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Hey guys! What's up? Today we are

building a Christmas tree. Thank you very

much for all the comments like always.

Let me know down below what you want me

to build. Now today we're going to start

off with a big stemso a big trunk that

goes up. This tree was aboutI think

about 40 to 50 blocks high. It really

depends on how big you want to make this

of course. Now I made it a little bit

thicker towards the bottom and I'm making

some roots that go actually like from

the tree, they go into the floor and

sometimes they even go above ground,

which looks pretty cool.

Now I'm using some World Edit commands

and I'll put them in the top of the [video] right

here. And I'm going to be making lots of

circles. Now, you can do this without

World Edit too, but it will just take quite a

bit longer to create these circles, of

course. Now, as I'm going up, I'm

decreasing the radius of the circle, and

the higher I get, the more that I do of

the same radius, so it's more like a cone

shape and it looks pretty nice. So at the

topvery narrow. And at the bottomit

goes pretty wide. Now I made the trunk go

a bit higher because it wasn't high

enough, and now I'm going to randomize

everything, because obviously if you

leave it like this it does not look good.

So we want to add a bunch on the sides

and then just keep adding blocks. You want to

make this thing bigger: not smaller.

Bigger is always betterthat sounds kind

of wrongbut you know what I mean. We

want to increase the the width of this

thing. Now, at the bottom, I also took

away a couple blocks because it was a

little bit too wide in my opinion, but

still a radius of 10 for this tree was

quite good for me at the bottom. Now,

the part at the top was still a little bit

naked so I wanted to fill it up with

some leaves and make it look nice and


We're going to put somewhat of a star

on the top of this later as well, but for

now, I'm just going around it and

clicking a bunch of times;

basically to randomize the leaves of

this because obviously a Christmas tree

is not perfectly round: It does not have

perfect leaves or anything. So, you want to

randomize this and destroy it a little

bit just to make it look way more

natural. And even this. Look [at] how much

difference that made. It actually look[s]

quite nice. Now, to save some time, I copied it

around the World Edit so we don't have to

do this on four sides, and we're going to

be making some presents under this. Now, first,

this one, three-by-three, was kind of big.

I did not really want to make it that

big, so I change[d] it into two-by-two, and

I'm just making huge

presents because we're basically making

a giant Christmas tree, so we can also

have giant presents. Right? Now, this is going

to look a lot better because I'm gonna

incorporate some clay that is as well so

it's not just the same texture. I'm going

to use some carpet on top so it looks

like there's some lint over it. I don't

know if that's the right English word. It

would be in Dutch. I don't know the English

word for it, but we're basically making some

nice presents. By the way guys, if you are

enjoying this video and you like this

series, definitely let me know down below

and also drop a like rating. That will

mean a lot to me.

Also, don't forget to subscribe because

I'm trying to reach a hundred thousand

by the end of the year. I'm not sure if

it's gonna happen but we can always

try. Right? Like, it's a nice goal to

have. Now, I'm trying to actually figure

out what to do with the presents on the

top, but I figured let's just put some

carpet on top so we give it a nice

little difference of color on the top,

and it looks nice from a distance. Right

now you're maybe like "ehn," but it's gonna

look nice. With snow on top of it and

everything, it's going to look pretty damn


Now, of course, we need to decorate this

tree. Now, I made the little star at the top

quote-unquotebecause it doesn't really look

like star, but I like this design that I

ended up with. From a distance, it looked

quite nice, and I'm basically just making a

little star with some stairsjust

placing them randomly and making little

points so it looks like a star point.

It looks kinda cool.

Now I'm going to be creating lots of

things that go around this tree. I'm [really]

not sure what to call these [tinsel], but it's

basically a line of blocks. And all the

way around to the top. Now, just do this

by feel. You don't really need to know

how to do thisjust do this by feel. Place

them. Go up one block. Go left one block. Go up

one block. You can't really do this wrong

because you're decorating a tree.

Decorate it the way that you want to. I

decided I would have three colors: so a

green decoration going around, a red one,

and also a yellow one. You could stick

with just green and redbecause that's

kind of the Christmassy colorsbut I

also tried to put in yellow, and I kinda

liked it. I wanted to have another color

in there just for the sake of having

another one just to make it look more

interesting. And it's actually kind of

cool. I like it. So I'm going to end up

actually spilaringspilaring?

spiraling a couple of these all the way

up. I think in total it's going to be

about six. Now, just with those three

colors, I'm going to use

every color basically twice. So now, on

our yellow one, another red one, and

last but not least, a green one going

around. So, the red one is getting placed

now. This one is not all the way to the

topwhich is okay. It doesn't have to go

all the way to the top because that is going

to be very crowded with all these things

at the top. You just want to make them

stop right here. It looks kind of nice on

its own.

Now this thing is not complete without

any lights of course, so I'm just going

to use some glowstone and place it all

over. So I'm just following the lines that I

just made basically in everylike every

three blocks I believeI place one of

these blocks which is really easy

because you can just follow this line

and place them. Then later on, I'm also

going to be randomly placing them in

like areas that are sort of dark because

I don't want this tree to have some dark

spots or dead spots, so that's why I

decided to put in some random lights as

well. You can basically randomize this

and just put them wherever you want. It's

gonna look good either way because if

you set this to nighttime, it's going to

look really nice in the dark: glowing and

super nice and going to look really cool.

Especially with the Shader Pack. I have

[...] Shaders by the way. You should

check it out. It's pretty damn amazing.

Now, you'll see that in the end of the

video where I'm actually [going to be] making it

nighttime so you can see what it looks


while it's dark. Now, right here, I'm

placing some random blocksbasically

some ornaments in the tree. Of course now,

because it's Minecraft, you can't really make

those detailed, so I'm just placing random

blocks. Now, I also, if you didn't notice,

place down a bunch of snow, and I'm just

going around and placing this by hand.

You can do this with World Edit, but I just

decided to place this all by hand

manuallyjust go around It doesn't have to be

on each and every like tree part. You

can just place them randomly at the bottom

mostly because at the top it's more

steep and narrow so slow wouldn't get on

all the parts of the tree, if that makes

sense. Now at the bottom, it goes out more so

more snow will catch on, and that is

basically it. You'll see the darkness in

a second. But thank you very much for


Once again, if you have any suggestions,

leave them down below, in the comments. I

will check it out for sure.

Also, don't forget to subscribe to the

channel if you want to see more awesome

stuff. And here is the night view. It looks

pretty sick. Thanks for watching. Take

care. Bye-bye.

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