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- This past season, on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"...

- Pop this?

- Pop it!

- Will you marry me?

- Who's thirsty now?

- When you get married,

you can't be livin' in different cities.

You can't do that.

- I do.

- To allow somebody to carry my child,

it's a interesting experience.

- Welcome to OLG.

- We can't overextend ourselves.

- You hater.

- Don't try to talk to me like you just, like,

oh, you way more successful than me.

Pace yourself.

- I am officially a homeowner at 35 years old.


- I feel like it's dropped.

- It has.

- Yeah, you're havin' a baby tonight.

- Maverick Leonard Sterling is here.

- I keep thinkin' that I'm gonna wake up,

and it's gonna not be true.

Dennis was unfaithful while I was carrying our child.

He threw our family to the side.

He threw me to my side.

- Two months ago, I almost lost my family

because I was bein' selfish.

So... I want you to put your ring back on.

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

- What are you doing?

- I don't wanna plan no wedding.

- I'm gonna have a wedding.

- When you argue, there's lines you don't cross.

- He must've called you out your name.

- Oh, my gosh.

- I hate it.

- They announced they're getting a divorce.

Oh, my God.

- If he's not willing to work on it,

I'm not left with anything.

- Cynthia talked about me like a dog,

and, unfortunate for her, they recorded everything.

- Oh, Lord.

- You're not gonna stand up and say nothin'?

- The snake is your man.

- No, no, no!

- You shut the (BLEEP) up, bitch!

- You shut the (BLEEP) up!

[collective yelling]

- Hello.

- Oh, it's the cookie lady.

- Oh, wonderful.

- Have a seat.

- Our houses, our families, our spouses are the most

precious thing we have.

- Girl, you have done so many things.

- Shut up, bitch, before I (BLEEP) you up.

- Shut up, NeNe.

You had to grovel and ask to be friends with everybody.

- Bipolar Kenya.

That's why your husband left, bitch,

'cause you're bipolar.

- Every time I see her, I'm gonna read her now.

Fake contacts, blow up booty, wig.

- All you do, is talk sh--.

- Okay, now you're doin' the most.

- I was "Gone with the Wind," but now I'm back,

and twice as fabulous.

- I'm livin' my dream, not above my means.

- This Phoenix has risen, and I'm sayin',

"Bye, ashes."

- The only time that I look back,

is to see how far I've come.

- Don't check for me

unless you got a check for me.

- I'm on a spiritual journey

and still traveling first class.

Party all night long party all night

- I low-key want to put a little ice in here.

- Well, we're not gettin' ready to be country

and sit here with ice in our wine.

- Well, I'm about to put a little cranberry juice

and ice in mine.

What is that, ghetto and country mixed together?

- Okay, well, bring me a little piece, too.

- Oh, I thought you said you didn't want none.

- Well, I'll be ghetto wit' you.

Flame in the game and I just keep goin'

Flame in the game and I just be knowin'

- Oh, my gosh.

Wow! Look.

It looks so incredible.

- Hi, Kenya.

- Hi. - Hi.

- This is, like, givin' me chills.

- Ready? - Yes.

Oh, my God! Hi.


How are you?

Oh, my goodness. So nice.

Looks like I'm stayin' Tryin' to find my way in

- A sleeping Maverick. say, "hi," babe.

Say, "hey."

- Hey.

- Hey.

Mikey. Mikey, say, "hey."

- Hey.

- Hey from the Sterlings.

- Hi.

- Hey.

- How are you?

- Good. Look at you.

Lookin' very California-ish.

I miss you, too.

I'm coming right after Kandi's baby shower.

So, in a couple of days.

- Okay.

- Oh, yeah? How's that going?


Noelle is out in L.A. stayin' with Mike,

and it's great,

but my family is more important than anything to me.

And I wanna be where they are.

I'll be there in a couple days,

and I'm gonna be out there for a couple months.

So-- oh, wait.

Did I tell you the wedding date?

We actually decided our wedding date.

- Okay, you're gonna love it.

I'll just give you a hint.

Perfect vision is what?

Well, obviously, the year is 2020.

But October 10th. So, 10-10-20.

Ten plus ten is twenty.



Oh, excu-- okay.

Yeah, well, I-I have a meeting, as well,

bein' the boss that I am.


All right. Love you, too.


- Hey, mom.

- Hey, sweetheart.

- What's up?

- Oh, you, how you doin'? You look cute.

- Oh, thank you. Thank you.

It's hot out there. Can I have some water?

- Sure. Have a seat.

I made some chicken salad.

- Okay. Where is it?

- It's in here.

- I didn't know if you had put it

in the lunchbox or somethin'.

- Uh, you know, the lunchbox has a story.

It brought back memories.

- The lunchbox?

- Yes.

I didn't realize as a little girl how traumatized I was

until I saw that lunchbox.

- What do you mean?

- I'll tell you about it, but you tell me about

what's goin' on with you first.

Everything goin' good with the baby?

- Yeah.

We're trying to get the stuff prepared

for the baby to get here.

I know we're tryin' to put together the baby shower.

- Mmm.

- How you been feelin'?

