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You know that feeling when you wanna finish a costume in time for Halloween and it...

hehe... 'cause we technically started this like a year ago.


We started this like a year ago last December?

So step one is we're gonna use cling wrap and duct tape to make a pattern on my arm.


You're really excited about this part aren't you?

It's gonna be kinda funny.

I'm already sweaty.


Like a little sausage.

I feel like lunch meat!

And now duct tape?

The duct tape is to give us something that we can actually draw on that will hold it's

shape a little bit.

You know when you see cats or dogs and they're in tiny tiny casts?

That's what I feel like.

Is that, is that far up?

So next we're gonna be using some reference images to draw where all of our cuts need

to be and also where the split down the middle.

I can't actually can you point at it?

It's gonna go down, over, and then down again towards the elbow.

We're also gonna mark a center line down the front just so when we take it off we know

what's the actual center we're not trying to eyeball it later.

Can you can you make a cross with your hands?

...I can't turn my hand!

There's the center line, that looks right.

Haha- it's so- shhh I tried my best!

My duct tape prison!


Look at that little pattern.

1/4" EVA foam.

Alright now that Katelyn has done the hard part, I just need to not mess up while I cut

along these lines.

Should we be using a uh..

Exacto knife?


Now time to make one more.

Yes... forgot that I need two.

Boom we have two!

Now we are going to try to cut the little grooves which we will then heat blast so that

they open up, but we've never done this before and we don't want to mess up all of our work.

I've zoomed in really close.

It's focused on your face and not on the blade at all ok there- should I put it closer to

my face?


The trick here- all of our tricks we've learned from the Foamsmithing book- is to only put

the blade out just the very tip of it so that you don't cut all the way through the foam

and you have a controlled depth.

On our knife there's the halfway through the foam cut and then the like you probably can't

even see it just the tip of the knife cut so I'm gonna try both of those on some scrap,

hit em with the heat and see how they look.

Oh yeah I see it, it's happening.


Both of them worked.

They both, yeah, they kinda look the same.

I don't want it to break when we bend it so I might go with the shallower one.

Now for the exciting part!

We need like a tube.

Thank you!


Oh my gosh that fits perfect.


Alright so what are we doing now?

So we have a reference image and we're gonna do the cuts and scratches.


That looks so cool.

So what we're doing is we're adding a taper to the ends of this so it's not such a sharp


Alright you can see the before and after here.

So we finished un-squaring our edges- un-squaring?


Haha un-squar- I just- haha!


It's a good term it's a good term hahaha.

So now we're almost ready to paint but first we have to coat it with primer so that the

paint doesn't just soak into the foam.

We're using crystal gel... crystal gel.

So this next step is completely optional but we waited six months for everything to dry

before we moved onto the painting.

Yeah it's like a recommended, like, overnight to 6 months for dry time.


So we're gonna get to painting again which is super exciting that's like one of the most

satisfying parts.

Dry brush it on a little bit so it's not too heavy and we still show some of the black

in the cracks like this.

This paint is not cheap.

It's like 9 dollars.


Let me know if you wanna borrow the headband.

I forgot you were still wearing it- I dunno it looks really cute on you.

It's giving me super powers.

*Evan brushes furiously* We're gonna get Wonder Woman herself to sponsor us.

The character, not the actress.

I'll reach out to Batman he has her contact information.

And you and Batman are cool.

Evan, you have to keep this a secret.

Will you pinky promise me?

To never tell anyone especially Katelyn?


Pinky promise.

Pinky promise!

You can't break that bond!

Well Wonder Woman didn't sponsor us.

And Batman is no longer returning my calls 'cause I told Katelyn about, about our special



Haha so we are sponsoring our own video!

Thanks to you guys!

Thank you so much for all your support on Patreon, and our merch, oh and and everyone

who's been joining us over at Twitch, Twitch dot TV slash Evan and Katelyn.

Oh shoot I didn't mean to do that.

Good job work scientist.

I came in like a wrecking ballllll- hahaha!

All of y'all's support on all of those different platforms is so exciting and so meaningful

to us so thank you.

Yeah it really helps us out a lot and lets us do videos even when Wonder Woman won't

sponsor us so thank you guys!


So next, 'tis very simple.

We paint zee gold where it's supposed to be gold.


You're not supposed to do gold there!

I'm joking hahaha.

You're not actually supposed to do gold there.

*gasp* Sorry to- I shouldn't have used that joke I did it too soon! *sad music* Alrighty

time to let this dry and then we will do our weathering coat.

We're just using black acrylic paint and a few other colors and we're watering it down

a lot.



Yeah there you go.

You kinda leave it in the cracks and crevices.

You do it again and again until it's right.

Yeah we should probably timelapse this.

The orange definitely like- be careful with it.

It's kind of intense.

Yeah that's why I kind of mixed it with the black.

I did...too, I thought.

Haha no you didn't!

I did!

You have no proof.

Mine is significantly dirtier looking that yours.

I still got some dirts on mine.

Ok I think it's time to add some highlights 'cause it's looking real dingy.

I think that would help it pop a little bit more.

But it's looking pretty good!

Especially if you're kinda like far away.



I'm nervous.


Oh hello, handsome camera man.


Oh yeah we're doing uh- they turned out like a little bit differently.

That's pretty awesome looking though.

Yeah they look pretty good.

They do look like metal.

I think it's honestly even ok if they're a little different.

Maybe that like makes it more realistic.

I just don't wanna keep painting them.

Well I guess it's time to uh put a ceiling coat on these?

Ok so this is fully dried and now we're just gonna clear coat it with the same thing, the

crystal gel, that we used to prime it.

And that's to protect these so that this beautiful paint job doesn't just like- Well like we

want it to look like it's scratched up but we don't want it to actually get scratched


I dip in the glue, and I spread it on too.

Looks SO wrong at first right?

Before it's dried you're like "what am I doing??"

Alright so I think that's about as far as we can get in one day.

We've made a ton of progress.

Let's hope it doesn't take us another 6 months to do the next step.

This has been like a big thing in our heads and it really only took like- couple hours-

Keep chipping away at it- yeah- and you'll end up with a beautiful costume at the end.

Alright see you tomorrow.

Bye! *dramatic slam* *sad music* Let's hope it doesn't take us another 6 months.

Let's hope it doesn't take us... another 6 months...

And exactly one month later we're back at it!

I swear we don't need to let things dry this long.

Now we're at the point where painting is done and we just need to find a way to attach it

onto my arms.

Which I guess like, if I wanted to just like be done with this which, ehh you know, I could

just call it done but I don't want these popping off so we're gonna add some elastic straps

and the leather wrap that she actually has underneath these.

This needs to be like at least a square overlap.

What an official way to sew.

Can't you tell I know what I'm doing?


Every time you do that I get nervous.

Just wrap around your hand and- Yeah I mean once I get the bracer on it should be held

in place yeah.

Awkward gettin' it started.

I'm just saying you're gonna run out real soon.


I need like bigger strips.

Ok I have an either good or bad idea.

This is good!

Look at my fingers!

It looks like.


I look like a sloth.

Maybe we just don't do the leather that's not really part of the bracers anyway.


Final montage!!!

Quick attack!

Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew!


I'm alive...

Mochi I'm alive!!

And the heroine is reunited with the Joob- with her mighty steed.

Do you like these?

Are you indifferent?

Jooby Jooby Jooby!

Oh that's actually yeah that's pretty impressive *growls* Ladies.


It does look fabulous.

The way it puffs out your hair on the sides right above it is like- Perfect?

Mmmm it''s like on point.

On point?

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