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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pick A Sperm Donor | Lineup | Cut

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- You look very athletic.

- I like to be physical.

- Okay.

- That sounded dirty, but-


(suspenseful music)

- My name is Sheena.

I'm here to find some good sperm for a strong baby.


- I'm Daveon.

- Thai.

- To possibly pick a potential sperm donor.

- That process is very interesting considering

both of us are trans men.

I am.


- I can't do it. I just can't.

- This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time

and I've kinda put it on hold.

There are a lot of women out there like me, who,

you know, are maybe mid-30s and just haven't

found the right person yet.

Now that's kind of what I want to focus on.

Just have a kid.

It'd be great if they're strong.

If they have a nice physique.

I kinda want to know a bit about personality.

What are their tendencies? Do they have any hidden talents?

- The biggest thing is ethnicity.

They can't just be full Caucasian.


- I guess so. As ready as I'll ever be.

- Very interesting.

- Very, very interesting.

- Oh God.

What's good, hey.

How's it going?

- Alright, what's up?

- Daveon.

- Kellen. - Thai.

- Nice to meet you. Kellen.

- We have a list.


- Yeah. - Oh God.

- Sure.

No problem.

Tall, dark and handsome.

- What are you basing your selection off of?

- For me, what my gut says.

- (snaps) What does it say right now?

- Alright, right away- - Cool.

- I could do that. (laughs)

- Family medical history 'cause there's a lot of

genetic mutations that people have.

- I will say that out of my four grandparents,

three of them lived to 92 or beyond.

From the genetic perspective, as far as longevity,

I mean, we're looking pretty good.

- What else? You had to be some sort of black.


No, no. - Well ethnic.

- You have to have some flavor.

- Yeah.

- I like him.

- I like you, Kellen.

- Okay, would you consider having my child?

- I would. These features would work really well together.

- I think so too. I mean, she is quite attractive.

- Oh, thank you, thank you, Kellen.

- Next!


- I feel like it's hard to follow that up.


- Thomas.

- Thomas? - Nice to meet you.

- Sheena.

First, I see the blue lipstick.

I don't even know what to ask. It's so interesting.

- Well, I mean...

I'm from Argentina. I guess that's one place to start.

I was born there, however, Argentina is as white

as things get in South America.

- But you have curly hair so.

- Yeah, I know. (laughs)

Yeah, I got great curly hair.

- Do you have any allergies or asthma?

- No, no, no.

Biggest thing that I have in terms of genetics

would be ADHD.

It's a rough time, especially being undiagnosed for a while.

- I think intelligence is very sexy, first off.

- I currently have been accepted into medical school,

where I would get my MD to be a medical doctor and also

get my PhD to do research.

- I like hearing your aspirations. You have drive.

Yes, I would consider you.

- Awesome, thank you.

- I'm curious as to what your guys' support system

for a child is.

- My family, initially there was a lot of hesitation.

They were hesitant, not necessarily about me having a baby,

not my ability to take care of it, but more so my safety

in regards to carrying a child.

- Do you guys think you would consider me?

- I like you.

- I like you too.

- Definitely a potential candidate.

- Hi. - Hi.

- How you doing?

- Good. - I'm Sheena.

- Nice to meet you, thank you.

I'm a little older than some of the other folks around here.

- I see that. How old are you?

- I'm 53.

- Okay.

- You said you're 53?

- 53.

I know it's old-ish.

- The sperm, don't you have to be under 34?

The sperm count goes down. - Has to do with fertility.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Initially, I wouldn't feel attracted, but the thing is

we're not looking for-

- Right. - A relationship.

- We're creating a new life.

- Why have you decided that you would like to donate?

- I'm just trying to give a gift to the gene pool.

- Well, that's he's white?

- I am what you see, slightly balding, slightly chubby,

but I'm still a professional singer.

(raps) Ten bad bitches in a mansion, wrist on molly rock,

diamonds on my dancing, when you're working hard

and your money start expanding.

I got bottle bitches wanna lick me like some candy.