- Feelin' good.

- How many weeks are we now?

- Thirty-three weeks.

- Oh, my goodness.

So, are you up to comin' to the baby shower?

- Of course. Baby will be there.

- It's gonna be, like, a big block party celebration,

so make sure you wear some comfortable shoes.

- Okay. Well, I'm limited now.

So, yeah, [indistinct].

- Oh.

Well, there's definitely gonna be a place for you

to sit down and be comfortable, but I'm just sayin'.

- All right. I'm looking forward to it.

- Hell, we just gotta get in the mindset.

We got a baby that's gonna be here, like,

in the next couple weeks.

You know, just gettin' my mind ready for to start over again.

- Well, I know you will.

Now, would you like to hear my traumatic story?

- Sure.

What was the traumatic story about the lunchbox?

- When I was a little girl, I never had a lunchbox.

But so--

- So, how is that traumatic?

- Well, one day, I went to school,

and this girl came up to me, and she said, "Hey."

She said, "Oh, you look so cute.

"Why you don't have a lunchbox?"

I said, "Because my mama give me-- give me money

"to buy my lunch."

And she said, "Oh, can I see your money?"

And I opened my hand, and she said,

"Well, can I hold it?"

I said, "Yeah."

Because I thought it was okay to trust people.

She took my money, and I was cryin'.

And that's when I stopped trusting people.

- Oh, so, that's why you don't never trust nobody,

since first grade?

- Since first grade, I found out that people,

they'll take your money.

- All right.

- You have to watch people.

[sighs] - Oh, Lord.

Clearly, she must be talkin' about Todd.

And my mom was like,

"I'm gonna put Riley as my beneficiary."

Like, as if you won't make sure Riley's good or somethin'.

- Wow.

- I know she felt that way in the beginning,

but OLG is doing great,

and Todd has proven that he can bring financial worth

to the table.

How is the counseling goin'?

- It's going good.

- Me and Todd, we're going to counseling.

- Good.

- Yeah.

I just wanna make sure we just always stay in a good place.

- Yeah.

Well, another thing I think is always good,

instead of just havin' a will,

I think you should put everything in a trust.

Because everything you have that's in a trust,

they can't get you.

So, I think you really should do that and not wait.

- I don't know, mama.

My mother showing distrust of Todd

really doesn't affect the way I feel about him.

I just let her feel the way she feels,

but, at the end of the day, like, it's my husband.

I might need to just take this ol' lunchbox home.

We don't want you to have those bad memories.

- I'm not stressin'.

Thanks to this lunchbox,

I have been fine for over 64 years.

- Okay.

Coming up next...

- Don't touch me, now. Hold on.

- There ain't nobody touching you.

- You-you did.

- They're trying to, like, (BLEEP) my whole sh-- up.

- Security, please.

- Look at Flip. Uh-uh.

No, you don't get to lay on my couch.

- Leave him alone. He can lay on the couch.

- No, he can't.

- Yes, he can.

- So, Gregg...

- Yes.

- What do you think about this, if I wore this?

- Where?

- To the baby shower.

They're calling it "A Star is Born."

- Oh, okay.

- Supposed to be a red carpet and all that kinda stuff.

- That's nice.

- You think?

Or maybe I should get somethin' else.

- Okay. I'm wearing brown.

- Let's see here.

[phone ringing]

- Yes NeNe.

- Wendy, hey.

- What are you doing? Hair, makeup, wardrobe or shopping?


You think you know me.

Listen, I got your text, and I was actually shopping.

And so-- but I saw your text.

Uh, you know what?

I thought it kept saying Kanye.

I was like, Kanye? I was confused.

- I have fat thumbs. I said that there's a story going around

and TMZ captured it.

- So, lots of drama between you and NeNe.

You got a couple people that are jumpin' on her bandwagon.

You got Eva. Like--

- No, Eva's on my bandwagon.

You know, NeNe has very few real friends.


- Do you feel like she's a bully?

- She's absolutely a bully.

- So, NeNe and Gregg are gettin' divorced

probably every odd year.

You have Marlo who's never been married.

What do you say to those women who try to give you advice

about you and your relationship?

- I don't take any kind of advice from NeNe.


Definitely not about wigs.

- I would think that she would be talkin' about

her million dollar hair business.

However, I know that it's not a million dollar hair business,

so it's better to talk about the million dollar NeNe, honey.

She just announced her divorce,

and she should be talkin' about that, or she be--

should be saying something more positive than talkin' about me.

She's a bully her own self.

- I like Kenya, but she's gonna stir the pot all the way up.

- Good for her.

- Here's a saying. When a dog hollers at the moon, that's normal.

- Yeah. - The big story is when the moon hollers back.

NeNe, you're the moon. Don't howl back.

- Okay, so just don't say nothin'.

- Yes. Linnethia, you've grown leaps and bounds.

- Well, I appreciate that.

- You are not going to fall into that rabbit hole with Kenya.

Uh-uh. I'm not.

I'm gonna sit my ass right here,

just like my life coach said,

in my beautiful-ass pajamas,

and be ----ing quiet.

