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Hey guys welcome back to my channel

so today's video is going to be ten beauty products that I

Cannot live without. This is actually inspired by Chloe Morello tweet

She put out a tweet that another youtuber had made a video not related to beauty

But just ten things they couldn't live without I kind of got the idea from her so you guys haven't checked out Chloe Morello

She's a babe check her out. I will link her in the description box down below

Let me tell you this is not really an easy decision making process

I will say that I went through every category and thought hmmm. Do I love this product yes, could I live without it?


If somebody gave me another product to work with I could so really this is more of like I need them in my life

All the time don't give me something else to use

Thank you so much. So the first item. I'm gonna count as one because they go together

This is my shampoo and conditioner, and it is the Ouai a shampoo and conditioner

I love the repair version and also the smoothing version of these and let me tell you guys I

Have somewhat of a frizzy texture. I have a frizzy texture not somewhat

There's a frizzy texture going on my hair could either dry really frizzy and separated or

together if you have curly hair you may understand that a little bit more it's like your curls can be frizzy or they could have

like a nice bouncy together

Texture and that's what this does for me it also makes my hair just really really soft. It smells phenomenal

I remember one time I had washed my hair with these and my mom came to visit and she was walking by me and she

was like

What is that? I wasn't wearing perfume okay, and I had no idea and then later

I caught her low key sniffing my hair. She liked it that much and I was like you're weird get outta here

I had to give her a bottle even though I didn't want to cuz I'm stingy like that this stuff is just really really good I

Feel like it works for every hair type

my hair is so soft feels like baby hair super silky, and I just don't want to use any other shampoo and conditioner I

Don't well the next thing I'm gonna talk about is skincare

And I feel like skincare is a little tricky because I love to try out new stuff all the time

I feel like if somebody were to give me another moisturizer to work with right now

another eye cream

I'd be like yeah, okay. There is one product that stands out that really really changed my skin dramatically and because of the category

It's in I kind of feel like I probably won't switch this out or try a new one I mean I'll try a new one

But like don't take this from me. This is the Ole Henriksen toner. I've been talking about this forever

I've already mentioned it in favorites and in videos here before this toner is just amazing incredible

I mean, I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing me talk about it, but as far as skincare goes

This is the one thing that I would want to keep using forever

It just always gets rid of any redness or irritation in my skin any breakouts

I haven't had crazy breakouts recently, so I'm really happy about it. I felt like in general

I didn't realize how much makeup and gunk was left over on my skin after makeup. Wipe and washing my face

I thought like yeah, I'm good. I'm clean, but then after using the toner with a silk pad

I realized that I still had makeup left over

I'd look at the pad, and I would see makeup there, so if you don't use a toner now

I feel like that might help keep your skin really really clean

especially at night before you go to bed that way you're not sleeping with leftover makeup because you might not know that you are I

Had no idea for all this time, so I love this product ooh, so good so good

Since we're in skincare. Let's move right on to Nivea another product. I've been using for quite some time now makeup

Shayla is the one who introduced me to this and

nothing compares to Nivea


You guys know that song. This is the Essentially Enriched. It's very important

Essentially enriched because they have a few different ones

But this one is the best I swear any time anybody asks me. What moisturizer. What body glow. This is just an

Affordable, but also the best way to keep my skin hydrated get it at Target

It's like so easy to get and accessible, and it's just never runs out

I have them always with me a lot of the products in this video


I always have a bag of must-haves when I'm traveling going on photo shoots anything that I'm doing these are the

That always have to be with me no matter what and this is like don't leave your Nivea at home

Do not I don't care if somebody else has lotion on the set

It's not always the same because this works, so well with flash if somebody takes a flash photo of you

It's like boom beam. What highlight? Are you wearing on your shoulders? It's Nivea ok the best. I can't live without it

I don't want to use another lotion as far as foundation. I'm sorry to disappoint you but

You see I wanted to pick a foundation for you guys just to have something in that category, but to be honest with you I

Don't feel like there's a foundation I can't live without right now

I feel like there's a few foundations that I love and so I could always rotate those

You know what I mean like there's not one that I'm like oh my god. Yes

I love this foundation like for example if I were to think of something right now. It would be the new NARS foundation

That I'm currently loving, but if someone took it from me I could still use some of the other foundations that I'm loving as well

So we're just gonna skip right over that I'm gonna move on to another hair product this hair product

I also have in my bag that goes with me everywhere.

