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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Funny Woman | 웃기는 여자 Ep.1 [2015 Drama Special / ENG / 2015.04.03]

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Ko Rilla!

Ko Rilla!

Oh, yes!

It wasn't a joke.

Fill it out again. You made a mistake.

I've checked it 3 times.

Write the name you want here.

I did.

You want to change your name

from Ko Eunhui to Ko Rilla?



I'm a comedian.

But for now,

my position is here

outside of the spotlight.

In 1987, the God must've been very busy.

That's why he didn't have time

to think about the details of our looks.

I think God was the busiest

when he made Yanghui.

He must've regretted

not adding the finishing touch.

God must've put 3 bodies in one for Dalsuk.

As for me,

I think God just had a bit of extra time

left for the day.

I'm just a Plain Jane.

Just a regular girl.


- Congratulations on your move! / - Yes!

Gosh, what a big window!

The light just pours in!

I'm jealous!

I'm tired of living in the basement.

I think the sun hates me.

- Hey. / - What?

Stop it! You'll give me bad luck.

What is it?

You live in a house with a balcony.

You don't need to know. Right?


Don't leave me out.

Tell me, come on.

- Tell me. / - Okay, okay.

Come here.

You know the shaman that said

Producer Yun would have a kid?

The virgin shaman who's over 60?

As for you...

Give yourself a mole

and your life will turn around.


What about you?

You're hopeless.

Just too plain.

Change your name.

Since it's raining on dry land,

you will surely attract bees!

You're so naive.

You two just wasted your money.

It's true.

Look at her.

My face is funnier than hers.

Your body is better than hers.

And plus, her name is too common.

What kind of a name is Eunhui?

Even I could say that.

No, this time I have a good feeling.

She guessed Yanghui has a boyfriend too.

She said it looking straight into her face.

That's amazing.

- Even I can't believe it. / - Right?

Wait a minute.

If there are bees...

I guess you'll have a boyfriend.


I don't need a guy!

I'll succeed as a comedian.

No, I'm sure it's a guy.

But she means you'll be stung by him.

Stop it.

That's why she said...

- Messed up already? / - Hi, Mira.

- Messed up. / - Substitute?

Substitute for what?

Group blind date? No way!

- Stop it! / - Anchor Yun Mira!

Group blind date? Of course!

Where is it?

Oh, my gosh! I'm on my way!

This is Judge Oh. I'm going to be working with

him on the Ministry of Justice program.

Lawyer Byeon and his colleagues.

Great occupations, right?

Let's sit down.

My imagination is failing me.

- Excuse me? / - When I heard celebrities...

I thought of singers, actresses, models...

I never even imagined about comedians.

You really are a lawyer.

You're so good with words.

I keep losing.

Let's play the game again.

Okay, this time...

B, S. Busan.

- Busy. / - Bossy.



What's with you?


I'm sure it's frustrating to

never be able to curse as an anchor.


We had a colleague named Bosom.

Kim Bosom.

He changed his name.

- To Cheolung? / - Yeah.

Mr. Oh is in charge of changing names.

Dusik's sister changed her name too.

Remember, Sori?

Gye Dusik's sister, Gye Sori.

You must know many funny names.

Tell us.

If I disclose personal information,

I could get sued or reported.

Come on, man.

You're so popular with the ladies.

Don't be so mean.

I'm so curious.


This is just ridiculous.

But I've seen someone change

a perfectly fine name to Ko Rilla.

I'm sorry.

They left so the 6 of us can go for wine.

I had a good time today.

I'll take you girls

to a great place near the courthouse.


Let's go.

- See you next time. / - Hey...

Wine? Whatever.

Rice wine and pancakes are the best.


Wasn't he in charge of you?

That judge in charge of name-changing?

He looked so picky.

Just use it as your stage name.

No, that's not enough.


Have you tried this on your toes?

Yeah, but they can't reach my mouth.

Right? I can't even reach my feet.

I can do it...

- I can't even do this. / - Oh!

It's Oh Dalsuk.

Yeah, it's the fatty.

She looks fatter in person.

- Stop it. / - What? She's a comedian.

You're awesome.

Thank you.

Wow, she even has a manager.

I ought to...

I'm envious.

What makes you say that?

At least they recognize you.

Another can?

Let's drink up, drink up.

Let's go. I'll drop you off.

It's okay.

My place is the opposite way.

I'll take the bus.



- Call me. / - Okay.

Go home safely!

