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In the name of Allah the beneficent the meciful

The story is Strange !

Muharram comes and passes each year

And you don't ask yourself what is this distress that is still painful after passing 1400 years ?

This is unnatural ...

Quite unnatural ...

After 1400 years, why do this people mourn as though their parents have passed away ?

How ? he (Imam Hussein) is the ardour of hearts ...

London's ImamJomeh is one of my friends.

He is Pakistani ans is able to speak Farsi well.

He told me "I went to church and talked about the sorrows of the Christ"

and then the sorrows of Imam Hussein for Christians.

They confessed that they had wept for the Christ slightly but it was different for Imam Hussein.

Why Hussein is like this ?

I answered "Because of a story ... I'll explain it for you ... "

In essence, the arrival will be introduced by the name of AbaAbdellah (Imam Husein)

There will be five sentences from Imam Mahdi Which are directly or indirectly in association with Imam Hussein.

"I'm the sword of revenge" (I'm going to revenge) (People ask) Who do you want to revenge?

"Indeed my grandsire was killed while he was thisty"

He introduces himself by mentioning that he is son of Imam Hussein who was killed while he was thirsty

"Indeed my grandsire was forsaken while he was bare" He was the person who they felled his body and abandoned him.

And you see phrases like these that Imam Mahdi will mention in the time of his arrival.

Why ? Because all the people around the world will know Imam Hussein.

People will wonder "Is it true ? It really happened ?"

I can tell you what's going to happen this year. There will be some important happenings at the "Arbaeen walking tour"

ISIS and Takfiri terrorists will treaten to attack the people there ...

The Shitte also won't stop going for the tour. And they will attend the walking

The guards will keep a lot of places safe but in few points, they would make some attaks.

The world has made a monster out of Daesh (ISIS) in people's minds. And when people see them being killed,

They will ask themselves: Who are these people being killed ? And they'll ask: "Why are they going there on foot ?"

"Where are they going to ?" "What is this huge migration for ?"

"Why are they going voluntarily toward the danger ?! , They must run away ! "

These would become serious for the world. Then they will get such answers :

"They're going to visit a 'Holy Shrine'."

"Whose Holy Shrine is that ? "

"It's Hussein's." "Who's Hussein?"

"He's a person who some people cut his head off his body without even letting him drink water (and he been killed thirsty) about 1400 years ago."

No one will ask "Really?! Is it possible that someone cut another person's head off ? " Because they're seeing right now, right there in Iraq !

They even behead his 6 month old baby !

They won't say "Is it possible ? Can anyone do such thing ?"

Because they have seen taking 7-month old foetus out of his mother's womb and cutting his head off his body (in Iraq). "

"Is it possible to take women and children to captivation ?"

Yes, they are doing such oppression in Iraq right now !

Let me tell you that everything is ready this year !

The scenario has been written beatifully. The writer has written it the best possible way.

"And they devised and Allah also devised And Allah is the best planner ! [Quran 3:54]

Soon the name of "Hussein" will be of such reputation that when Imam Mahdi (aj) wants to prove his legitimacy and rightfulness to the world,

He would say: "I am the son of 'Hussein'. "

And that's time this verse of Bible turn into reality :

All the nations in the world will mourn ......

For whom is this verse for ? For whom will they mourn ?

Before this, it says (in Bible) : "One of the signs of the son of Man's arrival is that all the nations in the world will be mourning."

That's when 2 billions of Christians will eventually know what's going on when they see this universal mourn.

And then they realise the Daesh (ISIS) black flags has beeg faked. Then they will see the real ones.

The key of Imam Mahdi (aj) arrival is in Imam Hussein hands !

When you attend gatherings in Muharram, and you cry for Imam Hussein, do not doubt, your sins will be all forgiven, like the day you were born.

As I said the pressure of this water is really high (to wash your sins).

After your sins being forgiven, as you feeling psychologically peacfull and light You'll look for your Imam Zaman (the 12th Imam)

So please in the middle of your mourn, if you want to pray and ask for a blessing, say "O God Hasten the retuen of Imam Mahdi"

Pray for your Imam-e-Zaman (Imam Mahdi) and ask his arrival.

It may seen unfair to say, but let me ask you something

Don't ask anything except this, if you need anything else, his grace will give it to you.

O God Hasten the retuen of Imam Mahdi (Twelfth Imam)

The Description of "Arbaeen Pilgrimage" largest public gathering in the world !!!