Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Salted Caramel & Banana Churro Stack Drizzle Cake

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- It gets pretty wild,

we're like cooking on the edge right now.

(ta da music)

(bubbles pop)

Hello everybody, it's Barry here.

Hope you, you (silly gun pops) are well.

Welcome to our kitchen.

Today we're making some churros or maybe churro.

A stack, salted caramel banana cream churros stack.

Oh, it's going to be stonking.

I have to be honest, the salted caramel inspiration

has come from the salt block video,

which I did the other day, which was super fun.

I haven't actually put it up

by the time I record this video,

so hopefully you guys enjoyed it.

And I have actually managed

to get the fishy smell off of this.

So let's get started with this.

Churro is normally like a fried dough,

Portuguese-Spanish fries, maybe Mexican.

It's cinnamon-coated, dunk them in chocolate sauce.

Today we're going for a banana salted.

I'm only going to do it fairly like,

maybe like a leaning tower of Piza kind of style.

You know where I'm going with that?

But as always, thank you so much for the support

and in watching the videos,

whether you're standard watch on YouTube

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That's what I'm now calling Patreon Vlog Club

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Let's get going, first thing we do is make our dough.

This should be good.

(fun music) A fair few steps today

to make our stack and if you've got enough choux dough,

I mean, this is basically,

we're making a choux pastry, really.

You could probably make it the size of this pan.

We're going to go slightly smaller with our contour a bit,

but let's just get this dough going.

First thing you need then, big old pan,

(water splashes) some water,

aka H2O for the PVC club.

Sugar, I thought it'd be a little bit cheeky

and have some vanilla extract

because I just really like vanilla.

And we're going to go for some salts.

I love salt at the moment.

And last, but by no means least,

this is just a block of butter, we can cut this up,

but it's going to go on the heat, which will melt it anyway.

So let's grab the handle and take it away.

(imitating space ship) Do, do, do, do, do.

Clear down the surface, put some flour in the background.

Got my Homer Simpson cardboard cut out,

and we also gonna need some eggs

but it's all about this, first of all.

Just over that steady heat, starting to push it down,

you could cut the butter into blocks if you want,

but you can see it's starting to break down there.

No worries whatsoever.

I kind of like the process of choux pastry

cause it's kind of all bubbly

and then you just dump the flour in there to cook it

and it just goes agh, just really thickens up

and goes, kind of goes crazy.

It gets pretty wild,

we're like cooking on the edge right now.

It's a bit, all these like speckled buttery,

oilings starting to appear, very nice.

And as I leaned over, I went to the osteopath last night.

I go to the osteopath quite a bit now.

I think she pretty much sat on my back

and my back was making noises

I'm pretty certain it shouldn't make,

but it's all the years of leaning

like this going, all right, yeah.

Look at that, coming to a simmer

like a bubbling, buttery caldron.

I'm going to turn the heat down to a low.

And now we add in our flour.

So about a minute of constant stirring.

Keep it over the low flame and as we keep heating it,

it should start to form a bit of a ball.

That, as it's coming off the sides of the pan so well

is ready, off the heat please.

So we're gonna leave that to standard five to 10 minutes

before adding in our eggs.

(sniffs deeply)

It really does smell like an ice cream.

If you add the eggs in immediately, you'll cook them

and you'll see bits of egg white trail in it.

Don't do that.

But meanwhile, I need this pan for our salted caramel

in a bit so I'm gonna give it a little wash.

Honestly, I find it sometimes when doing a recipe

that 50% of the work is actually the tidying up afterwards.

The other thing I'm doing whilst this cools

is picking the size of my stack.

So this is a size bowl I've gone for.

Remember, you're will need to pipe inside of it as well.

(bowl bangs)

I don't know how much I'm going to get

with the pastry I've made, so I'm going to do maybe six

and just take it from there.

But it's basically given us a template.

You don't need to cut out, do you?

We could just basically keep it in that

and use it as our template, but keep it in that shape

and use that on a baking tray straight on there.

