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number three Christians don't lose their salvation by struggling with sin so we

mentioned that Christians don't practice their sin but they can still sin and now

I'm gonna talk about a little bit closer Christians don't lose their salvation by

struggling with sin as a Christian you don't lose your salvation when you sin

but you lose the joy of your salvation Psalm 51 do you remember when David

committed murder and adultery that's some pretty heavy sins it's interesting

in his repentance David never said Lord restored to me my salvation

he said restore to me the joy of my salvation as a Christian you don't lose

your salvation when you sin you do lose the joy closeness you can die faster

when you sin you can even open the door to a demonic torment you can end up in

jail you can forfeit your reward as a Christian but you don't lose your

relationship as a Christian when you sin in first Corinthians it says that one

day we'll stand before God and the eyes of God's fire will go through our works

and what was built on wood hay and straw will be burned and it says this and we

will be saved as dull from the fire yet we will be saved

meaning our bad works that we do they don't cause us to lose our relationship

they cause us to lose our reward Can somebody say amen They don't cause us to

lose our salvation it cause us to lose the joy of our salvation now for those

of you who your mind is freaking out right now

oh my gosh Vlad you just gave somebody a license to sin can I just calm you down

those who are not born again don't need a license does every criminal wait

for a permit to do something criminal no ok so relax I'm giving grace to

people who are gonna use that to overcome their sin and those who won't

overcome their sin they don't need that grace they're gonna still use a reason

to sin as Christians we don't lose our salvation we lose the joy of our

salvation I would like to go a little bit further I like what Dr. Michael

Brown said this topic first of all I want to say it is controversial there is

four main thoughts three big ones we belong to the fourth one of thoughts

concerning losing your salvation the first big thought is the once saved

always saved in the sense that you can never lose your salvation you can deny

Jesus you can even go and become a Muslim or a Buddhist but once you pray

that prayer you are always saved you can completely reject God insult the Holy

Spirit trample the blood of Jesus it doesn't matter because it's called

eternal and you're done with and the second school of thought that exists is

called the perseverance of the saints the perseverance of the saints believes

that if you are born again then you will not lose your salvation and if you

disowned Christ turn your back on the grace of God walked away from Jesus it

just simply means you were never really saved the third school of thought is

where most of us grew up in it's that your salvation is secure until your next

mistake and the moment you commit sin or you fall you lost your salvation and

then you have to start everything again and you have to repent and then you have

to get saved again and pretty much you get you lose it and one day sometimes

you can do like five times you lose it and you get it back you lose it get it

back you commit sin God takes it away and then you repent God gives you back

the salvation and then there's a fourth one where it's a little bit of

everything and that's what we are at now I don't believe Christian can lose their

salvation like you lose your keys you don't lose your place in the family when

you forget to take the garbage out come on you don't lose your marriage because

you had a bad day you don't get disowned for that my my my dear brother was was

living on drugs for seven years he didn't lose his family in fact he

grieved his family we were all heartbroken it was bad for all of us and

for him but if it wouldn't be for the family he would have never changed and

God knows that and so God doesn't disown his children who fall even if it's into

the same sin struggling we don't lose our salvation I like what Dr. Michael

Brown said he said this you can't lose your salvation like you lose your keys

passenger on the plane is guaranteed to reach its destination overseas

unless you used to do something crazy and open the

emergency door and jump otherwise you won't arrive at your destination safely

now I believe that you cannot lose your salvation as a Christian but you can

forfeit your salvation as a Christian by rejecting Jesus and His grace few

reasons and I've studied you know both of them and I have preachers on both

sides that I deeply loved deeply love till this day the part what I have

struggled with once saved always saved that you cannot lose your salvation is I

just don't see in the Bible what the scripture tells us that once you're

saved you are taken away the right to reject Jesus and you no longer have a

free choice salvation does not take away your choice to reject Christ that would

look more like a Colombian cartel than salvation well you can get in but you

can't get out same thing with the family you can disown your family you can

completely I'm not just talking about you move out I'm talking you can disown

your family go change your last name it's not a trap your family's not a trap

now nobody in the room right mind I think would never do it but to say that

that's not possible we just don't see the evidence of that

in the Bible contrary we see in the Bible verses like that if we sin against

him meaning we reject him God says our blood

your name out of the book of life so that means that when my name is written

the book of life I have the choice to turn my back in Christ and saying you

know what I don't believe in grace I can be saved by my good works in fact I'm

gonna follow another god I'm gonna follow another person God and say well

I'm sorry bro but you're stuck with me I think that's not love that's force and

God gives us a choice verses for example in the Bible in John chapter 1

what it says any branch in me that does not bear fruit it doesn't say that God

cuts it away it says he lifts up that speaks to Christians who are in Christ

in God's grace but honestly they don't have fruit right now they don't have

love they don't have patience they're really cranky they'll really have issues

and Jesus doesn't come and say you're done you're gone why because you don't

have flew the Bible says he lifts us up if we don't have fruit but then later on

in verse 6 if I'm not mistaken it says that but any

branch that doesn't abide in me gets thrown away meaning God says if you

still have a choice to reject my grace and do it your own way that branch gets

thrown into the fire in Hebrews it says that and this verse used to scares me is

that this for if we've willfully sin after receiving the knowledge of truth

there is no longer remains a sacrifice percent you readers like oh shoot that's

me coz I mean come on let's face it a lot of our sins are willful

We didn't get slapped into didn't get its willful but you always have to

read the verse in context if you read the verse later it says the following

it says how much worse punishment do you suppose will he be thought worthy will

he be thought worthy who has trampled the Son of God underfoot counted the

blood of the Covenant by which he was sanctified as a common thing and

insulted the spirit of grace so it's not you sinfully you willfully sinned

because all of us who sin of course we do it willfully you you were not out of

your mind when you were doing it you didn't lose your mind at the time you do

it willfully what is simple it means is people they reject the grace they reject

the blood and insult the Holy Spirit and God says my sacrifice doesn't cover you

now for most of us in here it's not going to be switching religions it's not

gonna be the one day you're gonna decide to become Muslim or one day you're gonna

decide to turn your back on Christ and become a Buddhist for most of us as

Christians this is what the problem happens is we switch from Christ to our

works we outgrow our need for Christ we no longer remain on the branch on the

vine on him as the source of our grace and we feel like well I got saved Jesus

I got it from here it's like I'm 30,000 feet in the air I got it from here

thanks pilot and then you're simply stepping out of the plane I believe I

can fly

and so what I'm preaching to you today is

remain in Jesus remain in him because he is not just someone to get you up in the sky he

says I want you to remain in me stay in the plane the door exit door is there

you can't jump out I can tell you one thing you can't fly my friend there's

only one name under which man was given to be saved and that is not Jose or Juan

it's Jesus it's Jesus Christ come on somebody come on somebody so I believe

as Christians our salvation is secure our salvation is secure but we must

remain in Christ and this is not a it's a privilege to remain in Christ it's

it's an honor to remain in Christ I'm not talking about prayer or reading or

even the church attendance I'm talking about remaining in Christ His grace

continues to flow changes and transforms us and I believe we have a choice to

turn our back on him and totally walk away from him and walk away from the

grace of God walk away from our salvation and walk away from our Savior

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