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Today is 25th April. It's 1:30 in the afternoon

I started my keto fast this morning

And I am not yet in ketosis it shows negative

I peed on that just 10 minutes before okay, so

This video is about my journey

how to get back into ketosis

What are some hacks and how long it takes so I even do not know how it's gonna go so let's see

Welcome to Palak notes. I'm a nutrition and supplement expert, and I have decided to go back into ketosis

Why did I decided that because?

My I have a little bulge in the lower tummy

And I been eating right I've been doing the right kind of exercises

I'm taking my supplement still I'm not losing that the only way to get off

Yep to get rid of any stubborn fat is ketosis

I had heavy thighs so when I was ketosis last year this heavy

thighs it never came back, so it's a permanent weight loss diet ok these two weeks. I was eating completely

Fine I was doing in I was doing intermittent fasting every day ok I was eating meat

salad and

My vegtables I have also bought here with me, so I was eating the salad I prepared last night

And I decided this morning that I'm gonna do keto so I used so

basically how a healthy salad looked like it has sauerkraut in it the probiotic I

Always have raw from the cabbage family. It's it's miraculous. I always have

Mushrooms and onions ok I always have this radish sprouts

These radish sprouts they you know these green thing you see

Yeah, these radish sprouts. They are come very very healthy for

Detoxification that's how I make my salad and before eating salad I always add some more and it's like

avocados olive oil and stuff like that and

I take one bowl of salad in my meal, and I take my


And my shrimps, this is the source of proteins left over from last night. I did not

cook and eat anything

This was my meal. There's supposed to be my meal in my feeding window of instrument fasting sixteen eight, but today

I'm not eating anything, okay, so since morning

I have taken half a liter of glass water with sea salt and

A little bit of lemon, okay?

I'm not having any cravings. It could be possible that I'm already a burning fat

But my keto strips are not showing that and I have decided that until and unless these keto strips

They are cheap, and they work so good for me in the past one and a half year, so it was so much fun

I used to be like every third day and see. Oh, I'm in burning fat

Not fat, and they showed me the exact results not eat food until unless I turned this guy

Dark pink that is I promised myself, but really I am in home

I do not have a lot to do today, and I'm not even thinking and craving food. I had one black coffee since morning and

the water as I mentioned and I'm gonna have one more because

Hydration is very important in your keto fast, so if you're feeling very hungry. You can have a little bit of fat

maybe bulletproof coffee you can have

I'm not feeling hungry, so I'm not it so what happened is that when you're fasting

Are you not you're taking low carb diets so your body your carbohydrates. They hold the water, okay, so

When you're not eating car, lot so when you will do and you lose minerals. You lose potassium. You lose magnesium

What are the symptoms you're low on potassium are magnesium your heart is like bum bum bum bum bum?

It's really annoying I had that in the past is


6:30 and I

Have not yet, eaten anything my energy levels are perfectly fine

I'm wearing this jacket because I went for a short walk because I had this wave of hunger little bit

And I know that

Hungry is just a wave you get you know you it's not that you constant feel hungry, so whenever you feel hungry

Just indulge in something. They're worth your mind, so I went for a walk with my little girl and

After coming from walk. I thought maybe I have depleted my glycogen levels

But still not I went to the washroom, and these are the results I'm still negative up, so

It really depends how fast I'm gonna deplete my glycogen levels, so I'm gonna test my ketones once again

tomorrow morning

And if I'm still not in ketosis I might go to gym and do some workout so that I deplete my levels

But my energy levels are perfectly fine. I can do another

First sleep wave so if you'd miss that timeframe your stress levels

increases okay

Generally, I do not go between 10:30 11:00

Before that, but I know that starving or fasting is a stress for the body

So I did not want to give extra stress to my body so I went exactly between 10:30 and 11:00

I had a very nice sleep. I slept. I deliberately slept like eight hours

Because I wanted to give the rest to my stress body

I got up and what I did first thing in the morning is that I went to the washroom to test if

I am still in ketosis or not I

Don't know let me show you something painting

I know there is something called

Metabolic flexibility it means my metabolism is so flexible now

I give I give ketones as a few it accept ketones of a few it took me really

Just one day of hard effort now I can always go back to India to my mom enjoy your own milk

Get out of ketosis two months. I was out of ketosis and

My my the only thing is that why I went so fast back into ketosis is


my I always

Follow low carb high fat diet also in India

It was medium carb

So I never go very very high on carbs and that is the reason maybe my body did

Very less time to get back into ketosis. It was really like nothing and

today I

Have ordered some

bones of animals I'm gonna make a

Broth for me because I know I have lost a lot of minerals

last night, sorry last day

I was it was okay till 3 o'clock and after 3 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday

I started peeing a lot so I know that I could be dehydrated in the morning so

And today I'm gonna make a bone broth to get all the minerals back into my body

Which I lost yesterday because if I won't do that then my muscles will cramp my heart palpitations

What is this

Dancy Dancy

Who's that who's that baby

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