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- In this video, I'm gonna show you how to add video

to your chatbot flows using ManyChat.

Y'all, video is a great way to humanize your messenger flows

and fast track your leads to conversions,

by building trust and conveying messages more effectively.

Today, I'm going to show you three ways to add video

into your messenger flows.

All right, option number one, upload directly into the flow.

Now keep in mind that when you upload a video file,

it needs to be under 23 megabytes.

The larger the file, the slower the flow will run.

So be sure to take that into consideration

when thinking about the overall user experience.

Adding a video file to ManyChat is very easy.

Let me jump into ManyChat really quickly

and I'll show you how to do it.

(finger snaps)

All right, so all you gotta do

is click on your message type here.

And down here in your message block types,

you'll see video, and just click on this or drag and drop

your video in, and that's it.

That's all you gotta do.

If your video is too large, you could consider condensing it

down or breaking up into smaller videos.

Or, you could do one of the following additional options.

If you're looking for a great, easy to use tool

to quickly condense your videos down in size,

I suggest you check out a tool that I use

called iSkysoft Video Converter, which I have also linked

down below in the description.

The next video option is to share a YouTube video.

While YouTube is not native, it is still a great place

to host your videos, and the fact that it also happens to be

the second largest search engine in the world

is not so bad either, right?

I prefer this method myself

as I have a pretty strong YouTube presence,

and additional views could really only help

my channel overall.

Plus, the user experience is faster as the subscriber

does not have to wait for the video to load.

Now I accomplish this by using a card in ManyChat,

and linking it to my video over in YouTube.

Let me jump on ManyChat and show you how easy it is

to set up.

All right, so all I have to do is go in here

and add a card.

And in the upper part here, I'm gonna use the same image

that I would on my YouTube thumbnail,

but you can certainly use any image you want

as a call to action.

All right, next up, I'm just gonna add a little title here.

And then add a short description.

And then I'm gonna do two things.

I'm going to add the direct link to my YouTube video

right here on the card.

So they click on the card, it's gonna take them there,

as well as add a button.

So let's go grab that link.

Aight, so we'll put the link right here,

and then we'll just do an add "watch now."

And you can certainly add a little emoji,

which is what I like to do.

(mouse clicks)

All right, and then we're gonna go open website.

And again, direct link to YouTube, and done.

And that's it.

Okay, there is one other option that I wanna share with you

and that is sharing a video that you uploaded

into your Facebook page.

There are basically two types of Facebook videos

that you can use here.

A public facing one, which it's just like any other video

that you upload to your page.

And a secret video, that allows people who have a link

or that go to a video page or a landing page

where the video is embedded, they can view that video then.

The benefit of the public video on Facebook,

is you can create custom audiences

from the people who view your video.

The benefit of the secret video

is that you could share exclusive content.

But secret video viewers cannot be made

into custom audiences unfortunately.

If you wish to do something like that,

you would need to embed the secret video

into a landing page, and target the people who land

on the page with a Facebook pixel.

That is really the biggest benefit of hosting

the video on Facebook, being able to re-target to people.

Just like with the YouTube link, I would create a card

that would link to my Facebook URL.

Be sure to check the link above and below

for a video on how to create a secret video

on your Facebook page.

Using video is a sure-fire way to keep people moving

faster through the buyer cycle and beyond.

Let me know below.

How are you planning to use video

in your messenger bot campaigns?

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As always, thank you so much for joining me today.

And I will catch you next time here,

on the Baby Got Bot channel.

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