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Well, hello everybody! Welcome.

Today, I wanted to check what is up with my Instagram.

And I don't mean like showing my Instagram, I mean like: who the hell is following me?

who are you?

Whom'st the hell is following me?

Most of your followers on Instagram actually are there because you like art. You like to

see what I do, what a draw, what I make and I'm very grateful for that.

So, today, I thought it would be a good idea to actually get to know you guys

a little bit better and ... snoop around... hehehe...

You know, sometimes people are creeps, sometimes people are great, sometimes people are ...

I'll be a little bit of a stalker. And don't mind me please; you know we had to do it to 'em!

now let's see... what's the tea?

hacker time!

So, obviously, I'm not gonna have time to go

over 305 followers and counting (not bragging here, but uh bragging)

Well, let's just take a look at the ones that actually are more interested in art or

post art themselves, just to see how they're doing.

Okay, let's see, let's see, let's see, let's seeee,...

animation_pit, that sounds like a good start.


I really like her line work. That's very very well done. Like!

All right, then we got...



Look at the eyes! Cute! Like!

Alright next

This one says art!

Woo! Oh, this is pretty cool, actually. There's like a lot of

movement in it, you know? Like!

Me, says to the barber: fuck me up, fam!

Yo, what do you want?

Yo, I want to be 'Ultra Karen'

You got it, fam!

These are very cool artwork.



sounds interesting

Whoaaa! wow!

That is amazing! Look at all the lines!

That hair, tho! Dannmm!

Gotta like it, you gotta like, you gotta like!


Misty? :3

This is amazing!

This is just great! I really like what he does (or she, I dunno) with the lines.

Cat! Gotta like. DOOP*


I dunno if this is... ah yeah... valentinart_5

Oh, that's very nice.

Some photography. A little bit of everything.

"We live in a society."

when you're wearing socks and you step on something wet*

Very cool, very cool. NEXT!

I just realize I'm clicking on things that say art... shrug*

Here! There's some art!

The dog has seen some sh*&

Whoa! Okay! Huh!


Let's take a look at this one; this one looks artistic: armandophotografy

I really I really like the logo. It's like very "instagrammy". You can tell is

like a like that thingy... of the... the camera?... the shutter?.. I dunno.

So, whoa, it's really impressive. He likes angles and reality; he really bases himself on

how we see the world for reals, but interesting things, like this one. Whoa.

I really like it and everything is like that, it seems to capture like urban

lifestyle. He has an eye for it. He really does. Cool stuff.

uhm... can you tell the next person to pass? Thank you, thank you.

dekunstkaerne. Now that's Dutch!

Ohhh... this is a true artist! I mean,

Nip-less? More like: No, please.

... I don't even comprehend what I'm looking at, but

that is cool!

It's really cool, it's like, you know, I'll put some shoop, shoop, shoop, and

some shoop, shoop, shoop,shoop, shoop, shoop, shoop. There you go.



Hello, hello human! Hey, chills. Like!

Yes, please. Like!

It's my birthday tomorrow! Well, xx_galaxygirlxx

Quite happy belated birthday!



Like! But why is she dead, though? Why is she dead?

Kaila, why is she dead?


kimloon, chen. I actually know this dude. He is great!

He has like an eye for looking at the world very differently. For example, we have

this one. Is it birds? What's going on? Why is everybody attacking each other?

Are they attacking each other? What?

He draws doggos!

Oi, it's so cute!


Look at this collage.



Is these the same birds? Are they like taking somebody? ... What's going on?



Me, getting home from work.

Girl, you need some sleep!

Oh, fluffy cat. Yes, please. Thank you very much! Okay, bye.

Oh, fluffy cat. Yes, please. Thank you very much! Okay, bye.

girl, I'm starting to worry about you.

This girl doesn't even have lips? What's going on? You also have things like: uh...

Where her legs at? She dead?

Where her hands at? She dead?

Do you need a hug?


Artistic? I think so! mm-hmm mm-hmm And you can see like a progression, right?

Between these earlier pictures. You go from this, BAM! You go to that!

So let's take a look at charity_wood_2

Charity would? Yeah, it would. Wouldn't it? Yeah!

Your grass is moist.

I like it. I like the edits. I really do.

Hey kids, want to buy some seeds?

Alright, time to stop.

Thank y'all for following me on instagram and here, of course.

If you don't follow me yet and you would like to; go ahead, I won't be mad.

I really thank you, all of you, and I'm hoping to see the new community, and all the

new people that get to join.

Thank you very much!

There are so many good artists in the world!

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