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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pawn Stars: Corey Takes a Chance on a Four-Headed Monkees Talking Puppet | History

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- I have a Monkees puppet.


COREY HARRISON: It was the fictitious boy band pretending

to be the Beetles in a sitcom that

actually sold records, because people did like the music.

Right, right.

It's a puppet, right?

You're supposed to put it on your hand?

You stick your hand in it, and the heads are hollow.

So you get your fingers in there,

and then you could move around their heads.


It looks kind of like they're all on a giant sleeping bag.


They were good friends.


TERRI: Actually has four heads on it,

with the four characters from the Monkees.

And they bicker back and forth and argue just

like they did in the TV series.

Oh, if I could go on a date with one of the Monkees,

it would definitely be Davy.

He's dreamy, and I just love Davy.

COREY HARRISON: Can I take a look at it?

TERRI: Sure.

So I'm not really familiar with the Monkees.

Which one's which?


This one's Davy.

Mike, we have Peter, and then we have Mickey,

and they banter back and forth.

MALE VOICE: There's someone at the door about the rent.

The landlord.

There's someone at the door about the rent, the landlord.

MALE VOICE: I think I'm falling in love.

Not again.

TERRI: Davy was the dreamer.

I think the show actually kind of turned him into a real band

at some point?

I don't know if you could be a Beatles fan and a Monkees fan,

or the Monkees were blasphemy to Beatles collectors.

And I don't know how much of a Monkees collectors market

there is out there for it.

What are you looking to do with it?

I'd like to sell it.

Any idea how much?

I would like to get around $300 for it.

COREY HARRISON: OK I've got a friend who's a curator

for the Hard Rock Hotel.

Deals with music, rock star memorabilia.

I think this will be right up his alley

Do you mind if I have him come down and take a look at it?

That'd be great.

It looks like it's in great condition.

But I'm not sure what Monkees merchandise goes for.

So I called Warwick inn to come down and check it out.


I've seen these, I've never heard one.

Well, check it out and tell me what you think.

I just want to hear it talk. [laughter]

MALE VOICE: Come on, guys.

Quit monkeying around.


The monkeys were a pretty big phenomenon, mid-'60s.

A band created for TV.

But they learned to play, and they satisfy their audiences'

need to see them.

And they played some pretty big dates.

They sold out the Hollywood Bowl, that's pretty good.

OK I always just kind of considered

them like a parody band.

WARWICK STONE: The producers didn't

want to hire a real band.

They wanted actors, singing actors.

And then they got the best songwriters.

Neil Diamond wrote songs for the Monkees.


So what exactly was the premise of the show?

I don't think there was much premise.

It was four musicians living in one house

together, and monkeying about.

The merchandisers went out of their way

to produce a lot of stuff for the kids

that watched the shows.

But it didn't last beyond the years of the show.

So what are your concerns about this?

I just don't have any idea what it could be worth,

or how collectible they are.

It doesn't go as high as as if it was the Beatles.

If you had this same thing from the Beatles,

it would be thousands of dollars.

So, Warwick what do you think it's worth?

I think I would be happy to pay $275 for it.



I appreciate you coming down man.

Thank you very much. - Always a pleasure.

Sir. - Rock on.

All right. Bye-bye.

Thank you.

WARWICK STONE: Right now as an investment,

rock and roll memorabilia is going through the roof.

So this was probably $1.95 when it came out.

To survive 40 years, and then to me was almost $300,

that's good.

That's good.

COREY HARRISON: So you just heard my guy.

If I were to buy it, I could reasonably

expect to sell it for $275. You wanted $300.

What's the lowest you'll take for it?

I'll go $250 on it.

How about 150?

How about $175?

All right, you got a deal.

OK, great.

Shelby me write you up over there.

Thank you.

I made a little money on this puppet.

I made around $50 on him, so I'm happy with that.

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