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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Can You Really Order A Mystery Box from The Dark Web?

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If youve seen our previous shows on the dark web you should now know what you can

find there and how to find it.

As you know the dark web can be accessed through whats called the Tor browser.

Once you are in you should have complete anonymity, meaning no one can track your IP address.

What kinds of things can you find there?

Well, as you also likely know the dark web is full of people selling illegal things such

as drugs, but there have also been reports of people even hiring hitmen through the dark


People might also just go there to talk to other people about their illness, their strange

habits, their darkest secrets.

Today we are going to unravel something a little more mysterious, in this episode of

the Infographics Show, Can You Really Order A Mystery Box from The Dark Web?

Lets first explain a phenomenon known asunboxingas not all of you follow the

same trends.

Around a decade ago people would appear on YouTube literally taking things out of boxes.

This might be just people unboxing tech products, and then explaining how that product works,

reviewing it, playing around with it.

This became such a hit that companies would soon start doing their own unboxing videos

or sending their products to popular channels to be unboxed.

Its not all about How To videos, though.

One of the most popular channels is Ryans Toy Review, in which a 7-year old kid opens


Simple perhaps, but Forbes reported that this channel made in the region of $11 million

in 2017.

We bet you wish youd have come up with that concept and perhaps hired your But for

some people the thought of watching people take things out of boxes and talk about whats

inside is quite dull.

But what if what was inside the box was a little more exciting than an iPhone iteration

or a miniature plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex made in China.

Thats where todays focus comes in.

You see, a new trend is people allegedly ordering mystery boxes from the dark web and then opening

them up on YouTube or other video platforms.

As you can imagine, whats inside is generally not suitable for 7-year olds and often doesnt

come with a digital personal assistant.

The media tells us that in 2018 hundreds of YouTubers have been unboxing stuff they bought

in marketplaces on the dark web and millions of people have been tuning in.

Just search for this on YouTube and you can find lots of videos, mostly containing young

men expressing their shock while taking things out of boxes.

Oh my God, theres blood on it”, one man says in one particular video while a car

baby chair is being taken out of the box.

The question is, how real is all this?

Could you not just set that up from your own home, using ketchup-bloodied props or bags

of baking soda youd bought from the brightly lit supermarket?

The Australian media tells us that indeed people anonymously sell these boxes on the

dark web and they go for anything from one hundred to one thousand dollars.

Those boxes have included girls backpacks, bloodied screwdrivers, and at times they have

even been empty.

In another video on YouTube one unboxer finds a note that reads, “Dear Friend.

Life is a mysterya very, very dirty mystery at times you never know what you are touching

or what you are leaving behind.”

He is then told to wear gloves while he opens the box and he subsequently takes out the


Those contents are bag of white powder, a tool with a biohazard sticker on it and a


He plays the CD and hears childrens voices, through which he hears the sound of a voice

saying, “I see you.”


Well, that depends on your disposition and perhaps if you can suspend belief, because

maybe all of this is just fiction.

But the fact is, if you have a look in the dark web you can certainly find these mystery


Have a look if you dont believe us.

The fact this is possible is rather unnerving, given that the box is untraceable.

There is likely a very small chance that something horrible could turn up in a box, rather than

a Hello Kitty school bag.

Mashable tells us this, “Although a lot of this may sound alarming, there's also a

strong a possibility that some of these unboxing videos are faked as means of getting views

and obtaining ad revenue.”

Yep Mashable, we think most people are aware of this.

Its seems fairly obvious to most of us that if someone really did buy one of these

boxes on the dark web and then video the contents being opened, if those contents could lead

to a criminal charge or at least start a criminal investigation, then that video would not appear

on YouTube.

Sometimes the opening of these boxes is called The Deep Web Challenge, but one must always

be skeptical regarding how challenging the unboxing really is.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is acting shocked, shamed, surprised, disconcerted, while making

some creepy form of entertainment.

Now we go over to Reddit, where one person writes this in the intro to a long piece of

writing, “I dont know why I didnt realize a clear majority of these videos are

fake and staged for their scare factor, but I didnt.”

