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Welcome back to Go Natural English the place for you to become fluent and confident in your English speaking

my name is Gabby and I am so excited to share with you today how to

cultivate a growth mindset

for English fluency if you have been struggling and

Frustrated for some time now because it just doesn't seem like you will ever become fluent in English

Well, I have a question for you. Have you

cultivated a growth mindset

have you prepared your

mind or your mindset for

Successful learning this is super important actually more important than any

specific English lesson on grammar or vocabulary or pronunciation

Before we learn any of those important details, we need to set the stage

We need to give ourselves a solid foundation

Which is a growth mindset. So first, let me give you a little background about what is a growth

mindset and then I'll explain how

You can cultivate it

This is really important because it's all about the way that you think the way that you react to your situation

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opposite of a growth mindset is a

Fixed mindset and just like the name it means that you believe that your brain is

Fixed in place and it will not change

people with a fixed mindset

Believe that you simply are who you are and you're not going to change

You're not going to get better through effort

You're simply born with a certain amount of talent and it's not gonna change

So why bother so if you've ever caught yourself

thinking these thoughts you

Might have a fixed mindset. I'm no good at English. I'll never be good at English

why are other people so lucky those people who can speak English fluently and

Especially I cannot let anyone

See me make a mistake because they're going to think that I'm not smart

Okay, let's turn this around and learn about a growth

mindset first and foremost a growth mindset is

Positive you may have noticed that a fixed mindset

Has a lot of negativity a lot of I'm not smart or I'll never speak English

My English is not good, but with a growth mindset, we do focus on the positive

so this is important because

we believe with a growth mindset that you can change that your brain is capable of

Improvements and change throughout your lifetime and that yes your effort

Does equate success your effort is key. It is paramount to your success

And so it is through your effort that you will reach success and not just through your god-given

Inherited innate

inherent qualities that you were born with and honestly, I prefer a growth mindset because it gives us hope

Now I know there's going to be some realists out there in the comments saying well

Not everyone can be good at everything and that's true


It is realistic to say that if you put effort into something

You will probably improve a growth mindset is not only thinking

Positive or only thinking happy thoughts

it is the deep belief that we are all capable of improvement through effort and

this idea this theory of the fixed versus growth mindset was popularized by

Stanford University

researcher Carol Dweck in her book

Mindset. Now let me share a several ways that you can easily quickly and

Freely cultivate your growth mindset for a better base for learning English today

first of all, you must acknowledge

or see

Your mistakes do not run away from them. Do not avoid them. They are here to help

You see your mistakes and understand how to learn from them

we need to learn from the mistakes of others be observant of your

Classmates your friends your colleagues who are also learning English and learn from their mistakes too. This is where you can really

Improve quickly when you're not only learned from your own mistakes

But from the mistakes of others and why not help your friends by making some mistakes of your own that they can learn from too

the important thing here is to


Look at how to improve the mistakes you make and I do recommend that you work with a teacher or a tutor

or someone who's more advanced than you in English so that they can help you spot your mistakes because sometimes when you're learning

You don't know

What you don't know you don't know when you're making a mistake. So reach out and get some help learn to give and receive


Criticism I know that it can be uncomfortable to hear when you made a mistake. But if you accept your mistakes as

Gifts to help you learn then you'll look forward to constructive criticism

When your teacher tells you, hey, you made a mistake. So understand that we are all

Improving every single last one of us. In fact, it means that you are on this beautiful journey of improvement

which is much better than someone with a fixed mindset who is

Stagnating at the same level forever

Next I have a problem with the word problem

I highly recommend that we banish the word problem from our vocabulary and replace it with the word

Challenge in most cases it still makes sense

but if we think of problems as challenges and

challenges as fun ways to improve also known as

Opportunities then we can really change the way that we think about

Difficult situations. So instead of saying oh, I have a problem with English grammar, especially those pesky

Perfect tenses think mmm

Those perfect tenses are a challenge, but I have an opportunity to improve by overcoming that obstacle

next understand yourself know thyself and your preferred learning

modality or style if you're someone who likes to talk things through like I do then maybe learning by

listening and speaking or having a conversation partner would be especially helpful for

You if you're someone who loves to take notes and write everything down make sure that you always have your notebook

Handy know yourself and lean into the way that you like to learn

Not everyone learns in the same way and that's okay

traditionally we have been taught to seek the approval of our teachers and our families and

authority figures

But if you want a growth mindset, do not simply seek approval


Experiences that you can learn from so do not seek your teacher saying good job

seek that experience that you can learn from

The actual improvement that you experience through your learning process. When you seek approval

You are often afraid to make mistakes

because you don't want to have the

Disapproval of your teacher that might come from making mistakes. Remember your brain has the capacity to improve

Over your lifetime it can change especially if you develop the right mindset and good

learning habits that said many English learners are impatient to get to that finish line that

Fluency finish line as if it was a sprint and you want to run as fast as you can to get to the end

But I'm sorry to say that

Fluency in any language is a skill that needs to be trained over time

It's more like a marathon, but even then it's not really something with a finish line. And so

learning English becoming fluent is a

Process it is a journey. It is honestly a

lifetime endeavor, and yes, of course

you can reach a finish line of sorts when you are content with your level and confident in your

Communication but let's not focus on are we there yet. Are we there yet? How about now?