(papers rustling)

And that's what I'm chuffing well gonna do.

Aha, one egg has been cracked into this bowl,

whisk it up, please, with a manual whisk

or electric if you prefer.

(smooth music) (mixer whirring)

Now add another.

(egg splats)

(motor whirring)

(egg cracks and splats)

(motor whirling)

One more egg.

(motor whirling)

Look at that, clinging to the beaters, all mixed through.

And that's a good way of sort of

getting it into my piping bag actually.

(beater whirling)


Oh, my gosh.

Amy, I'm sorry, mate, I'm really sorry.

All right, so typically you'd use a star nozzle on this

but I'm going to go for a round one today.

Annoyingly, that's the biggest baking tray I've got

and the size that I've picked is not going to fit

more than two on, so that's fine, that's fine.

Okay, and now you're moving.

(Barry chuckling)

So one and a slight bit of space

and a big blob in the middle like that.

And if I just wet a pastry brush

that can dab this down a little bit.

I really like the fact

that I've made like a churros dart board.

They kind of look a bit like hypnotic eyes, don't they?

(Barry's silly voice) Let me die.

Only one more and then use the rest

to just fill in these bigger gaps

because I think that's too wide.

All right, I'm happier with them now

because they're a bit more full,

kind of like wraps, if that makes sense.

I've also flicked some water on the trays,

so hopefully as it goes in the oven,

which have just preheated, it will steam slightly.

That tends to work quite well for me when I do choux pastry,

but last up cinnamon sugar.

Two parts sugar to one part cinnamon.

(spoon rattling)

Nice, look at that.

Smell it, go on, smell it.

Now I'm just sprinkling that on top, ah.

I was able to get three on one tray

so they can go in right away.

I want to have them on the same size shelf.

So I've actually preheated my other oven for this one,

but we're going to give this half an hour,

see what it does and we might have to turn it over.

We'll see you in a bit.

I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is they are puffed up

massively, looking amazing.

The bad news to me is that they look a little bit

like the elephant man's head.

So when you do this, when you try this,

which I love to see your attempts,

don't forget to send me your photos.

make sure you do the whole zombie eye thing

because it will spread and keep it nice and consistent.

Whereas I have got some like massive,

massive discs there to lay on.

But it's fine, we'll get them turned over

and start to make the caramel.

(bangs trivet) All right,

(chuckling) check these out.

They're enormous.

Which means hopefully our stack will be.

Ha, ho, ha, back in the oven for about 20 minutes then

because I'd like some colour on my bottom.

So, let's get the salted caramel on.

We did something similar to this fairly recently

when we did these Twix cookies.

Getting the sugar in there.

(bowl rattles)

And it seems to be the actual standard spoon for this

is got to be the chef Excellent Spoon.

- [Man] Hello.

- Stewart randomly sent me this.

I have no idea why.

That was just out of context completely.

Nothing else, no messages, just sent me it.

(Barry laughing)

The point where it dissolves like that,

it's a nice amber colour.

This is where it gets scary,

remember, okay, so be very careful.

(sugar sizzling) That is hot,

but it's going to be worth the effort

for drenching on our stack.

And then we just slowly add in that cream

in about two to three batches against there,

and it's going to get angry.

(Barry laughing)

Woo, this spoon has a really short handle.

Thanks, Stewart.

And the more cream you add the smoother

and runnier it will be, but do do this over the heat.

I'm not adding the salt yet.

I'm going to let it cool down

and we'll do it to taste

to get it just the way we want it, all right.

The longer you leave it, it'll go darker and darker

and then eventually destroy your pan and taste disgusting.

So for me, it's smooth.

The cream's in there, it's a lovely colour.

That'll do nicely.

(Barry bangs head) Oh my gosh, eh.

Just thought I'd try this angle.

And it's tripod wants to fall over.

That cream that we've got leftover,

We're just going to whip it up.

(mixer rattling)

What I'm going to do for the last little wizzy wiz

is get some more cinnamon sugar

and make a cinnamon infused cream.

