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Korean classic regent hairstyle for MEN

Joohee, Hair Designer at Soonsoo Works with Ji Sung, Ryeowon, Haha, Chung Joonho, and Kim Jaewon.

S1:Blow-dry hair and part hair in desired direction while still 10~20% wet and finish drying.

Use a roll-comb to add volume. Comb upwards perpendicular to the scalp.

Blow-dry bangs backwards, sweeping them off the forehead and then blow-dry the ends to curl towards the top-center of the head.

It looks better if the part line makes a V-line shape from the front.

Take a coin-sized amount of pomade and apply with hands. (Hair wax mixed with a drop of essence works just as well)

S2: First apply the pomade around the parting area and then the bangs, sides, and back of the head in this order using your palms.

Set the front bangs to stand about 45 to 90 degrees upwards and gently press the sides and top of the head close to the head. Brush the back downwards

S3: Set in hairstyle with a hard type spray all-over. Spray once more at the roots in quick motions for more setting power.

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