and

having a fun time with French and

actually interacting with everyone when

the teacher asked a question I was

usually the only person who answered the

atmosphere in the class just wasn't very

positive I think the other students were

probably there because they just had to

take a language

us to pass their degree to get their

degree to pass the class so they weren't

very motivated so I was pretty

frustrated and disappointed and I

decided I'm going to quit the class this

class is wasting my time it's not useful

for me and when I quit the class I

talked with the teacher and I said I

really want to study French I really

want to learn more about French and I

would love to speak it but this class

just isn't a good fit for me I think the

atmosphere the other students the

textbook just isn't a good fit for me so

I asked her would it be possible if I

could come to your office once a week

twice a week maybe three times a week

and just try to speak in French try to

say anything and she said yes I was so

lucky so she said yes and I went to her

office three times a week for several

months yes my level was basic I was a

beginner but I was so excited and

motivated and when I went to her office

she helped me so much I think the main

thing that she helped me with was my

confidence it can be a little bit

strange to make sounds from another

language when you are a beginner but she

made me feel comfortable and at ease so

this was the turning point for me when I

quit my class it was the turning point

for me so we could say this sentence in

several different ways we could say the

turning point was when I quit my French

class or we could say it backwards when

I quit my French class this was the

turning point for me the turning point

was when I quit my French class my mind

changed because I realized I didn't need

the classroom I didn't need having other

students in the class I didn't need to

have this specific textbook in

curriculum to learn French I could learn

it in another environment with the

teacher one on one on the Internet

at listening to music in a fun way this

was the turning point for me so what

about you what was the turning point for

you when you realized that you didn't

need to study in a classroom and you

could study online on YouTube on skype

on Facebook on periscope this great

smartphone app what was the turning

point for you maybe you visited the u.s.

and you tried to communicate with people

and it didn't go so well and you started

to research other methods you could say

the turning point for me was when I

visited the u.s. or the turning point

for me was when I started to watch

YouTube and I started to learn English

on YouTube here are some wonderful

examples and in the full free lesson

below this video I'm going to give you

some more examples and sample sentences

so that you can feel comfortable using

this so if you're not on my website

right now click the link here or below

this video so that you can check out the

sample sentences and I want you to leave

a comment answering this question what

was the turning point for you when you

were learning English I'm looking

forward to seeing your sentences and

I'll talk to you later



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