Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Zrobili to na Mont Blanc!

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I would like to show you today a short movie

a movie which tells the story of two loving people who have a great passion for the mountains

and during one of our joint mountain trips

I had the opportunity to witness a certain event that changed their lives

anyway see yourself...

we know each other from the childhood, we lived on one square ...

but we started to be together when I was 20 and you 27

he never told me where we were going, just told me to take some comfortable shoes and he always took me to the mountains

this is our Jane - she have been with us almost everywhere

11 years with us in the mountains

but she is similar to me in profile - see this nose

I always have the same pony

but you don't have teeth like her

but I laugh similarly

it was such a icing on the cake, this Mont Blanc and these proposal - I will remember it for a long time

I see him on his knees - I think he is fainted or what?

I look and he has a ring there

and Grzegorz had to told you to answer

you took me for hypoxia (little oxygen)

first tire your opponent, weaken him, then propose

and almost a year...

june 20 engagement on Mont Blanc and 17th wedding

Tomasz and Marzena - do you want to get married?

we do!

we did it!

and how did you like the story of Marzenka and Tomek - cool isn't it?

everyone who is alone walking in the mountains and looking for the other half on the trail

with all my heart I wish you to find this person, that you can spend those beautiful moments in the mountains together

leave please a comment with your love histories related to the mountains

if you liked this movie - please leave your thumbs up, and I invite new viewers to subscribe

see you soon!

The Description of Zrobili to na Mont Blanc!