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You, Lets get you some iconic words . This time we're learning English with Kris Wu

You can learn a lot of things from talk shows

but most importantly is to pick up some go-to phrases and that would really benefit the way you speak in real life

They're popular

You can hear them everywhere Korea back in the days doing other stuff back in the days when I first started

Back in the days in China, they didn't have ism and they could be used in many situations

It's dope probably even the type of vibe you could bring to them just a vibe for sure. dreamy party type of vibe

So this way you would get enough natural repetition and quickly get used to the conversational style


你可以从一些最常见的情景短语开始Probly they're not from books, but just in real life


一起看吴亦凡的英文采访找出他经常用的的一些, 习惯口语 and those are great materials



So lies life says here. I was wondering what kind of phrases to American teens using the real life

Well, we do have something to say about this question

And before we get there 我们先来看一组最常见的口语话题,就是谈自己的经历

Like I started to hip hop music when I was like 12 years old. Yeah

Yeah, and I grew up playing basketball - back in the days when I first started obviously

I moved to the Vancouver when I was 10 years old

So I was there for eight years and thousand Korea back in the days do another show started like like about 20 years ago

I guess right people started doing hip hop music super underground back nowadays in China. They didn't have this event

This is a very new event. It's almost like it. Just I think it just started. I believe three four years ago

Okay, as you have noticed back in the days and started 这两个是他最常用的, 在不同采访片段中


back in the days意思就是那时候,那些日子

口语里还有很多以back in开头的短语


比如 back in the day back in high school when you go back to those days you think about the past

And then started doing something



when I started this company or when I started this or that you can use these expressions for your own stories



or我开始在这上班的时候, when I started working here

when I started working here. I realized this place wasn't something I would enjoy

开始做一件事,一般说 start doing or to do something

doing会比to do显得正式一点,也 直接加一个名词,比如 start college


讲经历就用过去式 when I started college


所以不会有时间考虑语法 像吴亦凡说到自己12岁开始听嘻哈音乐, 他说

I started to listen to hip-hop music when I was like 12 years old

back in the days when, 和started when 都是习惯性的组合,

我们来看一组美剧片段,在各种情景下 你可以怎么用started when讲述经历呢

We started dating back in high school

When Joe and I started

Exactly the same thing when lily and I started hanging out again

Neither. Well, we just started hanging out again. I don't

when I started writing as Jonathan noble I and eventually when I started studying Egyptology started making money when I was

16. Alright, so I first started playing baseball when I was 8 years old. I started modeling when I was 14 years old

It's all I started modeling when I was 15

Berea, I started my first job when I was 13, and I started my first job

Delivering newspapers when I was 13 years old. I

Started this company when I was a boy with a dream of making the world a better place

Alright looks like this started everything earlier than me, and I can't just say that I started to speak English when I was a dog

Well, you can basically talk about everything in your past with these words

Another situation is when Kris Wu was talking about how hip-hop music and double 11 got started in China

在谈到中国的嘻哈音乐和双11的时候,他也用到了这些组合you know just here to look back in the days

They didn't have this event and I think it just started like three or four years ago


Back nowadays in China, they didn't have this event. Hmm. This is a very new event

It's almost like just I think it just started. I believe three four years ago

Okay, 有一些基本的Key words,关键词,就能边想边说,根据需要融入口语化的词进去,比如

it started , I believe,

Three or four years ago. It started like about 20 years ago, I guess




Like most people when you tell others about yourself or your career

You would say something like how you grew up and how you fell in love with those things

So, let's see how Chris will uses these keywords the shape of it though. It looks like a basketball

Because I grew up playing basketball and that's happened

I got into this whole hip-hop culture and I think it's kind of where I started so started when I was young, you know

It's listened to a lot of hip-hop music while playing basketball and stuff like that. I got really into it

What do you remember about this meal growing up Oh growing up

This is my mom's favorite

And she made me drink this every day almost like I started this to hip hop music when I was like 12 years old


Yeah, and I grew up playing basketball - so like it's got super like I I'm just super deep into that hip hop culture

在成长的过程,你会逐渐培养一些个人爱好 ,除了start以外 grow up

get into 也是两个很实用的短语, grow up 长大

它后面可以跟上doing sth, 就是从小到大经常做一件事,I grew up playing basketball

就像说,我是打篮球长大的., 那比如见到偶像的时候,你可以说我是听你的歌长大的

I grew up listening to your music I grew up watching your shows

Hi grandma

get into可以用的情况更多

you can get into a school , a profession , a group of people or just something you love

因为它本来的意思是进入,而into也有喜欢的意思, So if you get into something in particular


That's how can have I got into this whole hip-hop culture so I got really into it

2句话就是说我就是这样融入嘻哈文化的, 我真的很喜欢它.

所以我们平时在说故事和经历时, 可以用它来说学校


She got into Harvard

I got into the retail business我进入了零售行业and he got into science 他喜欢上了科学

School I got into photography. I got into home security because I was assaulted at fifteen

Straight A's all honors. She got into Harvard

这些都是美剧里常见的台词 if you're into something that means you kind of like that

But what if I don't like it, so you put ice chip under the machine

Okay - oh, I'm not a big fan of it. I'm not a big fan of it

and usually I'm not a big fan of Musical movies, you know, but this one definitely

was some different like I wasn't

But I mean, you can't really say no to this

Well, I'm not a fanboy but I kind of like the way he speaks English

So I'm here for it如果那些特定情景的表达会限制你的 思路,



比如dope and vibe- like it's dope

Probably even the type of vibe you could bring to that party

Dope triggered sidonians. Janitrol, Georgia haiku and Lee had a

比如听到一首很好听的歌,会说That's dope. Oh, that's dope




What do you love about LA? 你最喜欢洛杉矶那里呢?

-For me , it's like , just a vibe, for sure.嗯,就是一种气氛吧。

你有没有平时经常会说的短语呢?可以留言告诉给大家。 Nate会把它们做成剪辑分享在Instagram上面

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