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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SparkNotes Interviews Students About Hamlet

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I think he's pretending everyone around

him is acting crazy and he's the only

one who recognizes that and so he might

be the only one who's actually saying

Celia get used as a pond by everyone and

it's super sad she's so trusting and

kind and it's not good for her

even though everyone who dies in the

play kind of had it coming to them

Sophie Leah didn't she's totally

innocent probably not he's too

indecisive and he gets weak through

caught up in philosophical questions

anytime he's actually doing something

besides just talking he's being rash and

reckless he doesn't seem to care or even

notice that the entire time he's in the

castle rotting against his uncle there's

a foreign team trying to invade Denmark



being a student is better Rosencrantz

and Guildenstern they're famous but

nobody remembers those other guys

Guildenstern no contest that is the


when the assignment is a Shakespeare

play the no fair Shakespeare

translations are great to have I can

read the play as it was written and if I

don't understand some of the vocabulary

it just glanced over and read it in

everyday English it's really helpful


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