Practice English Speaking&Listening with: День Победы и его непримиримые враги

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They know no mercy.

They came for vengeance.

The red horde is settling a bolshevist Scourge over Eastern Europe with raping, robbing and mugging.

By the order of the blood-thirsty dictator the soviet invaders drive the free nations to a communist death camp.

These are English and American united forces who manage to save the democracy in the Western Europe.

They fought for Motherland.

For freedom.

For life of the generations to come.

But their memory is defiled still.

This all had started in Nazi Germany.

Goebbels had been threatening the country with 'red barbarians'.

The Germans believed in his lies and died for nothing.

The war has hardly ended as the Goebbels' successors appeared.

The West began the Cold War against USSR.

Those who saved the world from the Nazis became beasts once again.

The Soviet Union hasn't been around for a while already, but the propaganda against it won't stop.

Look how the soviet soldiers look like in a well-known video game.

But it wasn't long ago when there were those in Europe who remembered the truth.

Here is how they told about war together with the Soviet cinematographers.

- That you want from me mister major?

- Mister lieutenant gave to you clever advice - send me to heaven

- Why to hurry?

- The communist after all shouldn't deliberate, if before him the enemy

- The communist has no right to doubt - Here, mister lieutenant not...

- You badly know communists!

- We don't need your life

- We want to destroy fascism only

Why do they keep on attacking our country, our history?

Is it that they don't know communists

or that they know them too good to tell the truth?

Why does the Russian film-industry won't tell the truth either?

Why do they all want us to forget what our grandfathers fought and died for?'

When the V-Day comes again, keep that in mind.

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