I'm back, ma'am.


Sit down.

Want something to eat or drink?

I don't know her.

You don't know me?

Do you know me?

I'm Ko Eunhui.


- Eunhui? / - You're Judge Oh, right?

We met at the group blind date just now.

I'm sorry.

This is how you perceive

opposite genders.

Girls remember guys' jobs.

Guys remember girls' looks.

I don't think...

You made a strong impression on me.

Here's your soju.

If you had wine,

shouldn't you have spaghetti?

I prefer noodles.

It must feel good.

This is on the house.

Thank you, ma'am.

Why are you eating mine?

I've been a regular here for a decade.

She gave it to me.

Do you always get your way?

I see. Since you're a judge,

I bet you change names as you wish.

I go by the law, not as I wish.

Can't you change your own name as you wish?

All Korean citizens can change their name

since they have the right to pursue happiness.

Unless it's a name like Ko Rilla.

You said you were a comedian.

But you're not funny at all.

Why should I make you laugh?

That's not what I'm saying.

When it comes to jobs...

Professionalism must ooze out of people.

I guess you make judgments anywhere.

The sense of judgment is the key here.

Don't be offended.

I was just curious.

You're a comedian who's not funny.

It's interesting.



Yeah, you think you're all that.

The shaman wasn't talking about a bumblebee.

It was a wasp.

What a sting.

Why the same neighborhood of all places?

He always drinks at that cart bar too.

He comes every day.

That judge?

- Does he live there? / - Hey!

Tell me about it.

Stop leaving me out.


Wait a second.

- What? / - The mole's location changed.

Ko Soyoung's mole.

That's how she got a hot husband.

I want her energy to pass the skit contest.

- You created the skit? / - Yeah.

Show me.

- Loyalty! / - Yanghui!


I heard you got a call from that guy.

What guy?

The guy who dumped his hot girlfriend for me?

- Or... / - Hey, hey.

Don't try to do anything.

This is what's funny. It's just so funny.

- Stop it. / - Yanghui.

They want you to clear the set.

Come on, I need to practice.

- No one else to do it? / - No.

Alright. See you.

- Try on your outfit, Dalsuk. / - Okay.

What about me?

They don't even look for me?

- Hi, mom. / - Get over here!


Not your name.

Come on, mom.

The judge said no. Not even by the law.


My name wasn't changed?

I'm glad the judge is smart.

Who would want their daughter's name

to be Ko Rilla?

How dare the judge sign this?

Don't you dare change your name.

You keep the name we gave you.

Come on, dad.

Eun means "grateful," hui means "hope."

Dad named you

so you'd become grateful hope.

It doesn't matter.

The name has to suit me.

Go and learn something.

We already had this conversation.

It's pathetic to try to make people laugh

with a silly name.

Just forget about the whole thing...



But why do you want to be a comedian?

I need to go somewhere, mom.


You'd better not change your name!

I know you're a comedian but don't joke.

This is no joke.

I really want to change my name.

- To Ko Rilla? / - Yes.

You were born a human being.

Why live as a gorilla?

I'm a comedian.

What's the big deal?

You have to change your name?

Yes. It's everything to me.

Please... We know each other.

Can't you just do that for me?


Appeal within a month.


It's my name.

Ask anyone on the street.

Why can't I change my own name?

Judge Nam.

She asked me to ask anyone.

She wants to...

Change her name to Ko Rilla.


I registered it since she seemed pitiful.

It's just nonsense.

Ko Rilla.

Ko Rilla? Is she crazy?

Oh, my gosh.

That guy is that guy?

Yeah, it's the same guy.

So what if he's a judge?

Isn't he abusing his power?


You should've paid for his noodles.

Maybe I should have.

- Clean the stage! / - Yes, sir!

Must we do this? This is just a rehearsal.

Look at the water.

Go squeeze it out, Eunhui. Look at this mess.

If we slip and bust our heads,

will you take over this skit?

I'm sorry.

Such a strategic kid...


You go wipe your face.

You need a pass to come in here.

Did you come for a tour?

I came to record

"Ministry of Justice on the Go."


You must be a comedian, indeed.

We meet at the television station.

This is my prop.

You go like this...


Pay me back!

You said you would when you get paid.

You're broke, aren't you?


Why'd you invite me to the blind date?

You got to meet judges and lawyers.

You change when you don't need help.

When you borrowed money...

- You said you'd set me up. / - I will.

- I promise! / - I have high standards.

