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>> Hi, I'm Emily and this is Total Body Lite, a fluid

and invigorating recovery workout focusing on balance,

strength and flexibility.

With me today are Rebecca, Jenny [assumed spelling],

Anya [assumed spelling] and Sumi [assumed spelling].

If you're new to this, follow Sumi.

She'll be performing a modified version

of each exercise when appropriate.

For this workout, you'll need 2 sets

of weights, light and medium.

Have them ready and let's get started.

Let's warm-up.

Spread the feet, take a big inhale top.

Calf raise.

Exhale down.

2 more. Inhale, exhale.

1 more. Fill the lungs with air.

Good. Squat with a body wave.

Down and up.

Let's add a knee lift in.

Really round through the back.

Just 2 more.

Down and up.

Here's your last 1.

Plant your feet, turn the toes out, hands on the hips.

Plie squat.

Step right and left.

Good. Add your arms here.

Make sure the toes and knees are in the same direction.

4 count plié, down and halfway up.

Good. 1 more time.

Reach the arms wide to the side.

Let's put this together.

2 single plies.

Give me a 4 count on the right.

Lower lift.

Good. 2 singles.

Are your thighs getting warm?

4 counts. Down and up.

Feet together.

Great job.

You're going to take your toes out, arms in a circle.

Reach right and center.

Add a twist, right, left.

Make it fluid.

Just go with it, enjoy the circle.

4 more. Here comes the pivot.

Knee to the floor.

Push into your hip flexor.

Feel a little glute squeeze in 4.

We're going to add on.

Here comes a heel lift.

Arms up. Good.

Really extend and reach through.

In 4. Let's add a double here.

Big arm circle.

Good. Add a glute lift.

Big reach, lift through the heel.

Single, single, double.

Reach right, left, and double.

Single, single, good.

Reach right, up and down on the left.

1 more time.

Reach up and squat center.

Let's do it again.

Reach right and left.

You've got it.

1 more. Doesn't this feel great?

Up and squat center, fast pivot.

Go left right now.

Again, knee to the floor.

Push the hip flexor down.

Here comes the heel lift.

Arms reach.

During this workout, really think about lengthening.

Here we go, lift double.

Reach over.

Good. Now add the glute lift.

Little lift through the heel.

Single, single, double.

Reach left and right, left double.

Do it again.

Good. Reach up on the left, down on the right.

Big reach and twist.

Make this a big movement.

Up and squat center.

Do it again.

Reach up and lower.

1 more time.

Up and squat center.

Let's stretch.

Hands to the right thigh.

Down, round and flatten.

1 more. Open front, turn to the side and lunge.

Down and up.

Add your arms.

Pump here, push.

Good. Rock back.

Let's stretch the hamstring through the back leg.

Lift the toe, really sink into it.

Here comes your knee lift.

Turn front, round through the low back.

Here comes the body wave.

Just 2 times.

Let's do this on the left.

Step left, round and flatten that back.

Doesn't this feel great?

1 more. Good.

Open front.

Turn side, lunge, down and up.

Let's add those arms.

Pump them.

Step back.

Add the hamstring, rock.

Push through the heel.

Sit back, really feel a good stretch right behind your knee.

Here comes your knee lift.

Turn front, round through the back.

Body wave, 2 times.

We're going from the top, you ready?

Plie squat.

Right, left.

Take it down and up.

Now, 4 counts.

Step right, lower lift.

Good. Step to the side, really reach with the arms.

4 counts, down and up.

Bring your legs together.

Great job.

You're going to step out into your plié again,

make your circle.

Twist right center.

Left center.

Here comes that twist, right left.

Enjoy it. This would feel great to the low back and the waist.

Here's 4. Add that pivot.

Knee to the floor, push.

Whoo. Feel that, squeeze through your glute.

Heel lift, arms up.

Really reach.

You're warm now so dig in and reach tall.

4 times. Single, single, double with the glute lift.

Single, single, double and lift.

Do it again.

Single, single, double, lift.

2 more. Single, double and lift.

Last time.

Good. Let's bring it back to single.

Heel lift.

Just reach.

Take a big inhale, slowly bring your feet back together.

You've got it.

Closed squat with a body wave.

Bring it down and all the way up.

Really extend, reach top.

2 times. Great job.

Let's add some weights.

Beginners, you're not going to use weights

to start, you're with Sumi.

Everyone else, pick up one 5 pound weight.

Prepare to squat down and up.

Now, remember with squats, weight stays in the heels,

chest is up, knees over the ankles.

Let's add the arms to this.

Down and pull to the chest, just squeeze right to the chest.

Kind of like a biceps curl.

Now take the arms overhead.

Just down and swing right over the top of your head,

feel those triceps stretch.

Now, don't swing between your knees.

Let's add our knee lift.

Down and lift tall.

Think about getting taller every move.

Reach up. Here comes your balance move right here.

Lift the knee, now extend and reach up.

Bring the knee in and change down.

Extend and reach up.

Good. 2 more like this.

Now think about this, really reach long.

1 more. You look great.

Let's move on.

Great job.

Let's squat to release this weight

and pick up our light weights.

Moving on to the dip and scoop.

We're going to start with a 4 count dip.

Beginners are with Sumi.

Travel right.

Down, halfway up, and change.

Go to the left.

Beginners, again, you're not going as deep.

Let's add our arms.

Pump here.

Pump. Arms down your side, change.

You got it.

Let's do a 4 count squat.

On the right.

Down and lift.

Again, weight in the heels.

Go left. Chest is lifted.

Beginners, not so deep.

Let's add our curls.

Down, lift.

And 1 more.

Good. Let's put them together.

Start with a dip and scoop.

