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Hi, this is Michelle Mead with the National Weather Service in Sacramento.

El Nino has arrived for the summer of 2015 and chances are it will continue into

this winter.

Let's take a closer look at El Nino in this edition of Northern California

Weather in a Flash. The first thing we need to do is define what El Nino is.

The most generic definition is El Nino is a warming of the ocean along the equator

in the Pacific Ocean. This warming of the sea surface temperatures actually

interacts with our atmosphere changing the jet stream. The jet stream is what

drives our winter storm track across the United States. So just to be clear, El

Nino is not a single storm like a hurricane, it's just a change in our

weather pattern.

Let's take a walk through history to see what other El Ninos have done for the

state of California. To help us do that here is Mike Anderson. Hi there I'm Mike

Anderson State Climatologist for California. Since 1950 there have been six strong El

Ninos for California. All six of those have brought above average precipitation

to Southern California, there is no reason to believe that this year won't

be a seventh. However, in northern and central California two of the six El Ninos

have actually led to drier than average winters. It's important to keep in mind

that most of California's major reservoirs reside across the northern and

central parts of the state. For drought relief, it is critical that these areas see

significant rain and snow this winter. Remember, it has taken us four very dry winters to

get into this drought. Much of the state is missing an entire year's worth of

rainfall and some locations are missing two. This has left California reservoirs

low and groundwater resources drying up. While we could see significant rain and

snow develop across the state this winter it is not a certain outcome. All things

considered, it is best to continue drought water conservation measures, while also

preparing for potential heavy rains that could result in flooding this winter

season. For more on weather across Northern California be sure to interact

with us on Facebook and Twitter. That's it for this edition of Weather in a


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