Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ответ на ролик из Идиота 1958

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I used to dream and think, dream and think.

I imagined someone like you.

A good, kind, honest and foolish man,

who'd come and tell me 'You are an innocent woman!'

'I adore you!'

I used to dream so much, I nearly went mad.

And then this fellow would come down, disgrace, insult,

and deprave me, and then leave.

I longed to throw myself into the pond a million times.

But I didn't dare, I hadn't the heart to do it.

But now...

- Rogojin, are you ready? - Ready, my love!

Ready, my queen!

The troikas with bells are ready!

Give me the money.

Let's go!

- Rogojin, is this my money? - It's yours, my love.

It's a 1OO thousand!

Go into the fire, Gania.

With your bare hands and turn yours leeves up.

I wish to look into your heart,

when you put your hands into the fire for my money.

If you snatch it out, the whole packet is yours!

And if you don't, it'll burn.

I'm not joking, it's my money.

Put in your hands!

Maybe, we should secure her?

My lady, it's a 1OO thousand!

I saw it packed!

Let me get into the fire.

I'll put my gray head into it!

I have a lame wife, and 13 children!

Last week I buried my father!


My lady!

Nastasia Philipovna!

Go away!

Out of theway!

That's like it! A real queen!

Who of you would think of a joke like that?!

Why look at it: it'll burn in a minute or two, and

you'll hang yourself aftewards.

She's mad!

She's surely mad!

I told you she was an extraordinary woman.

Good heavens!

It's burning!

I'll pull it out with my teeth for one thousand!

Go on, dummy!

Or everything will burn!

He's fainted! Katia! Ammonia!

Pull them out, or they'll burn!

Burn for nothing!

And it's a lot of money!

It's intact!

Some little thousand or so may be touched by fire.

The rest is all intact.

It's all his.

Do you hear, all of you?

Rogojin, let's go!

Let's go!

Good-bye, prince, you're the first real man I've seen.

I'm sory, prince.

You see what sort of woman she is!

I'm speaking like a father now!

To Ekaterinhof!

Go! To Ekaterinhof!

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