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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Apprentice Week

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I've been here almost six months now and I found with Yorkshire Housing you get a lot

of support from superiors and staff around the business. The apprentice

team with Kiran as well is very supportive and giving you the advice and

support you need. The main thing I am looking forward

to is the apprenticeship project which is a six month long project where

you actually apply your skills into a project that's going to

roll out into the business in real time.

The main reason why I think you should join us at Yorkshire Housing is the

advice and support that superiors and the apprenticeship team provide you.

So the main benefits that I've found in the last six months of having Joe my

apprentice is that we have somebody who's got lots of connections around the

business we've bring on lots of other apprentices in different parts of the

business what I'm finding is that he's got a lot more connection than I have.

My main experience and the main benefit of having Joe as my apprentice is that

he's been really keen to learn fix what things really fast and he's quite

independent in how he works as well so it's not someone but I have to work

really close with for all the time and give them a task and he understands it

you can go away and put it on stamp on that which I found really refreshing

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