But I'm just saying,

for someone to just step out

and just say all these things,

if that ain't bullying, I don't know what it is.

I don't talk about her on red carpets,

and I could say a lot of things, okay?

Kenya's marriage license has never, ever been found

by no one.

She ain't J. Lo.

She ain't Beyonce,

and they found their marriage license,

but they can't find hers. - Hmm.

- They are not legally married,

so there's nothing to divorce.

How about that, okay? - How about that?

- I heard that it was a handshake and an agreement

that they get together and have a baby,

and she paid for them,

but I'm not anywhere talkin' about that

'cause that's her business.

You won, honey.


I ain't gonna say sh--.

- Wait, wait.

- You don't see me on no red carpet

asking where her eggs were found,

saying it was Marc's sperm

and some eggs that they bought or found

out of the country somewhere.

- Oh gosh, NeNe.

- That's why the baby looks so much like him.

- Please don't shoot that shot.

- I'm not.

I'm happy for her to be a mother.

If she found a egg outside up under a chicken,

I think it's great that she had a baby.


- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Our backdrop should be houses.

- All right.

- All those cars behind the stage gotta go,

definitely. - Absolutely.

- Todd had the vision for the baby shower theme

on a movie set.

- We are here on the back lot of Areu Brothers studio.

You know what the theme of this is?

"A Star is Born."

I'm gonna go big.

- That's what I love about my husband.

He plans the best events.

He knows how to really put it together, okay?

- So, like, you get off the carpet.

You do "A Star is Born."

Ace, Riley, Kaela, Todd, Kandi.

- I don't know how good these are as far as

walking-walking on 'em.

Y'all can shift 'em a little bit,

if y'all need to.

- Okay.

[phone ringing] - Babe, what up?

- Hey, what's up?

- Sh--.

Over here trying to get all this stuff together.

Why is she not comin'?

How did I treat her earlier today?

- Today, my mother and I had went out.

Todd told me he was gonna stop by,

but he never came back to say hello.

He didn't say anything.

- Babe, I was hungry. I was moody.

- Todd is being a butthole, holding grudges,

and so my mother is furious because she felt like

he was being disrespectful.

- I had already told you I wasn't sittin' wit' y'all

'cause I knew I was come--

I didn't--

Yeah, I just didn't feel like bein' bothered.

[Kandi sighs] So...

I got a lot goin' on.

Tell her I didn't mean it and stop it, please.




- So, she's not comin' for real?

- I don't know, man. I tried to apologize.

- Oh, Todd. - She'll be all right.

- Damn.

- That's how it goes sometimes. How it goes.

Oh, my God.

- Coming up next...

- She said I ain't got no friends.

- Said you was a bully. - Yeah.

- When she came to my event,

now that was the part where I was like,

I see you now.



[laughing] Say hi.

Muah. - Muah.

Muah. - Say hi.

[crying] - Ooh!

- Oh, no, P.

- PJ, listen, now, we ain't gonna have no cryin'.

- Look, she brought you gifts.

Why she stop when I say "gifts"?


Look, she got stuff for you.

Don't cry.

- She look like she don't give a sh-- what I got.

- Yeah. - PJ.

- Look, look what she got, a surprise for you, too.

Read her shirt.

- Ahh! [laughing]

"Aunt NeNe is the coolest."

- Yes, yeah.

- She lookin' just like Dennis.

- Can she hold you? There you go.

- You look-- you lookin' just like your daddy.

- Let me see what you got in here.

Oh, my God, tell her we love a tutu.

- Look at it.

[squeals] Look.

[laughing] - Oh, you-- it's cute.

Let me tell you somethin'.

Baby PJ, her love language is gifts.

- So, what are you gonna wear to Kandi's?

We are wearing glam.

- I'm fittin' to go in that closet.

- Oh, I was already in mine.

- And put a little piece of fur--

a little piece of fur on my shoulder,

a little faux fur, pearls.

- Hollywood kinda stuff, yeah.

- That's what I'm sayin'. You drop it down.

- That'll be good. Yeah, that'll be super fun.

- Mm-hmm. You-- - Yes.

Okay, so, I gotta tell you this really quickly

while we're rocking PJ.Have you

- I was gonna show you.

- You know who called and told me?

- Who? - Wendy Williams.

- You're lying. - No.

You would think that she would be like,

you know what? I don't--

I don't have time for that

'cause I'm dealing with my own personal stuff.

Kenya picks with me for no reason.

In her head, she thinks it's a good thing to do.

You better cut it out now.

Did you hear what she said?

- She said you ain't got no friends.

- She said I ain't got no friends.

- And she-- - Right, no.

- Said you was a bully. - Yeah.

She's the same girl who was messin' with

Phaedrahusband, Apollo.

- Apollo, no!


- Bullied you with the horn.

- You are a dumb ho.

Shut up.

- Bullied Kim Fields.

- In any event, my-- - Oh, let me pull your chair

for you.

- Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya.

- Put her hand in my face over in Toronto.

You shut the (BLEEP) up! - Don't tell me to--

- You shut the (BLEEP) up!

She is a trip, Porsha.

She wanna keep this thing goin'.

- You know, we just got back.

