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CUT by: weibo user@小六在街角的咖啡店 Translated by 哥帅 Proofread by @尘萧_1128 Reviewed by 冰冰 Subtitled by 亦笙

(OMG! The SMR team is making its first appearance)

(Ke Ma, Xinyu Zhang, along with Jackson Yi)

(Are dancing to Manual of Youth and grouped a newTFBOYS”)

(Right hand, left hand, slow motion replay)

(Fans of Ke Ma and Jackson, lets get ready for the show!)

H: Hey, the historical drama SMR is about to start shooting

It is a great honor for us to have the cast in our show today

(Jackson Yi)

Next, well be asking on behalf of our audience

About the roles you play in the drama

MK: I portray Yuan Qu in SMR

H: Okay, Yuan Qu. Well, Jackson?

J: I play the youth of Yuan Qu

H: So you two are playing the same role. How about Xinyu?

Okay then. So in this drama

Zhenyu Qiao will be working with Jackson Yi who was born in the 00s

As well as Ke Ma, who was born in the 90s

Are you stressed out?

QZY: No. I tend to turn stress into motivation

H: Then what do you think your advantages are

Compared with the younger generation

LY: Hes still one of them, lol

(Now youre talking)

H: She has said on Weibo that if the director permits,

She would like to portray the fifteen-year-old Chou Mo

H: Wouldnt that make her act along with Jackson Yi?

Will you be stressed about it?

ZXY: Of course

H: Are you afraid of

As you had called yourself anoffence-attractorbefore

The offences you might face after acting with Jackson?

ZXY: No, his fans are super nice

H: Weve got two heroes this time

Ke Ma playing Yuan Qu, and Jackson Yi playing the youth of Yuan Qu

Both of you are good-looking. I would like to know

That when you look in the mirror

Would you go likeOh man, hes so handsomeJackson?

J: I wont

H: Hes a Sagittarius yet he denied it. I dont believe it

LY: Thats because after all these years hes used to his handsome look

One is accustomed to his own handsomeness

H: But Jackson is the sort of person that becomes more and more handsome

More and more charming

So youre playing the same character this time

Would you make any preparations for the role?

MK: Yes, we would. Were both studying Chu Ci (Verses of Chu)

Reading about Yuan Qus works: Li Sao, SMR, Qu Song, etc

And intoning and trying to find the feeling

H: Can you recite one?

(Freaked out)

H: Do a paragraph, Jackson

H: Can we sing to distract you?

J: Thats okay

All: (Singing Manual of Youth)

J: (Intoning lines from SMR)

makes you happy (switching from poem to song)

H: Now that youre in 10th grade

But you also have overloading work

Are you worried about the upcoming finals?

J: Certainly there will be some pressure

As weve been really busy for a while

It used to be working in between studying

Now were just trying to squeeze some studying time from work

H: Which subject are you best at? Which is the hardest?

J: Best at? Thatd be PE

H: Teacher Yun Liu is really good at body shaping exercises

We have prepared a game next

A triple shot!

Thats right. Its a gift for fans of our show

Now Jackson, who takes selfies regularly

Please lead ouruncles and aunts’…

All: Uncles and aunts!?

H: Brothers and sisters

LY: Lets get out of here

H: Next, ‘I feel adorable

Theres a list of must-have skills on the board for our fans

A total of nine

So which one do you think

Will add bonus points to your partner or future partner

H: Lets ask Jackson next

H: A few years from now, how would you prioritize?

Which one is the primary criterion?

J: Its definitely No.1 (excellent culinary skills)

H: Excellent cooking!

What a foodie

J: For now, I get hungry all the time

H Hes still growing

The two of you have to compete to the end

Ready, set

Three, two, one, hands up

H: Its Jackson. What should we do?

Well then

You didnt even give Ke Ma a chance

Lets do it again.

Three, two, one, hands up

All right. Teacher Zhenyu Qiao, your choice is

He got it right

H: What a shame! Jackson Yi will be punished

Do you know what the punishment is?

Im actually nervous about showing everyone the punishment, which is

Dance to Manual of Youth with Jackson

Sorry that we couldnt find you a dance partner

All right, well do it together

Are you sure?

Yeah. In fact, we can form a newTFBOYS

Come on

All: Follow me left hand and the right

In slow motion

Right hand, left hand, slow motion replay

The song makes you happy

Have you fallen in love with me

H: Next

Please each introduce the drama to our audience

J: On one hand its a historical drama

On the other hand, its the type of drama the younger generation enjoys

H: How old were you when you made your debut?

J: About two years ago

LY: Hes fifteen this year

Two years agoSo when he was only thirteen


H: Then how old is a tenth-grader

J: Fifteen

H: You had just celebrated your fifteenth birthday

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