And this is Color Wow is a hair powder that you put in your hair line to fill in any sparseness

Just anything honestly. I have so

Many sparse areas like closer to my baby hairs that when I put my hair back

It looks like I'm like losing some hair there. I don't know I'm a little concerned

I'm not sure, but this stuff is such an easy on the go. You're in the car

You're like whoa what's going on here. Let me fix this really quick make it look fuller

Let's straighten out the part here with a little powder give you a perfect hair, and it's just a lifesaver

It just makes everything look more clean more sharp. I love this powder. I have to have it at all times

I mean even my brother. He'll be like oh do you have your color wow?

So shady

This next item. I'm sure so many people will say and agree that they cannot live without okay a beauty

I know there's a lot of beauty sponges out there, and I said I do like other Beauty sponges

But I know how to work with it. I know it's never gonna let me down. Beauty blenders are the best for me

I love them. I can't imagine going somewhere and not having my Beauty Blender. It's one of those things that I'm like

Did I ever get my Beauty Blender? Oh my god like panic okay panic?

This is just perfect and I love the black one and I like the nude one

I know the colors some of the colors mean they do different things

But for some reason the pink one is like kind of my least favorite

I don't know why it's like not as squishy as these two in my opinion

I may be making that out, but that's how I feel, okay. I open the drawer

I see a pink one and I kind of like move it to the side and go for these two I

Don't know I don't know why but a Beauty Blender gotta have it another thing that I have to have okay

Is this morphe brush randomly one day picked it up, and I just love it

it's the G40 and I don't have any other brushes in my

Can't live without I almost feel like there's so many dupes for so many different brushes

But this one it's actually been through so much. Do you hear that? It's tired? It needs to retire.

So this one is just so great because it's the perfect size perfect density

I use it on my no makeup days just to blend in my concealer. I could use it to blend in a little highlight

I could literally just do like my fresh makeup look just with this one brush usually I'll use this one

I spot conceal, and I don't wear foundation. I just wear concealer over in his spots and what I love about it

Is that it's fluffy enough to not take off the concealer

You know remove the product and it's like light enough to just blend it in while keeping the full coverage that I need

Doesn't take off any product. I just

Love this so much

Alright so moving on let me tell you guys I have temperamental under eyes

I do they do what they want to do. They are dry as hell one day, and then the next day

They'll be perfectly fine, and it drives me nuts. Certain days I can't wear Tarte shape tape.

I just can't like it'll be too drying for me and in certain days I can wear it. Like if I'm feeling good about myself

I'm like let me put on some shape tape and to be honest I just put it like in the hollows

I won't put it close to my under-eye, but the concealer that will never let me down the Becca aqua luminous concealer mmm

I remember the name you see that this is in the shade beige

And this is just a great everyday concealer if that's what you want

It's not super full coverage, so if that's what you want, then maybe it's not for you

But for like an everyday a lighter coverage this works for all occasions for me. I can make it work

I can build it if I want a little bit more coverage

It doesn't make my under eyes look dry and I love this to spot conceal - I feel like it gives the most

natural skin like texture

Opposed to something that as much as I love the tarte shape tape it's a very thick texture

So if you want it to have like a no foundation look and just a lot of tarte shaped tape for me personally

That's a little too full coverage to look as natural as

Like a spot conceal of this, and I just go through this all the time. I go through so much of it

Telling you

Moving on we're gonna go ahead and move on to lashes you guys know

I need a lash love a lash have to have a lash cannot live without an eyelash

This is also a tough category for me because you know part of me was thinking

Well, I could work with other lashes, but another part of me

It was like what is your go-to like you bring this on every trip?

No matter what you have to have it, and it was a tie between two same brand House of Lashes

And it was between the Iconics or the Iconic Lites. I'm wearing the Iconic Lites right now you guys know

I love me the Iconic

That is like I want my eyes to stand out I'm gonna wear that but if I had to choose between the two I think

I would go with Lconic Lite which is a little bit thinner of a band more fluffy. Not as heavy

Not as thick and so to me I was like well

this is something I can wear with a light glam or a full glam and still feel really confident and comfortable and

Just for a fact I always bring these on my trips no matter what I don't even know what look

I'm gonna do but I bring the Iconic Lites and I bring the Iconics because you just don't know what kind of what kind of

Trip it's about to be. Definitely picking between the two

I'm gonna go with Iconic Lites must have when you want to have like a really pretty lit color where it's

sparkly, and if you put a lock that's too heavy. It's almost like when you open your eyes

Where did it go, but this one you can see the sparkles through the lash, which I like this next item

I was gonna just feel like you guys are gonna be mad at me because

It's sold out, but there's one thing that I go to always have on my lips. It is definitely the Dose of Colors

Collaboration that Katy and I did Over the Top gloss okay, this is the best gloss

in my opinion not because Katy and I made it but

Kind of cos Katy and I made it

We just obviously made something that we both loved so much and we wear it all the time

So it's just my favorite, and if you got it

I'm so happy that you got it, but if you didn't pick it up

Then my second gloss that I always wear, which is actually what I'm wearing now

And is so beautiful and that is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb.