We're real like we is. - Yeah, but I'm telling you.

- And I'm gonna tell you.

I didn't believe that she was keepin' it goin'.

I thought maybe she felt y'all were friends.

- Never.

- And maybe y'all friendship fell apart,

and it was genuine.

But when I realized that I'm trying to tell you

that this woman doesn't have no hate for you like that,

and you don't wanna hear it-- - No.

- Then that means you want to be mad.

Kenya is used to bein' in the drama of things,

and so I think that it's hard for her to just,

like, let that go.

When she came to my event--

- Mm-hmm.

- Now, that was the part where I was like,

I see you now.

Let me tell you the real deal.

- Yeah. Mm-hmm.

- So, everybody is havin' a moment.

- Yeah.

- And here Shamea sharin'-- Kenya cut her off.

- My water broke like a scene from a movie

at a restaurant.

- I remember you text me. [laughing]

And you were like, "I think my water broke,"

and I said, "Do you need me to come to the hospital?"

[laughing] - Yes.

- I don't know where Porsha--

I think Porsha was doin' somethin' else,

workin' that day.

- So, I'm sittin' there. I'm like, "Well, damn.

"Why would Shamea call her?" - Mm-hmm.

- So, I'm really kinda feelin' a little way,

but I kept my face. - Yeah.

- I said keep your face straight.

- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. - So, I was like...


Hey, what the hell goin' on?

So, later on, Shamea walked up to me pissed.

She said, "I did not call that girl when my water broke."

- Oh, my God.

Okay, wait, now, Porsha. - Yeah--

- They had some kinda conversation.

You do know that.

- Look, Shamea, she showed me a text

where Kenya had text her after the day of her birth.

- Yeah. - In the text, she's sayin' to Kenya,

"Girl, my water broke while I was out."

And Kenya's like, "Oh, wow, that's crazy."

Oh, but I thought you said she called you when it broke.

- Yes, yes, yes.

- So, how you actin' surprised

when she told you after the fact.

- This girl is crazy.

Basically, she delivered the baby, okay?

They're best of friends.

Shamea named her baby Kenya.

I mean, girl-- and Porsha's a bad friend.

But why?

- I'm gonna tell you why.

I would've said somethin' because you know how Shamea is.

She's just like me.

You know, we just gotta go ahead and let it out

and be like, "That's not true."

The reason she said she didn't say anything

was because the president was sitting next to me.

- Oh, yeah.

- Here I am representing this charity for women.

- Yeah, yeah, you don't want it to turn into argument.

- Supposed to be saying that I care about other women

who I don't know. - Yeah, right, right.

- And here this girl is makin' it look like

I didn't even care for my best friend

who's the closest to me. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- So, she said she didn't wanna say anything in that moment.

- Yeah. Mm-hmm.

- She said that's why she brought it up later.

On a scale of one to ten, Kenya is being shady 1,000

with this situation, and I see you, girl.

I see you.

I don't want to have something with Kenya.

- Right, yeah.

- 'Cause I really don't wanna go back to where we were.

- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

- 'Cause at this point, she and I aren't--

- Y'all aren't close-close, but y'all have--

- We ain't close, and we're not enemies.

You know what I'm sayin'? - Yeah, yeah, right.

Y'all have formed-- Yeah. - But the way she has done...

with Tanya, the way she has done with Marlo--

- Yeah.

- Like, you're not gonna ----in' do me like that.

- Do you think that Kandi and Cynthia

don't tell her when she's wrong?

- Kenya's a grown-ass woman. - Yeah. Yeah.

- What her friends supposed to do?

Well-- - She fittin' to be 50.

That's not even cool. She's just doin' a lot.

- It's really ridiculous and lowdown.

- It's crazy. - And I tried to--

- You straight from Georgia sayin' lowdown.

- Lowdown, lowdown dirty shame, baby.


- Coming up next...

You just can't even say, "I apologize," or nothin'.

That's what's, like, really killin' me, right now.

- Babe, you ----in'-- you-- you're aggravating me,

and you expect me to say--

- You aggravating the sh-- outta me.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

- So, for the lips, you can keep those nude.

My girlfriend is havin' a baby shower,

and it's like Hollywood glam, block party.

So, yeah.

- Oh, here goes somethin' sparkly.

I'm thinkin' old Hollywood.

I'm thinkin' kinda sparkly a little bit.

- Mm-hmm.

- I already told Dennis that you were keepin' PJ.

Uh-uh. [laughing]

[phone ringing] - Hello.

- Hi, girl. Oh, you look cute.

Yeah, sparkly tights.

[phone ringing] Hold on.

They told Shadina to go back to the shuttle.

I told you that she was gonna park at the VIP parking.

- You didn't tell me she was parking at the VIP parking.

- I told you that yesterday when we talked about it.

I'm not gonna have the-- our baby park in the damn--

- No. But I didn't know that.

- Tell the lady to let her park. - All right.

- All right, bye. - All right.

[sighs] - Girl...

- That's crazy.

- How is New York?

- It's cool. I want to come back.

- Oh, you're ready to come back already.

What?! [laughing]

Did you talk to your daddy about that?

