Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Say Hello to Workday: HR, Payroll and Benefits Employees

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If you work in HR, Payroll or Benefits at a Texas A&M University System member,

you currently use over 15 applications

In the future, over half of these will be replaced by Workday,

and much of what you need will be in one central place

a place where more of what we do will be automated

like using Workday instead of EPAs

which will eliminate paperwork

and help you avoid the repetitive steps that occur during onboarding today

you will be able to initiate a process

and easily view its progess

robust reporting capabilities will allow you to visualize and interact with data

in real time

with employee self service,

employees involved in HR, payroll and benefits processes can do more on their own

including the ability to

update and maintain contact information,

review and enroll in retirement plans

and easily enroll in benefits

all in one central place

it's time to say goodbye to our dependence on paper

it's time to say hello to efficiency, the 21st century, a brighter Workday

Workday - Go live December 2017

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