(mixer whirling)

Oh, (sucks finger) oo, yes, very nice.

All right, caramel sauce going into the jug

to make it pour in a bit easier

and a bit unnecessary salt, babe.

I think I got most of that on the blooming worktop.

Yes I did.

What's left of it, we'll stir it round carefully.

(smacks lips)

It needs more, but to be honest,

half of it was on the worktop so.

(wooden spoon banging)

(breathes deeply) That's better.

That is the exact way to do it.

When it's cool, tweak it exactly to your liking.

I've got enough tang in there, loving it.

So with this salted caramel, the cream here

and our rafts out the oven cooling down,

I'm just going to quickly chop up a banana or two

and we'll stack this thing

and hope it doesn't look disgusting.

Cream on there.

And I'm just going to sit one central,

hoping that the cream just grips it (nervous laughter)

so that I can get a couple of good splodges

more cinnamon cream on there.

Oh, my gosh.

We have some bananas just sort of spread around

to give it a nice sort of even platform,

almost like foundations for the next level up.

A cheeky drizzle of the salted caramel

on each layer as well.

And boom, hopefully,

oh, (crazed breathy laugh)

you know what I'm doing for the next five layers,

let's jumped to it.

And on goes the top layer.

Oh my gosh, I need to bring you up a bit.

I know when I slice this up, it's going to give everywhere.

(happy laughter) That is amazing.

Bananas and one big drench.

Here we go, big puddle on the middle

and then hopefully a little bit's going to start

to just trickle off the edge.

(breathy ecstasy) Oh.

Give it a little bit of support there to do it.

I don't know about you, I'm kind of glad we baked that

because that's made it way healthier.


(knife sawing)

(pastry crunching) Oo.

Let's see if we can get, oh, oh, my gosh.

Look at that.

Oh, it might actually keep, to be honest,

I'm going to keep it in the fridge so my family can try it,

but that is where you should store it

if you're not going to consume it immediately.

And if you do do that

and you're able to do that (exhales).

But let's just, I just don't even know how to

(chuckling) I'm just going to go like this.

Oh, banana cream, ah.

Oh, that is sensational.

The actual taste of it is much more like an eclair

rather than your standard churro

with the fry and the oil.

I kind of prefer that but I do miss the crunch

and the crispness of the fried bit.

You could fry it, as I say.

And if you do fry it and try it, let me know how you get on.

I'm going to get a little bit more sauce.

I felt that's the only thing that was missing there.

The cream, the banana, the churro dough, agh!

That is absolutely stonking.

And there is no way that I am eating the rest of that

even though one slice like that with the five stacks,

you just really want to get that into nice thin slices

and even share half your stack slice, at least.

But there we go, I fancy doing it without the star nozzle,

but, of course, you could do that.

You could fry it, you could mix it up with Nutella.

You could do like a lemon version

with a lemon cream as well.

Oh, do whatever you like with your favourite flavours.

But if you do try it, don't forget to send me a photo

as I've been saying throughout the video.

And that's it.

Let me know down below any recipes you want to see next.

Try this out and I'll see you very soon.

(silly voice) Bu-bye.

(taps lens)

Take your level player

No matter what your style,

The kitchens bore me.

Simon's most stash, goatee, maybe all three.

- I've just had to put that to one side.

But one thing I have found,

banana, cream and caramel together,

the caramel just fuses it all together.

Almost omitting the churro, (laughing)

the whole point of the video.

If you omit that it's just a lot lighter

and nicer to manage, you still get that.

But, of course, you could just take off

a little sliver of one row of the stack.

Much more manageable.

But it is sensational with a cinnamon vibe running for it.

Now, time for my family to try it.

I just wonder which one of the ladies of the house

is going to want to take on this sort of monstrosity.

(boxing bell) - This is a made too.

- [Barry] Cinnamon cream.

- Can I have some, please?

- [Barry] You like it?

(Barry laughing)

That's quite, that's way more than I had.

- Can I have the caramel on there?

(bowl taps)

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