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This is CDX Technologies, and here we'll be showing you how to use the CDXGeoData web service

to find the distance between lists of ZIP Codes. This is a

very quick and easy way, for example, to identify the closest stores to customers

based on their ZIP Codes. So here's a GeoData Microsoft Excel template which is a

free download from the website. It works for both Windows and

MACs, and other than Microsoft Excel all you need is an internet connection, no

other software is required. In this case we've pasted into the template two lists

of ZIP Codes, here in column B and also in row 9, and we want to obtain the

straight-line, as-the-crow-flies distance between every pair of ZIP Codes in these

lists. So here we specify that the output distance should be in miles, and then

just click on "Calculate". So for the first pair of ZIP Codes, 15237 and 07921,

the straight-line distance is about 281 miles. Distance is calculated

between every possible combination of ZIP Codes. To use the template just sign

up for a free GeoData account on our website. You'll receive an API key that you

can enter here. The key provides up to a thousand free data tokens per month, or

you can purchase more for higher usage levels. CDXGeoData can calculate

distance between ZIP Codes as we saw here, and also verify addresses and get

ZIP+4 Codes, get ZIP Code data such as city, state, county, latitude and

longitude, create ZIP Code lists by city, county, and state, get ZIP Code

demographics, and find ZIP Codes in a radius area. For more information about

CDXGeoData or to sign up for a free account, please visit us at

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