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hi dearies welcome and welcome back to my channel it's your girl again Eazzy

and today is going to be a first time reaction and i'm going to be reacting on

manneskin on the song coraline ,this is actually a lyrics+english translation.

like you all know how we do it in here, but before we get right into it i want to say

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wow he's got alot of emotional voice even if this is not a video but i can feel his voice like i

can feel the emotions from his voice and i really like the fact that they could be able to you know

make an english translation that we can be able to understand

what he's saying like this is really so emotional and his voice is really really so

touching this is just a wonderful song he's got a very lovely voice full of a whole lot of emotions


song is just so full of emotions i can't believe that i want to tear up like i can't really believe

that i want to really tear up like i don't know whatever the situation that you are passing , i

wish them all the best i just wish that they would be fine i send love and hearts and

all the good things of life i send it to you

this song and those lyrics hit so hard and this is a pure poetry and i absolutely adore it

so so much like i wasn't expecting these lyrics at all

i wasn't expecting such lyrics this was so deep ths song is so really really deep like

it pierces into your skin. it's very very piercing and it's all meaningful

oh my goodness like that's just so full of emotions the lyrics are so so deep like the

lyrics just pierces into your skin the lyrics are so meaningful in fact this song is so iconic

and his voice just made everything blended well wow this girl is really good, i literally

wanted to start crying just kept holding myself like the lyrics are so piercing

they are so so piercing thank you guys for you know bringing out the lyrics in

english translation so that we can be able to understand what he's saying because this is

something that is so iconic and very meaningful. you know this is good this is just wonderful

and it's so full of emotions and his voice is so good he has that calm lovely smooth

and so wonderful voice this is absolutely and purely amazing and nothing can stop that.

i hope you all enjoyed this wonderful video and please if you did kindly comment below

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