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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cheeseburger One Pot Pasta Bake

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(whistling upbeat music)

(dog barking)

- Hey everyone, it's Barry here.

Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen.

I hope you, you, are well.

Today, we are making a one pot pasta dish.

People generally tend to love this on the channel.

I did one recently and it did really, really well,

so that helps me, and also helps you

get in the kitchen, baby,

'cause that's what we're all about.

Today, we're doing a one pot,

slash one pan,

cheeseburger pasta.

And when I say cheeseburger, I'm kinda thinkin'

doing through the whole McDonalds vibe,

with gherkins in it.

I'm not gonna do that.

I was mulling it over...


For me, it's too late.

I grew up having the odd McDonald's burger,

and gherkins, I didn't know what it was at first,

and now like, oh yeah, I must have a gherkin in my burger.

Mrs. Barry and the kids are gonna have this later,

I don't really wanna push my kids

to have the gherkin experience just yet.

I want them to grow up and

decide for themselves if they want that.

But other than that, this recipe is super simple.

You're gonna stick into one dish and cook it up.

Dogs are kinda like, in tandem,

under the chair right there.

This is the first time that we're gonna use this oven.

I didn't know how to do it and

I asked you guys and apparently,

all we had to do was set the clock,

and I think we've done that wrong because,

at the moment, it's a quarter past two in the morning.

But it does work.

Mrs. Barry and I tried that earlier,

so we're gonna be good.

Oh, and in house renovation update news,

we put some shelves up.

There's loads more of that on the vlog

that was up on Monday.

Kind of letting these guys sit

where they want at the moment, they're just hovering around,

but once the new kitchen's in,

we'll put them in shot with me like

they used to be all the time.

They'll have their own little bed down there,

have their own little area, they'll be really happy.

'Bout as happy as Homer.

Onion, that's just been peeled.

(delightfully cheers)

How to chop an onion.

If you want it to be neater,

you can do this in a large mixing bowl or something first,

but this is our baking dish that we're using entirely.

We're gonna add in our water.

It's like a temporary fish tank.

And four, oh my gosh, look at that, that's crazy.

That looks really cool.

Four hundred mils of passata,

or any other pizza or tomato sauce.

Don't get concentrated tomato puree,

otherwise, you'll be like (struggling whimpers).

That's exactly the noise you'll make.

It can be a bit overpowering.

Some pepper.

Some salt.

This is mustard powder, like two teaspoons of that.


two and a bit.

This is smoked garlic granules,

just garlic granules or powder is fine,

half a teaspoon of that.

Couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce.

Actually, a lot of people say to me,

Barry, what is the Worcestershire sauce in other countries?

I think it's called steak sauce,

I think that's the closest thing to it.

A lot of people are saying oyster, anchovy, or soy sauce,

or even fish sauce.

Yeah, that'll do.

You only use a little bit, anyway, it's all right.

Let's get this very appetising looking mixture right now

(chuckles) a stir together.

Really blend that tomato sauce into the water,

dissolve up the mustard powder,

that's probably what you're looking to do here.

Alright, that looks much better.

Next, we're gonna add in our pasta.

You can use any pasta you want.

If you've got one of them random tubs in your house,

everyone's got it, right?

It's full of bizarre shaped pasta leftovers.

Use that.

But since my Italy trip,

I've raved about this a couple of times.

This is the pasta I'm using today.

It's made by a company called Rummo, or Rimmo.

I'm really hoping to do a sponsor video with them,

just to go back to Italy again and see how this is made.

It is so good!


Oh yeah, stir that through.

In goes the onion.

Now this,

is 500 grammes of beef mince.

What we wanna do, it looks like a brain

sat on there right now, we're gonna break this down.

You could actually make it easier by

chopping it beforehand but we're gonna

break it down with our spatula, and force it around.

That'll do.

I was slightly addicted by doing that.

I was pushing it around, lifting the pasta up,

so it's nice and randomised.

Slightly awkward moment for me,

you need to wrap it in tinfoil to seal it in,

so it's gonna cook through and steam through,

we don't have any foil here in the house.

I thought we had loads, turns out we have none.

This is the closest thing I could find,

it's foil lined with baking parchment.

It doesn't wrap very well.

Kinda like me with my Christmas presents.

And birthday presents.

And any other gift that you might receive from me,

it won't be wrapped very well.

Anyhow, just cover it, you'll be fine.

I'm pre-heating my oven, and it's 2:40 in the morning.

I've done it.

Whoops. Ow.

It went the wrong way.

Alright, there we go.

Supposed to have been cleaned,

oh, these are actually speckled, is that art?

Is that meant to be like that?


Perhaps that's not fitting.

I'm sure someone's had an oven explosion in here.


We need to preheat this.

My old oven used to beep when it was preheated.

I miss my old oven.

Right, you let me know when that oven's warm, alright, boy?



I've just realised it's meant to be like that.

Look, can you see that?

It's like someone's flicked paint inside the oven.


Alright, we'll see that in 25 minutes.

Alright, our time is up in the oven,

let's get it out and uncover it.


Oh yeah.

That smells amazing.

What we're gonna do is take our spatula

and give it a gentle move around, push it (moans),

I just want to eat it right now.

Make sure you get on the sides, as well.

In my hand right here is some bacon

that I've cooked and chopped into little slices,

real rough shards of crispy bacon

that the dogs right now would love.

That, that looks goods.

You could always put this inside it, as well.

And now we're gonna place down some cheese.

This is a mix of red leicester and cheddar cheese.

You don't have to go quite as crazy as this.

There we go.

I'm obsessed with tiling walls at the moment

so this is the inspiration behind that look.

We're now gonna put this back in the oven

for around about eight to ten minutes

to melt through and warm through it again,

and it should be done.


That's it.


It smells absolutely gorgeous.

I think the cheese has melted, let's get it out.

Oh my gosh.

(vocalised punching)


I totally had the wrong oven gloves on for that.


As you can tell, I'm kind of excited.

Deary me, folks, I cannot explain this smell.

Just a little bit of parsley on top,

just a little bit of a contrast there.


Oh my gosh, I'm so excited.

How easy was that?

Seriously, you've gotta try this.

I'm giving it an optional seasoning,

just while that cheese is still hot.

It should just grip the pepper to it.

Yeah, baby.

Alright, I can only find a Nutella bowl at the moment.

I think this might have cooled down a little bit but.

Oh my gosh.

Come on.

Oh no, okay okay.

I've never been that good at serving up.

I'm gonna stop raving about the smell

and tidy up my work top but, honestly, it's stonking.

The great thing is this is gonna be my lunch.

Oh my gosh.

Oh, the stringy cheese.

My word.

That is so good.

And, of course, just like a burger,

as a said at the start of the video,

you could wrap gherkins in there if you want.


You can make it more veggie by putting aubergines in it,

and peppers, and stuff like that.

And, of course, the cool thing is,

no pun intended, I can put this in the fridge

once it's gone to room temperature,

or the freezer to store for another day,

so Mrs. Barry and the kids can have that later,

which will put me in Mrs. Barry's good books.

Happy wife, happy life.

There we go, I hope you enjoyed the video.

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and the random drilling I can hear outside the house.

Maybe you can't hear that.

Goodbye, if you try this, send me a picture.

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