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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A DAY IN A LIFE OF A TEACHER: MORNING ROUTINE

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hello guys guys I'm live again and this

is the 13 friends I just finished over

and yeah I'm gonna have my breakfast I'm

having this pancake and I put them into

cheese and then my milk tea this is

Lipton black tea and it put milk in it

yes guys so yeah there we go yeah this

is my morning routine everyone so

actually it's already 12 p.m. here in

France in yeah I woke up late because my

class is only in the afternoon we 1:30

to 2:30 p.m. so I only have one class

today so yeah you got me nice no makeup

nothing yes so let's have breakfast

everyone no makeup no lipstick nothing

at all nothing

there's nothing guys I'm going to watch

this this movie tonight I'm gonna watch

this what I'm gonna maybe after work and

then good morning oh it's afternoon

there it's open right now but here it's

the it's 12 12 already in yeah yeah 12

noon it's known here thank you so much

Julian Manuel - looks like how are you

lonely lonely hello hello Liga I just

actually finished shower guys so this is

my morning routine I just finished our

and after shower I usually have my


I have pancake here and milk tea and

after this I'm gonna do my makeup

in order to get ready for work

yes ma'am I've been okay hello Abby how

are you Abby yes thanks so that's what I

do guys so after my breakfast I usually

have my pores I brush my teeth and stuff

like that then I'm gonna have my makeup

session before before going to work yeah

so that's how I get ready for work I

have work guys at 1:30 p.m.

