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welcome back nowadays you can make

anything into a profession like

professional pet therapist or a

professional pet couples therapist or

professional pet couples therapist

therapists but there's something I never

thought could be turned into a

profession and that is professional

cuddling yes professional cuddling is a

service where you can pay someone to

cuddle with you for therapeutic benefits

and today we are going to be taught the

ways of the cuddle by a professional

cuddler yes let's get her done I can't

stop to the cuddle zone we're joined in

the cuddle zone by cuddling expert and

founder of the cuddle sanctuary Jean

Franz Blau hello Jean what happens at

the cuddle sanctuary so we're a group of

cuddle event leaders and professional

cuddlers and help people to have fun

connect but also boost their health and

you have invented specific cuddle poses

right yes in our industry we have to

talk about poses otherwise we don't know

what we're talking about right hoses

okay we want you to teach us some of

these poses as opposed to positions well

different words oh okay yeah let's keep

using the word no still would pose since

we're gonna be doing these together all

right so we're gonna game if I this a

little bit you're gonna tell us the name

of one of your poses but you're not

gonna tell us how to do it and it's

based on the name alone we're going to

configure ourselves into that cuddle

focus we're gonna cuddle some and then

once once we feel like we've got it we

will tell you we've got it and then you

let us know okay if we're right by

showing us the actual cuddle pose okay

good luck are you ready yes what is it

called the first pose is called the baby

bear the baby bear maybe got to make a

decision who's gonna be the baby bear

who's gonna be the mama bear hey well it

could be the daddy bear you don't know

mama bear baby bear I think would be

more convincing if you're the baby bear

okay well I know that baby bears nurse

mama bear what do you want to nurse me

though don't just close your close your

legs uh-huh why are you getting on that

side you should be nursing me this way


nursing me however you want man I'm just

a mama bear I guess I'm just minding my

own mama business I think but I feel

like I have to give you something I

think I'm just like hey I don't think

the head would get this close to this

region just just from a professional

standpoint definitely not the first one

well what do you think this I got

nipples man just nurse me oh that's how

we're bare knuckles are bare no bears

are very ripples are down here so just

just place your head right here let me

this your final pose this is it not that

is an excellent pose that is not baby

bear oh there's a baby there's a baby

bear in front of us it's being straddled

by one of them is me and I was the baby

bear and Fay my colleague was the mama

bear this is it and maybe a caress or

maybe a hug or squeeze with consent all

right so that is the baby bear it all

right what's the next one so the next

one is more advanced no it's called the

pretzel oh there's gonna be a lot of

intertwining the pretzel um I think this

might be I think it might be legs two

legs how can we get as tangled up as

possible that's that's really just I

don't I don't want to face you why not

just you just be more comfortable with

this man that's like let's just get okay

and then our I can this it these are

like wrestling moves right great create

like a great like two holes and I'll

just come through up and then we're

gonna oh never gonna so a lot of people

come to cuddle sanctuary because it's

enjoyable and relaxing so are you

feeling enjoyment and relaxation yes I

feel good I'm stretching a little bit

alright then this is the pose it sounds

like this is your final this is our

pretzel it's absolutely not a pretzel

okay oh all right oh no whoa whoa whoa

there's a lot going on it - whose head

goes with whose body you know so I'm

gonna guide you through it until one of

you is sitting up you be the setup guy

for this time okay I want to be

and have your back sort of yeah there

you go right so the other party is

facing so so if I weren't about to go

into it I would be facing so your legs

are facing this way get up stand up your

legs are straight straight straight

straight and together there you go okay

now you're gonna have a seat with one

leg behind and one leg in front cuz

you're gonna hug your buddy with him I

want to be in the back it's gonna be

great for you oh whatever I have a

secret not no and I wait put your butt

over there but over at you but you're

sideways you're sideways this legs in

front you're sideways give each other a

hug turn your body this way very hug

hugging the pretzel ladies and gentlemen

is it comfortable

it takes getting used to I'm sure we'll

get better at it alright what's next the

final pose is actually a beginner pose

good it is called the zipper well we got

zippers on these onesies yeah letting

you in I've got a whole zipper bag here

that flaps this whole part now not the

zipper the zipper to me it would be

something where you were like if you

have one person who's like this being

zipped I'm like I think your two halves

of a zipper oh yes so I think you would

be like facing each other and all and

all your limbs would be like the pieces

of the zipper but you're open your legs

interestingly I call this position pasta

but it is not the zipper oh you didn't

say pasta I did not so the zipper is

you're lying on your backs like that

picture I was closer it frightened I

recommend for your comfort you each have

a pillow and then arms are linked with

consent check in with each other is it

okay if we link our may we link arms

excellent and then once one person's leg

is over the other with consent it looks

like you're good to go

and if you can envision like ten people

doing this we'd be like Oh their arms

are like Oh like a whole like just a

whole room magnets that happens at the

cuddle section where yeah we're a

variant we're friends well Jean thanks

for teaching us these cuddle poses I

can't say we're going to apply them

together we will we'll talk to our wives

about that no actually we are going to

apply them right now make sure to click

through for the next part of this

episode we are going to put what we've

learned to the altar

test cuddling in a bed of cockroaches

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