Would you like to have a baby with all of this?


- No one told us it was gonna be hard to say no.

- Aaron. - Aaron. Sheena.

You look very athletic.

- I like to be physical.

- Okay.

- That sounded dirty, but...


- What's your motivation?

Why do you want to be a sperm donor?

- I've been asked before to donate and it's opened my eyes.

My sister had to go through a donation and I just see

how much joy a donation can bring to a person.

- You're very in tune with other people.

Someone asks you for help, you're willing to be there.

I think you definitely pass round one.

- Would you guys consider me or like?

- Yes. - Oh yeah.


- Hi, I'm Sheena.

- I'm Wes.

- Why did you decide you'd like to donate?

- This whole process is kind of the future of humanity.

The whole room...


So I'm a transhumanist.

- Never heard of that.

- I believe that the next step in human evolution

is genetic engineering, genetic tampering,

integration with robotics, electronics.

- Well, thank you.

- What's your first impression?

- It's...

- No. - No.

- I'm Gi Fu.

- Gi Fu, Sheena.

- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

- What brings you here?

- I am a gay man.

I realize that in the future I probably won't have

a very high chance of having a child.

- For whatever reason, folks don't think queer folks

in the community can also meet other queer folks

in the community and have a conversation about fertility

so I think that's dope.

- Yeah.

- Have you already had any experience with donation?

- So I saw an ad on my college campus when I was at Udub.

They didn't want my sperm. - Oh!

- I don't know why. They didn't say why.

They were like no, it's okay we don't want you.

Would you consider me as a sperm donor?

- By your package so far, I wouldn't say no.

I am a little bit concerned as to why Udub said no.

That would be something I would want to figure out

before going through a process like that.

- Hello there.

- Hi!

- I'm Eric.

- Eric, Sheena.

Nice to meet you Eric.

How old are you, Eric?

- I am 18. - Okay.

- As of a couple weeks ago.

- Oh!

- What do you do?

- I'm a student.

- Where at?

- Nova High School.

- Oh, you're in high school?

- I'm a senior this year.

- That's crazy.

- That'll be a no, bud.

- You're 18 and you're thinking of donating?

- Yeah, as humans have evolved, adolescence has been

the time to have kids.

Maybe 18 year old sperm is the best kind to have,

the most effective.

- My gut says no, don't rob the cradle for another baby.

- Hi.

- Hello.

Save the best for last maybe.

- Maybe! You have a lovely smile.

I noticed it when you came in.

- Thank you.

- What attributes do you have to offer to a potential child?

- I think I love myself and I think a person like me

would be really good.

I think I'm really positive.

I like to read books.

I'm really athletic.

I eat food that's quite healthy.

I drink water.

What do I watch? Documentaries so I learn a lot of things.

- So what do you do?

- I'm a finance major and

I also play soccer on the side too.

- How good are you?

- In the summertime, we're gonna go and try out

for a professional team over in Mexico.

That's gonna be pretty cool.

I'm from Kenya, by the way.

You guys would be getting some genes from Africa.

- They know we're gonna say yes.


- Yeah.

- Yeah, he passes round one.

I love your energy.

- Awesome, nice meeting you, Sheena.

- Yes, I loved meeting you.

Thank you.

Most definitely.

So many to choose from, it makes it worse for me.

- Okay, we know this one's first.

Sorry, sweetie.

Okay, you three can hang out out here.


- Thomas, come this way.

- (whispers) This way.


- We're good.

- We're good.

- Generally, this is for the most part the set up.

- We're all here.

- What's good?

- Did I not make the cut, Brian?


- I raised it, I raised it.

- I would like it, if it were possible, just in the event

when the baby gets older, if the child has questions,

I want them to be able to have that option.

Even if they choose not to pursue it.

- Really for me, making a decision like that is not

something that I would just decide now and go with it.

You get to know someone a little more intimately.

I mean, y'all can have my phone number

and Facebook and all that stuff, you know.

- Y'all were great, thank you!


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