yeah so genuinely Romano's thank you so

much I can use it as guess I'm just

having a breakfast right now should see

no tea it's still boiling it's very hot

thank you Oh shiny man this is me no

makeup Luke I just finished a word my

hair is still wet I haven't brushed my

hair nothing I just uh wear it close

this one in my pants

and later I'm gonna wear my clothes for

going out for going to work yes of

course I'm gonna make it okay

I know being a biker vlogger so my

husband is still sleeping

and when Jill teacher everyone please no

makeup oh my god why shine amen

Kathy's blood hello Lucy thank you so

much for coming yes guys this is just

actually a quick streaming maybe only 30

minutes I just wanted to share my

morning routine I think before I go to

work what should we do so this is my

breakfast guys it's already made it's

already known here but I'm having my

breakfast because done I just woke up I

mean I will cook maybe an hour ago or

maybe almost two hours ago yeah I

prepared my my daughter's stuff for

eating what is the teacher

well I have here a this is pancake and I

put a mantle cheese

Simon I have a metal cheese and then I

have my melty so my own version of Milty

I this is black tea English breakfast

tea and then I put milk in it yes that's

how I prepare my melty a Xuan had no to

you when I wasn't bookings Taiwanese

mint tea is very delicious but the cold


yes mmm there's no make up on brushing

hair this is teacher this is an English

teacher in French okay

hello a jyy7 2019 how are you welcome

thank you for coming

yeah and I start after my breakfast guys

I'm going to have again my routine what

I do I have a lot here but only a few

things I use okay



and guys I'm gonna I'm gonna watch this

one have you seen this movie drop a lot

I'm gonna watch this later after work

yes one of my subscribers sent me this

one and yeah I'm very excited to watch

it is actually I haven't seen this one

but my daughter said it's a nice little

bag you know if he had she have seen

this when we were in full beast I don't

know I'm not very sure if it's animal

feed me yeah I'm gonna watch it later

oh yeah I think I've heard this one

before but I did not watch it I haven't

watched this one yes thank you so much

for my do my very support date

subscriber yes thank you so much

kinda makes you run a milk tea Kathy's

love actually when I was in Philippines

I used to drink milk tea the time when

is melty the cold one I'm not sure if

you are familiar with chat time chat

time is very it's very nice I like them

LT there with that pro yeah but you're

in French we don't have it here so I

just make my own version of milk tea

everyone know the kid is not perfection


no really actually before Michael I was

a secret I mean not like that but I

caught it and I regret cutting you know

because the after cutting I always have

to you know I always have to what that

put eyebrow liner it's very annoying

really mmm I know Lauren x-gamer task

force 101 hello hello 63 hello welcome

to my livestream how are you my dear

thank you so much for coming

Chinamen with the Jennifer breakfast

everyone that this is lucky so what do

you evening there or afternoon you know

a biker vlogger everyone what time is it

in your country right now and what meal

are you having right now let's have a

meal together guys

nobody is talking right now or my

teacher is also not talking nobody's

talking this is a silent straightening

and this is the second one I surely have

to because this is like brunch for me

that any master work when I come back

ooh I'm gonna have my lunch yes I just

have one hour class today guys seriously

annoyed I Kurt

I don't think tall almost a full and

good Linux gamer and good and preparing

to go to work it's very nice to have

something hot or something warm guys

because you know it's very cold here

already so troop you know it seriously

it should all really oh my god

so I do you want me to go to work this

like this no it's not like you mean

right this a real beautiful oh you're

having a clock hey Jenny peep and labor

blogs oh that's great but I don't drink

coffee because actually when I drink

coffee I palpitate guys just guys you

know I'm getting older look at my

wrinkles oh my God look at that oh my

gosh that is life guys this a real

beautiful finish line even said

troubadour icon vlogger but she doesn't

believe me


hello cisgender and getting you know man

oh my god thank you so much for an

escape her

thank you so much that this blog look

guys I love the calendar I got nothing

one 2020 calendar oh my god it's very

very beautiful and pink oh my god it's

my favorite color

I have another pink now I have a new

calendar guide very cute it's pink I

will show me okay

this is the telomere very beautiful what

you see beautiful and this is for 2020

everyone and pink is my favorite color

oh my god Jerry lessons I can hang it

here later when it's 2004 noise here

hard-headed teacher no we look younger

than that oh come on up into a biker

vlogger I can only offer you milk tea

and pancake anyway biker blogger I

usually don't eat this part I just eat

this part here so you see the end part I

don't eat that

I mean I don't like it's hard so just

let me know in 20 oh my god and nothing

much but this anymore I'm in my forty's

no I'm in my 30s by some I told em I

know what I forgot my range

woody forgot my age with my gosh thank

you this so everyone can do this I think

I'll give you a biker lover or Simon get

this blog and then you give the nearest

blogs are here probably yeah I'm not so



no no guys I have very big when I see

the first I have been riding my gosh

there's no story of my life yes guys yes

shiny men I'm 35 thank you so much for

reminding me of my age

hello aunty tyonne's Anna hello Dede was

welcome to my life's training how are

you do one's a beauty ones I did one son

oh that's interesting duty ones up

Oh STD winds up is this DD ones up is a

big channel welcome to my live stream

reading ones up you have a makeup

tutorial channel what is this it's good

to hear you are good

ya know my eyes my gosh looks like I

have swollen eyes vampire Chinaman Howie

everybody everybody's good thank you so

much that this blog so yes guys that's

it so shiny mind what they usually eat

with your mental cheese me I usually eat

my cheese with pancake but this one k

but this pancake guy I did it I guess I

didn't I didn't make this

I just we bought this one like that

ready for anything we just need to make

it hot I mean warm and put something in

it I told her there are two kinds one is

without anything and the other is with

Nutella my husband is having the one

with Nutella anyway I'm having this one

TV cuz I put a metal cheese you never

even know your blood is laughing why are

you laughing thank you so much good

actually this won't be the lava stream

so maybe


no way

my face is terrible my got no brushing

I'm here nothing my hair still like I

have it dry get me to a teacher my

daughter told me to use cucumber from my

I bet yes guys know this one guys

because I have been crying it's very no

I don't know I don't want to share this

but maybe it's good to share because it

will make you feel better I mean you

know it's not easy to be away from so

from your home what I mean is yes you

have family there and when they are sick

or when they are not feeling good you

can do anything because you are far from

them so just like

all right so my breakfast

is it breakfast yes breakfast it's

almost finished I had leftover and wants

to eat milk tea is delicious

I love enough to everyone but tea alone

I don't like drinking it is that if it's

coming my own teeth come on LT couple

middle come on Maya whatever I like it

but other tea without milk or without


I don't like the drink I don't like the

smell yeah thank you so much for a

thumbs up everyone oh my god showing any

men my video my reaction video everyone

bye reaction video I'm so happy because

it's just less than 24 hours now but I

think the views vary how many views now

let me see the views is the getting the

views getting growing so fast look it's

almost 400 now it's amazing how you can

speak right yes guys are you going to

have for lunch everyone for lunch for

dinner and for what for your next meal

because may I just finish mommy

so yes guys okay you guys I finished

somewhere but there's not wearing

usually answer yes because you know

they're still there give things left on

your face oh sorry guys you are my

mirror today mm-hmm please said you have

to do it upwards but it's very

uncomfortable for me so G I just do it


it's do it everywhere my god nobody is

talking everybody is watching

everybody's just watching me huh you

don't get told you there is still dirt

left I know I need adventure is

adventure I finished your I know that

was there was a few days ago I finished

all your videos my real life is not here

shiny man what's your plans for next

year I even applied for a full-time

teaching oh my gosh I mean that's a very

different question if there is

permission even why not if there is a

full-time teaching I would love to but I

know there's a chance but I tried to

like really because I don't like this

part time job like I'm not used to

working part-time guys I'm just working

a lot like full-time more than full time

when I was in proteins you can't imagine

my schedule I used to work my name in I

used to work I used to work 8 a.m. until

5 p.m. in school and then when I got

I just started my I just saw ate my

dinner and I start my online class at

8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.