Public officers or professionals

are okay for me.

Betray me and go drink wine again.

Don't even go there.

Goodness, what's with them?

The types I just hate.

They ordered one dish for 6 people.

What cheapskates.

And the host Judge Oh...

His skills must be bad.

The ratings were so bad so

they only chose him for his looks.

I'm already tired of his looks.

Dalsuk is going to treat us to beef later.

You heard, right?

I have a work party today.

It's going to be Judge Oh's treat.

Super fatty pork belly.

That mean, stingy guy...

He's just so cheap.


That's interesting.

I thought judges were respected.

But just because you have a great job

doesn't mean you're a great person.

Some guys are obnoxious, cheap losers.

Oh, my gosh!


Don't feel offended.

I was just curious.

He must be sick.

I love you, Judge Oh!

Thank you.

This is too much.

You always just buy her coffee.

This is gender discrimination.

Don't give or receive from lawyers.

You never bought me anything ever.

You always treat Judge Nam.

You buy your own.

This is premium beef?

What is it?

It's so tiny.

Stop acting like a beggar.

Don't say that to the premium beef.

Do well in the skit contest.

I'm treating you with the event payment.

Eat up.

They gave me fish sauce for fish sauce event.

It was so heavy...

3, 2, 1, go!

- It's good. / - This is just great.

It's good.

I was so angry.

I wanted to badmouth someone.

The shaman?

No, an obnoxious guy.

Excuse me! 5 more servings!

- Okay! / - Yeah.

Why aren't you picking up, Dalsuk?

Oh, my manager's here.

Come on, there's a club event.

I just got started here.


Go, it's an event.

Yeah, that way we have more to eat.


I'll get going.

- See you later. / - Good luck.

See you later.

- Bring the meat. / - Okay.

It's good.

It's good.

- This is the extra 5 servings. / - Thank you.


Dalsuk, hey!


She already left?


Thank you. Welcome.

Hey, hey.

The wasp is here.

Are you ready?

Bottoms up!

Come on!

Bottoms up!

That's so cool!

Get the glasses!


Bottoms up!

Stop, I can't drink anymore.

The alcohol's going in, in, in.

Do we need to dance forever?

Going in, in, in.

Where'd you learn to dance?

My shoulder aches now.

This is too much...

Bottoms up!

Good, good, good.

- Good, good. / - Good job.

Do we need to dance forever?

Going in, in, in.

I have a good feeling.

Don't you think we can pass the skit contest?


Then will we be able to go on stage?

Of course!

Do we need to dance forever?

Going in, in, in.

- Thank you. / - Thank you.

How'd it go?

We failed again.

- Eunhui. / - Yanghui.

You're proud of yourselves?

- Let's eat. / - Yeah.

You feel like eating?

It must be a great meal.

We didn't pass but

that doesn't mean we should starve.


11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

6 years...

We want change!

Give us freedom and

the right to the pursuit of happiness...


What's wrong?

They won't change your name?


When it's not even his name.

I haven't been promoted for years.

Now they want me to quit.

Being the section chief is all I can handle.

They want me to quit.

I'm going crazy.

You're demonstrating this time?

Give me freedom to change my name!

Give me the right to the pursue happiness!

You and your friend ate that much.

Didn't you use the company card?

I used my own card.


Our work party and your dinner.

Why do it separately?

Personal life and work are separate.

You're so cheap.


Look here.

I don't want to use my card

for those who need to dance forever.


Instead of taking over a skit,

she's blocking the future of juniors.


You really are a comedian.

You're good.

I'm a comedian.

I'd like to be reborn as Ko Rilla

and go on stage.

I'd like to become a comedian...

That makes people happy.

Got that?

Do you know why Charlie Chaplin

wore this ridiculous outfit

and fake moustache?

It's because he was good-looking.

He was too handsome for comedy,

so no one accepted him.

After he made himself look funny,

he received acceptance and success.

Ko Rilla is like that for me.

I don't think your talent is that great.

And your looks aren't that great either.

The application for name change.

Give this to the courthouse.

Transmittal fee, stamp duty of $21.30.

I'm broke.

Just say okay and I'll register it.


The news is all about people like you.

People are maltreated,

they can't pay their rent...

No money saved for retirement.

Mind your own business.

You're just ignorant about yourself.

Charlie Chaplin might've been handsome,

but his talent was outstanding.

Is your name really your inferiority complex?

You think you'll become talented

once you become Ko Rilla?

