Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Fashion Models Guess Real Vs. Fake Handbags

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- [Man] When you're saying hmm, what's happening?

- This doesn't smell like leather.

- We use all of our senses, sometimes even taste.

Hi, I'm Graham Wetzbarger,

Chief Authenticator at the RealReal,

the world's leading luxury marketplace.

I oversee the daily evaluation

of thousands of luxury goods.

Myself and my team of experts are professionals

at spotting the difference between

genuine and counterfeit goods.

Today, we have some fashion models on set

who are very used to luxury goods,

and we're gonna see if they can

spot the genuine from the counterfeits.

- I personally love vintage, so I know

what is quality and what is crap.

- I've been in fashion for a long time.

I own a couple of really nice handbags,

and I think I'll be able to tell the difference.

- The reason that I think I could figure this out

is because my mom used to always say

I had super expensive taste,

cause my entire life I always

picked the more expensive thing,

even when I don't know.

(twangy guitar music)

- Today we have two of the most

highly sought after handbags out there.

We have the Hermes Birkin and the Hermes Kelly.

Heritage bags crafted by expert artisans.

They sell for $10,000 and up.

The Hermes Kelly was designed in the 1930's

and then renamed after Princess Grace

carried it in 1974.

Chanel Flap was originally invented in 1955

by Coco Chanel herself because

she wanted a hands free bag.

I'm not gonna tell you if one's fake,

if they're both fake, if they're both real or what.

I'm gonna let you use your detective skills

and figure it out for yourself.

- Oh gosh, let's see.

This feels nice.

It smells like leather.

- I mean, it's got the, you know,

the label on it right there.

- This one's pretty.

Oh, this one's the fake one, damn.

- What makes you say that?

- Cause when I turned it around.

You can kind of just tell.

You can feel it, you know what I mean?

It's like in your soul.

- This feels kind of flimsy for a $10,000 bag.

- I mean, if it is a fake bag, it looks really nice.

- Too much time to open the bag.


If I'm at the Grammy's, I can't be like (grunting).

- I think this one's the fake.

- The brand name is so tiny right here.

- But the writing on here looks nice.

- I'm gonna guess this one as being real.

- I think they're both real.

- You think they're both real?

- I think I'm being played.

- I'm taking this one.

- I feel like the Chanel's real

and this one is not.

- This one is a genuine bag

and this one is the counterfeit.

- You picked right.


(woman squealing) - You picked smart.

- This one? - You're absolutely right,

that's the counterfeit.

It's a super fake, really high quality counterfeit

meant to fool everybody.

- I mean, you can tell the difference too,

by just feeling them.

- Why does this one smell good?

- It smells like leather cause it's made from real leather.

The counterfeits are getting more--

- Oh. - Better and better,

more and more sophisticated,

and more and more expensive,

because they really want to fool the consumer.

You're right, the hardware is really flimsy.

- This one conflicted me.

- These are a couple of great bags

for the lady who lunches.

The really sophisticated top handle.

This Gucci Lilith bag is inspired

by the 1940's bamboo top handles,

with the fun element of the snake detailing

from Alessandro Michele.

The Pochette Metis, which is the most popular

current style from Louis Vuitton,

crazy long wait list, can't get it anywhere.

Of course, monogrammed canvas bags

are very highly counterfeited.

The Fendi Peekaboo,

which has been around for several seasons.

It's super expensive, $4800,

and susceptible to knock offs as well.

This is the Micro Lady Dior,

the original larger version was

first seen carried by Princess Diana in the late 90's.

They modernized it and shrunk it down.

- The zipper slides nice-- - All right.

- It doesn't get stuck, so that's good.

- This claps, clasp, seems a little chincy.

- This part feels kind of weird.

There's like this metal slap in the middle of this--

- The frame in the bag?

- Yeah, I don't vibe.

I want to be able to use my purse.

This has got a whole lot in my way.

- I mean, and the coloring too.

I feel like the counterfeit ones

are a little darker in color, right?

- I feel like Gucci would care about their metal.

- Oh, but that's a super detailed detail.

Calm down.

- Oh, this one's fake.

- Why do you say that?

- Because this is not even.

- The inside logo looks pretty good and it's even.

The stitching looks even.

- Gucci would have a way better craftsmanship

than having one bolt here

and one bolt just like meh.

- Often times, when people are trying to fake bags,

they'll forget to put this situation.

Do you see this dot? - Totally.

- It says Louis Vuitton on it.

So, I'm going with this bag.

(handle rattling)

- It just feels like,

- I don't know.

This one's actually hard.

I can't even tell.

- This is fake.

I hate it, get it away from me.

- All right, go with your gut.

- I feel like this one's fake too.

- On the hardware right here,

it doesn't look authentic.

- The similarities between these two bags

is that they're made of PVC and not leather,

and the hardware is really inferior.

Good job.

- Thank you, I learned so much.

- Awesome.

All right, so what's your final choice

between the two bags?

Which is real and which is counterfeit?

- Real.


- I mean, I feel like it's real.

- She got 'em right.

- Yes!



- As we've learned today,

if you have a hard time determining

what's real and what's faux,

just ask your supermodel friends.

(twangy music)

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