Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Slick Slime Sam and a FOOLPROOF BEADS BOWL

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[Sue]: Sam, Sam, come here, quick!

[Sam]: Coming! Here! What?

[Sue]: Look what I've got for you!

[Sam]: Oooh, a whole bag of candies! Cool, give 'em to me!

[Sue]: Here you go!

[Sam]: Oh noooooo!

Oh Sue... whyyyy....

[Sue]: I, uh, didn't know the bag was so flimsy.

[Sam]: Now we'll have to gather the candies all over the house...

Next time bring candies in something sturdier.

[Sue]: Hm... I have a good idea! I'll make you a candy bowl!

[Sam]: A candy bowl! Please, do. This will at least partially make it up for all this mess.

[Sue]: I don't often experience such disasters. There are candies at every step now.

[Sue]: But I won't let this get me down, it's time to start making the bowl instead.

To make it, I'll need this oven-safe bowl...

[Sam]: Hey, you're not going to give me this boring thing, are you?

[Sue]: No, no, Sam. I only need it for the process.

[Sam]: Oh. Alright, then.

[Sue]: I'll also need some vegetable oil and a baking brush.

But most importantly I'll need these Hama Beads.

[Sam]: Eh? Are you going to make a candy bowl out of candies?

[Sue]: No, these aren't candies. These are beads.

[Sam]: Hm... well, a candy bowl out of candies would have been more interesting.

[Sue]: First I need to grease the bowl with oil. I'll use this brush.

[Sue]: And spread it around.

[Sam]: Let me do it!

[Sue]: Okay...

[Sam]: I'll grease it really really well!! No idea what for, but it's fuun!

[Sue]: Oh, that'll be enough, Sammy. Thanks.

[Sam]: Okay, well, you're welcome! I'll continue gathering my candies.

[Sue]: Go on.

[Sue]: And now I'll take the beads and pour them into the bowl.

Now I need to spread them neatly all over the bottom and the sides.

Just like this. And some more. I'll spread them evenly to make an even layer. Oh, so bright!

[Sam]: Ohhh... ouch...

[Sue]: Sam... eerrr. what happened to the candy...and you?

[Sam]: Oh... one candy flew right into Fluffy's corner. I had to fight for it.

[Sue]: Aww, poor Sam.

[Sue]: So, while Sammy is resting after his battle for the candy, I'll finish spreading the beads... Like this.

We need to get it edge so it will look really really pretty.


Now I'll need to place this into the oven for 10 minutes.

We'll place it onto the parchment paper and close it.

Now, the oven is very hot, so make sure to ask an adult for help.

[Sam]: Is it okay to place beads into the oven?

[Sue]: These beads are okay. They're made for it.

[Sam]: Ooh! They've started to melt! They melt so pretty. Interesting!

[Sue]: Now I'll take the bowl out of the oven and let it cool!

Here we go!

[Sam]: Ha! I'm king of the candy hill!

[Sue]: Yeah, you are. All you need is a crown.

[Sam]: That's fine, I look good even without the crown.

So how's the candy bowl coming out?

[Sue]: Let's take a look!

I'll take it out of the mold... here!

[Sam]: Ooooh.... Yeees.... My candies deserve only this kind of bowl.

Put them in!

[Sue]: I'm doing it.

Now nothing will tear or spill.

[Sam]: Now I won't worry about my candies. I need to eat one, to celebrate. Or two?

[Sue]: Sweet tooth, stoop! Leave them for later.

[Sue]: Guys, did you like this beads bowl?

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[Sam]: What do you mean - finders keepers? It was my candy in the first place! Tsk-tsk! Mind your language!

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