- Yeah. But I'm a finish what I went for.

So. It's all right.

- Todd and Kaela are doing much better,

but with them, it's forever a roller coaster.

- You don't show no emotion unless you're mad at me.

- Is that true?

- Remember we didn't talk for a month?

- That was crazy.

- But I already know he wants to see some progression

before she just comes back.

It's almost time for you to get your own place.

- Oh. I already knew that was coming too so it's all good.

- No, no, no, no.

I'm not saying that you have to.

- That was like a light kick, like...

- If you don't wanna move, then you don't have to move.

But, a lot of times, when people get in their 20s,

they be ready to move.

Kaela is 23.

Like, I was 19 when I moved out.

- Yeah. It might be that time, though.

- It's gettin' to the point where you're gonna have to

spread your wings a little bit.

- Did y'all figure out a name yet?

- We're gonna let everybody vote on a name tonight.

- What's the options?

- Blaze and Banks.

- Yeah, I like Banks.

- You do?

Riley and Ace keep running around here sayin' Banks, too.

- There we go. That's the one.

What time are we leaving?

- Um, we really need to leave right around now,

so let me hurry up and get myself together.

- All right.


Yeah I got this game on lock

made my way straight to the top

girls pullin' on my arm like a slot

anyone that knows me knows

- "A Star is Born." [laughing]

- Y'all should go first.

I'll come later. Y'all go ahead.

- Well, the whole point is the baby.

- No, no, no, you and Cynthia go

since everybody wanna-- - And then we'll come back--

- Everybody wanna see y'all. - Then you go with the family.

- I'll ome after y'all. [laughing]

- Hey, buddy.

- Oh, you're like, oh, leaking a little bit.

- Oh, Jesus, [indistinct].

[laughing] - You gotta keep it open.

New mom.

[camera clicking]

- Damn.

- Girl, keep it closed. - Yeah.

And I'm wasting milk.

[camera clicks]

- Hey, ladies.

- Hey. - Hey, cheers, what you got?

- Cheers. - Cheers to you, a new mommy.

- Cheers, mamacita.

- You're out and about and moving. How?

- We're celebrating another baby. So--

- How have you been? You moved, right?

- Yeah. - Okay.

- Well, Lake Bailey is gonna be empty because...

- Oh. - I am headed to LA.

No, you are really about to be outta here.

- I am. - You're not playing with that, lady.

- We're, like, back and forth. Like, he's been here,

and then now it's time for me to go out there

and hang out with them.

- I saw your post, 10-10. - You did?

- That's the perfect day, right?

- Basically, this time next year, I'll be married.

- You'll be at your honeymoon.

- Oh!

Well, don't I love a pink carpet?

[camera clicking]

- You look amazing.

- I went with the bold shoulder pads.

- Mmm.

- You just never know when you need to, like,

check someone with these. - Come on.

- Hello, beautiful. - Hello.

Oh, I miss you.

- I know. - I wanna squeeze you so tight.

You might pop. - My boobs will pop.

- Can I just see a peek?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, come on, come on.

- Oh, oh, oh, my God.

Ow, he hurt my ovary.

My ovaries!

[camera clicking] - Hello. Hello.

Come on, Acey-poo. We gotta take a picture.

- Calm down. Hurry up.

Peace with daddy.

All right.

- Never have seen a baby shower at night.

This is like a party-party. - It is.

Yep. - I'm here for it.

- I saw an interview that Kenya did

sayin' something to the effect of,

you know, NeNe's a bully and...

pretty much everybody. - Who did she tell this to?

- TMZ. - Oh, you--

[laughing] - Only TMZ.

I really hope that NeNe and Kenya get along

for Kandi's baby shower

'cause this is all just stupid and petty.

Two of each. - Okay.

- We knew this was a Kandi event,

and we knew we were gonna get some good food.

So-- - That-that we did.

Thank you very much. - Thank you, ladies. Enjoy.

- Well, anyway, I hope there's no drama.

- How are you? You look beautiful.

- Thank you. How are you?

- Good.

- Tonight is weird because normally, you know,

I would be the one that's carrying.

- Bump in the middle. - Okay.

But my baby, right now, is inside her belly.

[camera clicking]

And I want her to be treated special.

- How do you feel?



Ace, what do you wanna name your baby sister?

- Wow, really. - Blaze? Ooh.

- Kaela, your name's right there.

We're gonna have to lay on the ground

and take a picture with it.

This is really dope, what y'all put together.

- Right? You like it? - I love it.

I wish my mama was here to see it,

but I don't know. - Yeah, I tried to call her.

- You did? - Yeah.

[phone ringing]

- I wish you wouldn't have did that earlier.

That just was like--

- Babe, it wasn't personal.

It wasn't towards your mama or you.

I just had a lot goin' on. I just needed a moment.

- So, you couldn't come from the front of the restaurant

to the back just to say hey.

- Hey, I'm not arguing wit' you tonight.

We're gonna have a good time tonight, okay?


- Of all days, like, my thing is,

she's not here. - Hey, your mom done said

some sh-- that's ----ed up, as well, so--

- Yeah, yeah, but you knew we had this event tonight

and, like-- - And I wasn't trying to do nothin' to her.

