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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Week in Rap | Returning to what you love!

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hey its Tierney let's get into it


we received a lot of feedback about the

new weekend rap format and we heard you

loud and clear and I have some news for

you but I won't be beating it off the

teleprompter okay we tried a new

approach to the week in rep we learned a

whole lot and got a ton of feedback a

mixed bag some good some bad but the

most common ask is why the rap came last

hmm good point given the name we heard

what you're saying we're about to make a

change back to the old format with rap

news that's it to get the whole

classlist riemann that's good

so keep your eyes peeled we making the

change back to entirely rap to news

starting October 4th later



The Description of Week in Rap | Returning to what you love!