Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [EYELIKE]대학로 공포 스릴러 연극 '조각' 소개 영상

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EYELIKE Performances, Good Eyes, Good Performances

Actor Lee Jong-hoon - Soon-chul

Hello, I'm actor Lee Jong-hoon, who plays Soon-chul in 'Sak-ja.'

The character Sun-cheol is a good country boy.

Hee-tae's word is a silly character who always follows.

a lost memory


My name is Yoon Eun Jung and I play Yeonhee.

Yeon-hee appears in front of Hee-tae and Sun-cheol, suspects of bank robberies.

It's a mysterious role of saying things that you don't know.

a hundred thousand people in the shortest period of time.

My name is Lee Seopjeong, an actor who plays the role of Heetae

Hui-tae is negative and angry about everything.

And he's suffering from amnesia.

It's a disease that defends memory or trauma that you don't want to remember.

pieces of mysterious memory

a rainy summer day

A bank robbery takes place in a rural village.

The bank robber suspects, Hee-tae and Sun-cheol, are forced into the abandoned house to avoid people.

That's where you get a lot of bank employees.

But she only says things she doesn't know.

a story in which puzzling pieces of memory are arranged one by one.

If you're curious about the back story, please come to the Dengro Hall at Hyehwa Station Exit 2.

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