- A hello don't cost you nothin'.

- All right. What-what we gonna do now?

You wanna argue, or you wanna have a good time?

It's on you.

You tell me which one you wanna do.

[background conversation]

- You wanna argue, or you wanna have a good time?

It's on you.

You tell me which one you wanna do.

- I'm gonna enjoy my baby shower.

- You don't want-- enjoy your baby shower.

- You just can't even say, "I apologize," or nothin'.

It's-- that's what's, like, really killing me,

right now. - Hey, you ----in'--

you-you're aggravating me, and you expect me to say--

- You aggravating the sh-- outta me.

- All right, well...

I'll-I'll say sorry when I feel like it.

Right now, I don't. - Okay, whatever, you know.

- Okay, all right. Enjoy yourself.

Oh, man, hello. - Hey, how y'all doin'?

- Congratulations, lady.

Good to see you. - Hey.

I wish Todd could've just kept the peace

because he can be a straight up asshole at times,

like, for real.

Hey, dad.

- Hey, sweetie.

- Why y'all sittin' back here?

But, right now, I'm not here for it,

so I'm just gonna just let him do what he do.

[laughing] - Yeah, we see everything right here.

Muah. You look pretty.

- Yeah, decided to come.

Hey, baby.

- Thank you.

- How you doin'? - How you doin'?

- What's up?

- Hi.

We knew were going to be at this backyard party.

- How you doin'? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

How are you? - Hey, Kandi, how you doin'?

Good to see you.

- But I didn't know it was going to be

this kind of backyard party,

so I'm a little bit underdressed.

- You look so cute.

- I missed the mark on this one.

- Did you vote for the baby name yet?

I need to do that. - No.

- What's your vote, though?

- What do you like? - Banks, 100%.

- Hey! - Hey, what's up?


Hey, Cynthia. What's up?

- Congratulations.

Baby Bailey is comin'.

[laughing] - Thank you.

What's that? Baby Bailey.

- I'm so happy for Kandi,

but I have to say, with all these babies around,

I'm kinda gettin' a little baby "CHill" in the air.

- You look awesome.

- You look awesome. - Hi, mama.

Can we still talk to your belly?

[laughing] No.

- This whole situation is strange.

I am technically far along in my pregnancy,

but there's no belly.

- Hey! - Hey!

- You're the snatchest pregnant bitch

in the pregnancy history.

- I get that it's my baby, and it's my shower,

but this is a very different experience.

- Come, the baby is here.

I would not miss-- - The baby is here.

- Are you serious? - I'm serious.

- Where?

- I would not have missed it.

He's over there with Mike.

- Porsha, Porsha, over here.

Porsha, work it.

- McKinley! - Oh, my gosh, Mr. McKinley,

what are you working on? - The hot dog man.

Hi! - You're incredible.

You're a boss.

Oh, my gosh, where is Pilar?

- Did you bring hot dogs tonight?

- Oh, if a star ain't born,

a star gonna be born tonight.

- Get in here with my sister. You look so fabulous.

- You look great. You look great.

I did not know that people had baby showers

with food trucks and bars

and everything over the top.

My baby shower was in a event space

with balloons and things like,

you know, for a baby.

- A star is born, darling.

- Congrats. - Thank you. Thank you.

- Aww.

- Well, cheers. - Cheers.

- There we go. - Cheers.

- I met another damn [indistinct].

- Well, it's not-- [laughing]

- Hey, baby. - Look like a star.

- Are you ready for this little size of a baby?

- Oh, my gosh, look at these little toes.

- Kandi, where's Mama Joyce?

- She said she wasn't comin', child.

- Why?

- 'Cause Todd pissed her off,

and she don't wanna-- - Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

They're good now. What happened?

What in the world? - They ain't good.

They ain't good. - Oh, no.

- He's mad because of some things she had said

not that long ago,

so it's just like this little back and forth crap

that is just so unnecessary. - That's fine, but you gotta

re-- have a respect for mama at all times.

- That's what I said.

That's what I said. - Yeah.

- What's up, my brother? - Hey, brother, how you doin'?

- Hey, thank you for comin'.

- There's a fundamental respect for mama

that has to be consistent. - Right.

- I said the same thing.

So, she said she wasn't comin' to the shower.

- What? She's coming.

- Are Riley and Kaela gonna be here?

- No, she's not comin'. She's serious.

- This is Kandi's second miracle baby,

and the fact that she had a surrogate

makes it even more of a miracle.

I'm gonna need Mama Joyce to be here

and not break Kandi's heart like this.

- He gotta get to the point where he just gotta give

your mom a pass.

- Oh, wait, is Shadina leavin'?

Oh, that's Shadina. Let me go see.


Shadina, I thought you were about to leave.

- No, no. She want to eat, again.

- Oh, child, I wanna eat, too, but--

Hi. - Hi.

- How you doin'? - Good.

- You feelin' okay? - Yeah.

- Oh, okay, good, good. - They got me nice and comfy up there on my couch.