It just looks so nice as well and what I love about this is it's very

universal as so is ours because it doesn't have this one isn't meant to have a crazy undertone

You could wear it with anything or just bare, which is really how I like to wear it

I'm wearing the Fenty one bare right now, and this goes with everyone's skin tone. It smells really good


So these are just my go-to everyday glosses like you just want to be out the door boom boom boom

Put it on really quick. You don't have to wear anything underneath

I don't have to worry about a lipstick a lip liner all that stuff is just like I want to look fresh

And I want my lips to look slutty

So these are the two I go for the next item I'm going to talk about is a face powder

This is a setting powder, and this is the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder. I've been using this forever now

I have not once really changed it up of course

I always test product because that's my job, and I try things all the time

But it's the things that I go back to you everyday that are always in my purse that

I'm putting in this video right so this is the best powder because it's so finely milled you can continuously put this on

our nose or anywhere you get oily throughout the day, and it doesn't cake up or look like you've been just

constantly putting on your makeup all day like it somehow finds a way to still look fresh and just lightly powdered and

not crazy

This is such a good powder for the under eyes too if you're not into baking because I that's not for everybody you don't want

To bake every day. I mean you might III feel like sometimes

I just want to really quickly this works really well under the eyes and also around the face

It's just you can put it all over. There's no flashback. It's excellent. I use the shade 2 medium

Just melts in the skin. I'm just bouncing around here because I want to keep you entertained

I want to keep you here . Next thing we're going to talk about is a hair tie your tie say like what how boring?

No, this is the best hair device that I have ever used in my life.

So this is what they call a bungee it is to put your hair up

And it is the best so what you do with this is you hold your hair up

And then you take one side of the hook you hook it into the base of your pony and you wrap it around

tight if you want your hair snatched back, or if you have thick hair and you find that wrapping a pony around your hair

It's like the fourth wrap around is too small, but the third isn't tight enough you know what I'm saying

This will solve all your problems, so you wrap it around and then when you get back to the base

You just hook it into your hair. It never comes out it never comes loose

It is the best thing ever actually I had a hair stylist use one of these on me and my face was lifted, okay

I was like I

Couldn't blink but in the best way. If you try to do my hair in a ponytail without this

I can't really trust you anymore. You know like this is just the best device ever you can order them on Amazon

They have them at certain hair supply stores


Life-changing and it's also something that I have in my bag

Because just in case I want to do a snatched pony have to have this obviously you guys know

I'm not gonna do a video like this without including a brow product, okay?

There is one product that I feel like doesn't do the same thing that any other product does for me

And that is the benefit Ka-Brow number 4 and I could definitely use just a brow pencil

But I'm never gonna get the feathery hair like strokes

Like I do with this Ka-Brow this one is just the one that works the best for me

And I don't want to use another brow product

This is the best I could live with this and what's cool about it

Is that it also cuts down on one of my must-have brushes because it has a built in brow brush also

It's very very water resistant

I can jump in a pool I can jump in the ocean I can get rained on I mean don't wipe

Obviously it stays on if you just give it a little pat. Don't ever wipe. I just love this stuff. It's so good

I mean, I can't live without it

There's so many things that I could put in this video

But I'm keeping it too what like really you can't live without so the next thing. I'm gonna talk about is highlight

I have 2 highlight category options the first one is of course you guys already know Fuego

This is a highlight that Katy and I created with Dose of Colors.

And it's just the best like I love it so so much. I also love Mirame.

Which is the other highlight, but I'm a little bit less tan right now

You know cuz it's colder, so this just works better for my skin tone now

But they're both the same formula and just so amazing. I love the way it looks like a wet sheen

Oh, it's just everything about it. This is my go-to everyday highlight.

I use it all the damn time.

