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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jake Gyllenhaal Plays 'What Would Jeff Do?'

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[music playing]


I'm Jake Gyllenhaal.

And I play a Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff

Bauman, who's right here.

--In the movie stronger, which is a great movie,

great film, great acting.

Ellen wants to test how well I really

know you in a game called, What Would Jeff Do?

- All right, let's do it. - Okay.

What would Jeff think is Jake Gyllenhaal's best movie?

Oh wow.


Oh wow, this is a good one.

[music playing]

Bubble Boy.


You're an (bleep).


What ice cream flavor would Jeff choose?

[music playing]

Double cherry, strawberry surprise.

No, Moose Tracks.


Which romantic comedy would be Jeff's favorite?

I do have a romantic comedy favorite.

You do?


It's with John Cusack--

Easy, I have to guess it.

Oh Well, I'll give you a hint.

It's--gah-- Easy.

It's with John Cusack?


That's like 14 romantic comedies.

This isn't really a romantic comedy, though.

No, it isn't.

I was going to go with--

But there is romance.

And there is comedy.

Oh, yeah that's wrong.

Fidel-- fidel--

Yeah, there's an "L" in there.

He has really confuse--

No, that's wrong.

That's exactly spelled--

Is it?

High Fidelity is really good.

It's not really romantic comedy--

I can't spell fidelity, but--

--in the classic sense of romantic comedies, though.

What would Jeff order if he was at Starbucks?

[music playing]


Wait for it.

[music playing]

Triple cherry, strawberry surprise latte.

Cold brew black.


I would try the triple cherry surprise latte.

He would.

Can I get extra cherries on top of that latte?

Thanks for playing, guys.

That was it?

Oh, I want to do this forever.

[music playing]

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