Oh, okay, good. I was like,

I hope she ain't over there tired and ready to go already.

- No, no, no. - All right, I can relax.

- Kandi! - Hi.

- Hey. - What's up?

- Happy baby shower. - Hey.

- Hey. - Hey, hey, hey.

- Hi, you guys. - Hey.

- Why didn't I get the sparkle memo?

- You didn't get the sparkle memo?

- Right? - No, you look so good.

- She said a star was born, so we thought a star was born.

- My friends are so beautiful.

- Kandi looks so young. I'm like, what you done did?

- Oh, thank you. - Lookin' young and your energy.

- 'Cause she's having a baby.


- You got that baby glow on, Kandi.

[laughing] - It's the short bob, too.

- We need to turn the music off

and play some games, girl.

- Yeah. - Everybody gonna leave.

- I'm gonna put on my flats.

- Hey. - Hey.

- Okay, listen, I just wanna say something to you.

I don't care what anybody says, girl.

You are a true friend. - What?

You're saying it like you know someone said somethin'.

- I read the tabloids.

- Oh, Lord. - Everybody does.

People ping me on information.

- Wendy called me about that,

but you know what? I don't even care, honey.

She gonna be all right. - Yeah, no, I mean,

I just appreciate you. - Who is that?

Oh, my God, I was like, who this here squeezing me?

- It's soawful she said that.

- Whatever.

I think I'm gonna put on my flats.

- What's up, everybody?

If you like playing games like moi,

make some noise.


You know, this is a co-ed shower,

so I need some guys to the stage

to play some pregnancy limbo.


Can we get, uh, Mr. Michael Sterling?

And, Dennis, let's get you on up here.

Where you at?

Todd. One more. Where is Gregg?

- Gregg? Is Gregg in the house?

Gregg? - Oh, yeah, definitely.

Come on up here 'cause we wanna see.

Is your back limber?

- Wait, so, they're gonna limbo with that on?

- Is that pregnancy belly? [laughter]

- Here we go. Here we go.

Go, Gregg.

- Oh, Lord.


- He said bring it on down.

- Come on, cuz.

- These men are absolutely adorable.

- Oh!

- A little bit more competitive than

you should really be at a baby shower.

- Todd did it with a drink in his hand.

- My back is so bad. - Come on, Mike.

- Go, Mike! Go, Mike!

- Come on, cuz. Come on, cuz.

There you go, Cuz.

- Don't be scared of it now.

- Dennis is very competitive.

Like, I'm competitive, too.


He gets in there, and he's like

I'm gonna win, baby.

- Come on, cuz.

Come on, cuz. There you go.

- The winner is Dennis McKinley.

- That's what's up. You did it.


- So, um, I don't know if everybody

had a chance to vote.

We have two baby names that we wanted everybody to pick one.

- Just put your hand up.

[indistinct] is gonna give you a paper.

Cast your vote, right now.

- You know what? I just realized

that we're separated. That's why I'm having

to bounce my ass over here and bounce over there,

and bounce over here. - I haven't seen Cynthia all night.

- They're coming over here, now.

- NeNe!


- Eva better come through with them lashes.

Them lashes is everything.

Kenya is a piece of work,

but I personally will not let her derail me

off of my spiritual journey.

- Read me what this-- It's a Google alert.

What does that say?

- Chile.

- Yes, it says, "Kenya Moore,

"'NeNe is a bully with no friends.'

"'Let the shade throwing begin.'"

- This probably is fake, right?

- No, it's not fake, and you know it's not fake

because they had video, and you seen it.

- I don't know, I wasn't here. - You've seen it.

- So, you think NeNe's a bully. Did you--?

- Always been. Always will be.

That's right. NeNe tried to spit on me.

- No, I did not.

Let's be very clear, bully. - Okay.

- You've done bullied plenty of peoples in this circle, okay?

- Peoples? - Plenty of peoples.

Plenty of peoples.

- You need to go to elementary school.

- Plenty of peoples. Plenty of peoples.


- I get this, but everybody is leaving,

and I never even got to introduce my surrogate.

This is taking over.

I'm sick of them.

I am. I'm sick of them.

I'm over it.

It's like, do you not get that this is

a very important moment for me?

Come on, Shadina.

Todd Tucker, come to the stage.

- This ain't what you want, honey.

- No. - Todd Tucker.

- Definitely not.

- This ain't what you want,

so you better go that way, now,

'cause if I wanted to spit on you,

you would know you been spit on.

- Yes, miss classy. - Okay.

- I saw you throw popcorn, but I didn't see you spit.

- She tried to spit on me.

- I didn't try. - Okay.

- 'Cause anything I wanna do, I will do it.

- Yes.

- I really wanted to end it with--

I wanted-- where is Todd?

Oh, where are you?

- It's gonna get dirty. It's gonna get dirty, now.

- Trying to spit on people is already dirty enough.

- 'Cause that ain't gonna be what you want, ladybug.

- Todd Tucker, where are you?

- You're the real bully, now.

- Oh, we already know what you're capable of.

- Hey. - Hey.

- Okay, friends and family, can I have your attention?

- Hello.

- So, you understand.