sometimes midnight yeah that's how I

worked it'll be nice you know when I was

never single single not single I mean

yeah when you deal with the only

daughter I had it's very when I had one

baby hi everyone yes that's it we are

going to over over 12 hours man yes yes

so true yes you're very welcome my

little adventure cuz that was nothing oh

thank is know much that this vlog oh my

god I just got this one

you are amazing isn't it for a second

guys so this is part of my routine

putting the dish / dishes in the sink

and of course watching it after but I

wish it when I get home from have seven

minutes more they will use my seven

minutes for water what is life

rice is my key lights light the water is

also mine

oh my god

so yes guys I only have listened to your

new song bad students will come to class

maybe I don't know

so yes guy said let me have one minute

and I'm gonna end the stream because I

need to prepare before going to work

okay just one minute so wait now he's

going to have breakfast so I wish how

much Peola and I wish you a great day

and my husband said he didn't we

complete he woke up at 90 I didn't say

you woke up late they hate this my name

in hi guys I've been to mabini's nine

years guys because I need to prepare for

work you have a good day at work

teach me thank you so much I believe

that venture haha hello Toni Jen even

said hello to you honey I even said

hello to you of course they like pasta

shiny man they like pasta everyone do

like my stuff my husband is preparing

pasta so I even said hello Toni Toni she

is telling stories no I'm just telling

sorry shiny man no actually I didn't

know he woke up early to change the

wheels of the car yes he woke up like

9:00 a.m. and if he actually went to bed

so late maybe over the morning maybe I

don't know

to a.m. or 3:00 a.m. I don't know

because you know he finished he closes

the bar late and he went back to sleep

and now she just he just woke up to have


yes it's not a story shiny minute okay

hello Chris vlogs welcome to my life

strip how are you my dear long Chris

blog i bellows Jenna hello oh my god

guys I'm going to go

K+ extend four minutes so to make it

there I'm no only three minutes guys

three minutes more and I'm gonna go

because I need to prepare yeah my face

starts to get itchy now I need to put

moisturizer hello Jenna Rebecca I like

whiskey in your Cassidy cocktail mr.

Kaster and Tony and we know a biker

vlogger said I like whiskey in your

custody cocktail mr. cutter and Tony yes

he has a lot of cocktail with whiskey

how do you hear that alright I don't

need to repeat I put the moisturizer

guys before brushing tea isn't it

ridiculous it's okay anyway after

brushing my teeth I will just put it

here we're looking at me like that


hello to your Tony hello to your husband

Cathy say hello guys it's certainly what

is that hi so everyone you know a biker

is laughing you know bikers laughing at


he said I'm busy knives he has to cook

for himself i body could meat meat for

the beste we I cook it I cooked last

night but you did not eat anyway whores

they don't care I'm not talking about

you I'm talking about myself guys thank

you so much for coming everyone

I really appreciate your presence today

really guys so I only have 30 seconds

now and I'm gonna end this stream guys

so I hope to see you again later

I might go live in my afternoon maybe 6

p.m. or 5 p.m. I'm not sure it depends

on the situation here

because yes I will be with my daughter

yes oh yes I hope you guys can have a

wonderful day it's Tuesday today my god

just say it's Bluebell day you really

have to make your own steam

my husband said have a great day stay

high you can stay here you want long

press blog okay so thank you so much

Laurie slaw guys love this vlog it's

already money time thank you guys this

is your channel please don't forget to

do and you have to do yes thank you so

much once again this is English your

travels if you're me to my sure now

please don't forget to subscribe and

click that Bell bottom a little bit more

updates about

so this is my morning routine everyone

so I hope you have a wonderful day have

a great breakfast lunch dinner

good morning the afternoon good evening

everyone around the room thank you so

much stop torturing little Tony's

teacher carmakers show them anything oh

my god color picker channel I'm gonna

end the street narrow thank you so much

everyone I really appreciate your

presence yes guys if you guys want to

know my morning routine you can replay

this live streaming ok yes guys because

I need to prepare I have to do a lot of

things right now my god more people are

coming no I will see you later guys

maybe in about 6 hours or in about 5

hours okay so yes guys bye bye