Are we there? How long is this going to take? Let's focus instead on the actual learning process and

Enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey, really

Feel that wonderful feeling of learning and take a moment to appreciate that

Related to that, you can reward yourself for the effort that you put in to studying and not

Simply your results. So instead of

Rewarding yourself if your teacher says good job

Or if you get a good grade on a test, you could instead or additionally reward yourself for

10 hours of study time at the end of the week if you are satisfied with your study habits

reward yourself reward yourself for the process for the

effort that you are putting in to reaching your goals because honestly,

Sometimes you can't control the results if you take a test

Sometimes you can't control the way your teacher grades. Am I right?

Sometimes teachers are not in a good mood and you get lower marks for that

It's not your fault if you are working and using English on the job

You can't always control how your presentation or meeting goes

But you can control the effort that you put into improving your English fluency

Remember that it takes time to learn give yourself time and be patient. Don't rush yourself

let yourself explore the language and be curious and

Learn different things as you have questions or curiosity about different topics in English

We all know what happens when we try to learn quickly or to cram for a test. A week later

You don't remember

anything and this is why many English learners struggle to

Speak because you cram so quickly to pass a test

But you haven't internalized

the English language and you may not have had to study the right things anyway for that test, so it is better to

learn deeply and learn well than to learn quickly. Create a sense of

Purpose when you feel a little bit down or frustrated or tired

It is your purpose that will motivate you. So make sure you know your purpose. Why are you learning English?

What is your reason is it because you want to use English in your career?

Or maybe when you travel or maybe you know someone who speaks English and you want to be closer to that person

There are a million different reasons why you might be learning English. And in fact, I would love to know your reasons

Would you tell me in the comments what your reason is for learning English?

I would love to know every day or at least every week make sure to

reflect on your learning and I don't mean review like review your flashcards or look at your notes again, I mean

Actually spend some time thinking about your study habits and the effort that you put in reflect and ask

Yourself how was my effort this week or today? How did I do as a learner? Am I satisfied

with myself

This is far different from simply reviewing a list of vocabulary words, which is also a good idea

but when you reflect on your learning process

You will definitely learn how to improve your process

and therefore your results will come faster think of English fluency as a game or a

Sport it's just like playing a sport

in fact

You have to train in order to keep your skills up and develop new ones if you wanted to be

fluent immediately in English as many of my students do that's kind of like just picking up a new

sport and then the following week going to the Olympics to compete

You're probably going to get hurt its importance with sports

training and English to really put the time in to understand the sport to

Stretch a little bit and to train and build up your skills and make sure that you train by

Actually playing the sport or actually speaking English from day one

This is very important because imagine you wanted to play tennis in the Olympics

But you only read about tennis perhaps you

pulled up Wikipedia and read the rules of the game, but you never actually

Played on a court that's kind of what most English learners have to do in an English classroom

You just read the grammar rules, but you don't get a chance to speak

I'm telling you it is so important to train by speaking from day one

but give yourself time be patient and approach English as

Training as a game as a sport that you are going to build your endurance for so that you can be a superstar

athlete or a fluent confident English speaker. Cultivate

resilience because there will be times when you feel

Frustrated or embarrassed about mistakes that you make it is tiring to speak in a second language

especially when you're at the intermediate level, I know I

Know but be resilient if you fall down seven times get up eight

If you fall down if you make a mistake you get back up again

Because that is what winners do that is what successful

English learners do and that is what you are capable of doing now

The most important is to never stop learning keep learning new things each day

and remember that life is better when you're learning when you reach your old goals make new ones and

Continue with the process of English fluency. It's a beautiful experience

If you have a growth mindset

so remember to treat your brain as something that can improve and grow

Figuratively speaking

Give your brain some sunshine

positive thoughts and a bit of water the right studying materials and some effort and before you know it you'll have a

beautiful English fluency

I hope that you enjoy this if you did make sure that you hit subscribe

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Thanks so much for watching. Bye for now

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