I don't have to go anywhere.

- Go back over there. - I'm talking to Shamea.

- You're trying to pr-provoke.

- Hey, this is Shadina.

- They arguing? They're arguing, babe.

- She is the one-- - Hey, babe.

- Wait, what?

- Now-now, make sure you get closer to me.

Uh-uh. Don't touch me, now.

Hold on.

Don't touch me, 'cause that ain't gonna be what you want.

- Now-now, make sure you get closer to me.

Uh-uh. Don't touch me, now.

Hold on.

Don't touch me 'cause that ain't gonna be what you want.

- There ain't nobody touch-- - Security, security.

- You did. You put your hand on me.

Be very clear.

- No, ain't nobody touching your hair or you.

- This is a celebration of life.

- You know that you ain't fittin' to do nothin' with me, now.

- They'- Security.o, like, (BL- What you gonna do?p.

- We're gonna need security.

- You're gonna need security.

- You're the low-class blonde in the wig.

- That ain't gonna be what you want.

- You're ever what I want.

- Y'all get in that ass, bitch.

- My baby shower went from Hollywood glam

to fight night.

- Get in the fake-ass cheeks you got.

- We have to call security on y'all.

Like, come on.

- She stood behind me, and she knows

she shouldn't be standing behind me.

- But it-- that moment for you,

to provoke your ass into hitting her in the mouth.

Kenya, do you get up and walk two inches away

from this girl.

That is confrontational.

If Shamea was right here, and I was right there,

she would've said, "I gotta talk to Porsha."

Don't go over there with Nae-Nae, okay?

Leave Nae-Nae over there.

She was trying to provoke you.

- Uh, yes, she was.

She want me to pop her.

Girl, I'm not gonna pop you.

My damn press on nail might come off.

- She tries to--

ooh, it bothers me. - That's a-- yes.

- Marlo saw the text.

She was just trying to create some drama.

I'm like, you know what this is.

- Right.

- It's me talking to TMZ about NeNe's fake ass.

So, let's talk about it.

- I couldn't even take you reading the-the blog yourself.


- I'm like, did you just read your own self on TMZ?

- Right, exactly. Yes.

Well, then she stood up. Please.

- I wasn't feeling that. I was like, oh, get her.

- Uh-uh. Don't touch me, now.

- What almost 55-year-old woman

is talking about dragging somebody in the streets?

[laughing] - I'll get that ass good.

- Not a cute look.

- I don't know how she could feel like that's anything

toward her when I'm clearly just talking to Shamea.

- All right.

Is everybody good?


- Okay. So, as I was saying,

Shadina has been a blessing to us.

When I tell you she is the coolest person

that we could have done this process with,

and I wanna say thank you, Shadina.

- Oh, you're welcome.

- Aww.


- I'm gonna ask you, Shadina,

if you just wanna say anything.

- Put me on the spot.

- I'm sorry.

You don't have to say anything.

- Um, I couldn't imagine, as a mother,

not being able to carry my kids,

and so if I can help, then I'm more than happy to,

and I can't wait 'til she gets here,

and you guys can meet her

and just allow your family to grow.

- Thank you, Shadina.

- Um...

- What?

- Uh...

- Aww.

- Aww.

[audience chatter]

- I'm grateful that my husband wants

to actually work on our issues,

and we're really trying to be in a lifelong marriage.

Now, oh, my God...

what are we about to name this baby?

Give it up for Banks, if you want Banks.

[cheers and applause]

Give it up for Blaze, if you want Blaze.

[cheers and applause]

It's sounding kinda even to me.


- The winner is...

- Banks!

[collective chatter]

- Blaze.

[cheers and applause] - Oh, it's Blaze?

[cheering, laughing]


I've learned I need to work on work-life balance

because I'm adding another baby to the family.

Little Blaze, my little sweetheart,

I'm just gonna love on her 'til I can put her work, too.


- That's it.

- All right, DJ, take us out.

People that was votin' for Blaze--

- Everybody voted for Blaze.

- No, they didn't.

- Blaze.

We did it.

My life ain't been no crystal stair,

but it makes it so much nicer to have friends like these.

- Maverick is not happy.

He may want a bottle.

- In 2020,

Mike and I are trying to not have a baby.

Strong pull out method,

that's what's happening.


- Where is your cocktail?

- Dennis went to go get another one.

You're cuckoo.

- Cuckoo-cuckoo.

[indistinct chatter]

- We're going out tonight.

- Yeah, I'm ready.

- Okay.

- My heels hurt.

Over the next decade, I hope that I achieve retirement.


What is wrong with my feet?

I don't think I can do this anymore.

Honestly, I'm just hoping that I'm able to continue

to do things that make me happy

and have great people around me.

Ooh everybody wants somethin'

that'll stand the test of time

- So, I have a flight to L.A. in the morning, babe.

- Thank you.

- But, uh, this is beautiful.

Congratulations. - Thank you.

It won't always be easy

I need you to love me through it all

- And I guess the next time I see you,

you'll have a baby.

Hey, hey, hey.


- You're crazy.


- For more information on "The Real Housewives,"


The Description of A Star Is Born