You think you'll gain popularity?

You think it's that easy to become a comedian?

Stop making judgments.

Well, that's part of my job.

Your dad was proud of you

looking like this?

Must you say it like that?

I know!

I know.

I know very well that

this won't change anything.

But this is the least I can do.

I want people to recognize me.

You don't know my name,

but you know Ko Rilla.

Ko Eunhui.

What people forget isn't your name.

What would you know?

You think we achieve

as much as we work for, right?

You think life is that easy?

Some diligent people stay where they are

because they're not born with

super smart genes unlike you.

Just because someone doesn't get promoted

that doesn't mean he plays at work.

They do their best in that position.


You disregard us for not having a dream...

And for having a pipe dream.

What am I supposed to do?

I was the star of my school play.

That day...

My dad bragged so much about me.

I was the first to come to work for 12 years.

It was so exciting to make people laugh.

We can do it!

- Cheers! / - Cheers!

Drink up!

Can you give it to me?

What's with you?

I really need it.

I need it too. Stop it.


Let go!

- Sir... / - What?

It's raining.

Let go.

It's raining.

Yay, black-bean noodles.

- Where's your name tag? / - Huh?


A crazy girl took it.

- Ma'am. / - Huh?

How much are the rice cakes?

50 cents each.

I used Korean sticky rice.

- Give me 10, please. / - 10?

Thank you.

- Oh, thanks. / - Sure.

- Ma'am. / - Huh?

Hold on.

$1 each?

You'll sell more this way.

You're a funny girl.

Why'd you buy so much

when you said you're broke?

When will you eat all of the 10 rice cakes?

When will you pay off your debt

spending money like that?

Why are you following me?

I'm on my way home.

Aren't you going to leave?

When you waste money,

it could be used for evidence.

Let's go.

Yes, yes.


You startled me.

Why'd you yell?

I dropped my gorilla.


You should've focused. It's not my fault.

Please be quiet.

Then this time,

let's get the rabbit.

The ears are easy to grab.

I'll get the gorilla.

Get the rabbit.

I'll get the gorilla.

Get the rab...

You're so stubborn.

This isn't a piggy bank.

You should get something.

The rabbit seems so much easier to get.

I want to get the gorilla!

You're a fool.

How do I get it?


Then this time, go for the right armpit.






It got the armpit.



- Soju and 2 bottles of beer, please. / - Okay.

Since it was a bet of noodles,

you pay for that.

You're such a cheap guy.


So that's how you roll with your friends?

When you have noodles...

Here you go.


Gizzards and egg rolls, please.

- Sure. / - Eels too.


This is a basic set.

Don't worry.

I'll pay you back when I become a star.

When will that be?

I'm not a shaman.

Take that off.

You don't work for a night club.

That's a monkey.


Some people take the bar exam

for 5, 10 years without giving up.

They're called bar exam losers.

- That's... / - So I'm a comedy loser?

I can't even dream of becoming a comedian?

You can dream but...

You're not funny.

- What I mean is... / - Got a problem with that?

That's why I want to change my name!

That's totally different...

You said I can dream.

It's not like I'm hurting anyone.

What's wrong with you?

Wait and see.

Even if it takes 10 years,

I'll succeed as a comedian.

Why are you drinking alone?


It's strange.

My mom was never wrong.


She always said

girls who eat well are pretty.


You don't have any friends, do you?

You're so hateful.

Beer is great here by the river.

Drink up.

You remind me of my elementary school friend.

He was always arrogant

and the whole school hated him.

You're just like him.

I thought you were him.

But he used to like me.


Ah, microphone test.

1, 2...

Today, we have Judge Oh Jeongu

who you've been waiting for.

Please tell us how you feel

about making your dream come true.

Becoming a judge...

Wasn't my dream.

Then why'd you become one?


I had good grades.

That's why people hate you.


It wasn't your dream.

But you became a judge.

What was your original dream?


I never had one.

Everyone has one.


Is that so?

Does everyone have a dream?

My mom was wrong about something else.

She said good grades were everything.

She said I'd make great friends

once I get good grades.

And that once I go to a good college,

all the girls would love me.

Oh, I have rice cakes.

I have some rice cakes.

More snacks.


I bought some too.

10 for $1 each.

You bought so much.

Eat mine.

Look at yourself.


Over here.

The Description of Funny Woman | 웃기는 여자 Ep.1 [2015 Drama Special / ENG / 2015.04.03]