Practice English Speaking&Listening with: My Future Lifestyle

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My Future Lifestyle is part of the Career and College Readiness Lesson Plan series provided

by the California Career Resource Network, California Department of Education. In this

lesson, you will learn that living the lifestyle you want depends a lot on the amount of money

you make. Identifying the lifestyle you want to live includes deciding things like do you

want to live in an apartment or a house? Will you go out a lot or stay home? Will you take

public transportation or buy a car? Once you've decided on your lifestyle, you need to know

how much money your choices will cost. Housing, will it cost $500 or $5,000 a month? Entertainment

- will it cost $50 or $250 a month? Transportation - will it cost $300 or $600 a month? All your

lifestyle choices impact how much you spend and this determines how much you need to make.

Sound complicated? How do you determine what your lifestyle will cost and discover occupations

to cover that cost? You'll use Make Money Choices on the California CareerZone. This

lesson and other resources are available on the California Career Resource Network's Web


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