Another product that I love to use for glow and I picked this one even though I do use a lot of liquid highlighters you

Guys already know what liquid highlighters I'm obsessed with this is something

that's very unique and that I haven't really really seen anywhere else

and I feel like I can't get the effect with a lot of other products so Sephora perfect mist Nude Glow this is a

Sephora product you give it a little spritz on your cheekbone. Which is a little difficult to spray. I'm not gonna lie

It's like you have to get the right angle

Do you see did something happen or did it just take it there let me tell you guys something about this glow

It is a spray glow not super pigmented or anything

But just has just enough of a sheen that oh my god

If you're taking pictures if you're on a red carpet the is just gonna be like BAM if you're under lights

It's gonna look amazing. Honestly if you're getting married

This is so beautiful

even if you're not a huge highlight person you could just do this a light spray of this in the high points and in your

Photos you're just gonna look so healthy without looking sparkly flash photography you're taking your senior portrait

You're at your quinceanera game over. I don't know why more people don't talk about it. I'm telling you guys

It's it's amazing the next item. I cannot live without is this mascara. It's the Mack Extended Play mascara.

This is another one of those items that I'm just kind of like don't give me any other type of mascara.

I will use other mascaras the reason I mostly love this one is for my bottom lashes

I don't really I could use any mascara on the top lashes, but as far as my bottom lashes

I feel like I need a tiny tiny wand and I need a formula

that's gonna build up my lashes so that it looks like I have more than I do and so far

I found that this is the one that does out the best for me it just

fakes people into thinking I have a lot more lashes, and I just feel comfortable using it

I can't really speak for upper lashes with this mascara

Because I don't use it for that. If I had to say upper mascara I would say like waterproof for sure

But this this for my lower lashes is it for me. So next up

we have the Mac Cosmetics strobe cream, and this is in the shade Gold Lite. There's a lot of like glowy

moisturizers out there a lot of things that give you a radiance

There's something about this particular color that I haven't seen in another glowy radiant lotion, and this doesn't have a tint which I like

It's just a strobe cream. I love it so much.

I put it on the high points of my face especially on no makeup days it gives

you a little


Without making you look like you

are wearing makeup because you're not. If you want to look good at the gym because you're single and you're looking to like you know

meet somebody that's not me, but I'm saying if that's you and you don't want to wear makeup

But you still want to look like "hey" this stuff looks so good like imagine. you're under the gym lighting which isn't that good but

you just have a little strobe cream. It's like sets you apart from the rest. You know you're just mmm mmm mmm

I don't even know what it's like to be single anymore

I can't even like remember the days maybe I don't want to remember. You know trainwreck

Mac Fix Plus, this is tried and true. This is a staple. This is just like never fails me. It's not something

that's gonna make your makeup last all night

It's not like meant to be an all-night setting spray

But it makes your powders melt into the skin it makes it everything look not powdery. It makes your highlight look way more

intense if that's what you want. I use this to like, amplify my eyeshadows. I use it to amplify my highlight sometimes

I even use it to just like cool myself down if I'm stressed like

and then I just feel like calm again. If I went somewhere I finished my makeup

and I didn't have this I would be kind of like what do I do and the last item that I cannot live without is


Extensions. okay hair extensions are a must for me

I feel like I love to add more fullness to my hair sometimes. I want to wear my hair short, but sometimes

I want long hair, and it's just so fun to change up your look, and it's an easy way to do that

I've been wearing extensions since I was like 18 okay 18, so if they've been in my life that long

it tells me two things. One, I love extensions. Two, stop cutting your hair. I keep cutting my hair.

Even if you have long hair say you have like long hair, but it's not as full as you want

I know a lot of people who wear extension just for fullness

But it is fun to play up your look change it up. You know one day, you're short one day

you're long you can have a long ponytail.

It's just so much fun

and and so easy to do and these are the best they're from the Hair Shop. The Hair Shop

I swear just has the color that was made for me. All their extensions are like great blends

There's different types of extensions

These are clip ins and I like them because they're just easy you don't have to sleep in em

At the end of the night you just take it all off and you can sleep comfortably

These are a Skin Weft they're the thinnest thinnest thinnest material here

You could see scalp through where the hair comes out of it

You can lay them as flat to the top of your hairline as you need to like right there

And I could still manage to hide them because they are so thin

I can't even imagine a time where I would go on a trip and not bring my hair extensions

I can't fathom it. No I cannot. All right so that's it.

Those are the top ten beauty products that I cannot -I cannot- live without.

I'm curious to know if there's one product that you guys can't live without like just the top of your head leave it in the

comments down below, and yeah, thank you guys so much for watching. I'll see you guys in the next video. Bye

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