Lo and behold though, when he finally gets around to purchasing a box, he is shocked

to find something that chills his bones.

Its a book, he says, that contains photos of the house he grew up in.

Each numbered page contains polaroid photos of places, things, but one page he says contained

pictures ofa mask, handcuffs, a gag, and a bottle of some sort of drug it looked like.”

He sees his own parents tied up, himself as a kidOh, and then he throws the book away

and sees a hooded figure looking through his window.

It turned out by ordering his box he got his parents killed.

What this is of course is an old trope used in horror movies wherein an added bit of realism

is used in the form of skepticism, i.e.

I dont believe in the boogeyman, but then this happened to me.

Its basically the camp fire ghost story, and the best ones use realism to get you listening

and then throw in the scare.

Other stories have appeared on Reddit that are similar, and it seems that some people

believed the tale.

That is terrifying!

I would contact the authorities right away.

Wish you the best and please keep us posted!” writes one person after reading a wicked tale

of a mystery box.

We can only congratulate the writer of the post and hope that he or she has a great career

in fiction writing.

Are we being too skeptical?

We dont think we are, but that doesnt mean some of those videos are well made, well-acted

or well told.

We agree with this person writing on Quora, “The whole idea behind mystery box is all

scam, I have watched many videos on YouTube about mystery box but later come to conclusion

that no sane human-being will be willing to buy a piece of garbage.”

Thats not to say you cant buy a mystery box on the dark web.

We havent ordered one at the Infographics Show, so we cant say for sure.

We can, however, go on videos and research and conclude that people are unboxing to create

an audience.

Its a show, nothing more and nothing less.

Sure, you can find media, mostly of the tabloid ilk, all over the world talking about YouTubers

opening thesesinisterboxes; videosguaranteed to freak you out”, “100

percent genuine”, thatyou wont believe are real”, but those media are just getting

on the bandwagon and generating their own audience.

You might also accuse us of doing this, but we are at least trying to give you an informed

piece of entertainment.

We are calling these videos out as fake, but at least well-made videos for the most part.

This isnt to say of course that you cant find white powder often grown in Colombia

on the dark web.

It doesnt mean you wouldnt find that in one of these mystery boxes.

One very real journalist writing for the Independent newspaper did explore the dark web and did

buy illegal things.

But when he talked about mystery boxes, he too was skeptical.

There were dozens of videos with millions of views, yet there was something that didnt

seem quite right about them,” he said.

The contents of the boxes seemed to fit the stereotypes of the dark web so much that

it seemed staged.”

What did he do?

Well, he tried to order a mystery box of course.

Finding one wasnt that easy, and he had to do a lot of searching.

He writes that he finally found one trusted vendor willing to sell him a mystery box.

He not only sees that others that had bought such a box gave them a thumbs down, but the

seller wanted around $1,500 for the box he wanted.

That is a bit out of the price range for a journo, so he asked the advice of someone

who has written two books about the dark web and has spent years going through it to see

what she could find.

Her name is Eileen Ormsby and a quick search will show you that she is certainly an expert

on the dark web.

This is what she said to the journalist.

Mystery boxes are just silly.

The ones on YouTube are primarily total hoaxes invented by the YouTubers themselves for the


She did add, though, that now such boxes are popular no doubt someone is taking advantage

of that and selling them, but they are justfull of junk.”

They dont contain murder weapons or possessed dolls; its all just a great big hoax, as

we said.

During her investigations into the dark web, that lasted years, she failed to find many

of the gruesome things that supposedly exist in this place.

While arrests have been made of people doing horrid things in the dark web, its not

something all over the dark web as we are sometimes led to believe.

As for mystery boxes, the only mystery to us is how some people believe those videos

of them are real.

As youve seen Mystery Boxes are really nothing more than a scam, but the fact that

your passwords could currently be for sale on a dark web marketplace should be a serious

concern for any internet user.

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But of course wed love to hear your thoughts on this?

Tell us in the comments.

Also, be sure to check out our other video How Can Hackers Steal Your Identity?.

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