2 dips. Down, push up.

And change.

Good. Push through the front heel.

Let's go to squat.

This is your power press move working the butt and the biceps.

Looks good.

Let's do 1 on each side now.

Start with the dip.

Dip and scoop.

Step side, power press.

Push. Feel your biceps and triceps stretch.

Dip and scoop.

Arms up. Step side and power press.

You look fantastic.

Let's do it again.

Dip and scoop.

Now, this time, think about reaching.

1 more on the side.

Really extend through here.

Dip and scoop.

Reach with your front arm.

Feel the stretch through the back.

Power press side.

You've got it.

Last time through on the right.

Reach back, reach with those arms.

Step side and squat.

This is your last time.

Left leg travels, really push through those arms.

Step side and curl.

You got it.

Let's move on.

Butt and back burner is next.

Keep these weights.

Turn on the diagonal.

Roll the shoulders back, slight bend in your knee,

get under the hips, hinge and row.

Hinge, row, extend and stand.

Do it again.

This works the butt and the back.

Now, let's add a glute lift here.

Down, lift, and stand.

Do it again.

You're alternating your legs.

Now again, beginners, you're with Sumi.

You're not going as low and not lifting that leg as high.

1 more. You look great.

We're going to add on.

Same move, this is your butt and back burner.

Now, stand and scoop the arms forward.

Work that chest.

Do it again.

Down and lift up.

Stand and scoop, just 2.

Okay, we're going to add on to this move, are you ready?

Same move as before.

Butt and back burner.

Stand and scoop, but lift your legs side.

Toe and knee towards the floor, hit the outer hip.

Do it again.

Down, squeeze it up.

Reach and stand tall.

Lift it side.

Good. Let's do 2 more.

Hinge, rown, stand and scoop the leg.

Lift. And this is your last one so make it count.

Down, squeeze it up.

Stand. Lift the leg side.

Last time.

You did it.

Let's put these weights down and stretch.

Squat to release your weights.

Come back center.

Bend your knees, hug your legs and round up.

You'll feel a good stretch through the back.

Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Drop your head, roll up slowly.

Spread your feet, open your arms to the front,

open through the chest.

Enjoy the stretch.

Really extend, feel the ribcage expand.

Lift the chin to the ceiling.

Take a big breath in, exhale

and bring your arms together and down.

Great work.

Lunges are next.

Beginners, no weight, you're with Sumi.

All others, get your light weights.

Let's prepare to lunge with a knee lift.

Right leg travels.

Lunge forward.

Lift the knee, step rear and change sides.

We're going to add some arms to this.

Turn your palms up, scoop and front.

Now open side, pulling it back in, and do it again.

Scoop open, expand the chest.

Good, now turn your palms in.

Same move.

Just a little twist on it.

1 more like this.

Good, now keep your palms in to start.

Open your palms as you open side.

Now, pull your palms back in and change.

Palms in, palms up.

I think you've got it.

Let's do 2 more.

Again, this is a fluid movement.

Think about expanding through the chest.

Down and lift.

Great job.

Plies are next.

Roll the shoulder back.

Keep these weights.

Beginners, you're still with Sumi.

Turn the toes out.

Ready? Plie and slide right.

Plie, slide.

Change left, do it again.

Grab your weights at your waist, now open side.

Just rotate.

Keep the elbows into the waist.

This is called an external rotation.

Breathe as you do this, inhale, exhale.

Enjoy the stretch through the front of the shoulder.

Good, let's go to a 4 count here.

Step right, extend the arms.

Bring it back in and change.

Step left and extend.

Good. Inhale, exhale and push out.

Pull it in and change.

Do it again.

Inhale, exhale.

Good, let's put it with those singles.

Turn. You got it.

4 count right here.

Down, push up.

Good. 2 singles.

Out and in.

I love this move, it feels great.

Exhale, extend, you did it.

Great work.

Let's move into pivots.

You're going to spread your feet.

Again, beginners, you're with Sumi.

You don't have weight here, roll the shoulders back.

Start with your left leg, pivot in.

Turn right, turn left.

Now you really want to push the hip flexor towards the floor.

Get a good squeeze to the glute.

Let's add the arms, bicep, tricep.

Push and curl.

Good. You've got it.

Don't forget about turning your body.

Let's add a glute lift.

Lift through the heel.

Lift, push the hip flexor down.

4 times. Let's double this, give me 2.

Change sides.

You got it.

2 more. Awesome, let's put it with the singles.

You know it, 2 singles.

1 double. 2 singles.

1 double. Moving on, great job.

Take these weights, combine them

in your right hand and turn side.

Place your hand on the thigh,

tighten the tummy, flatten the back.

When you're ready, let's row.

Elbow comes back, scraping the body, lifting past the spine.

Think about your back working, but also think about your chest.

You want to open as you pull back.

Enjoy the stretch for each exercise.

Here's 2. We're going to add a knee lift, you ready?

Here we go.

Pull it in and push it back.

Now you really want to think

about pushing your heel to the floor.

Get a good stretch through the calf.

Dust floor.

Pull it in, push back.

I love this.

I'm feeling great, how about you?

That's your last 1.

Let's change side.

Come up slowly, change the weights,

turn the other direction.

Bend the knees, hand on the thigh

for support, tighten the tummy.

Let's do it.

Lift the elbow, extend.

Good. Squeeze.

Now, don't forget about that stretch.

You should feel the stretch through the chest

and then through the back.

Through the chest, through the back.

Last 2 just like this.

We're going to add that knee in.

Here we go.

Pull it in, push it back.

Oh, that feels so good.

I love to stretch my calves.

We don't really get the opportunity to do it too much.

So, let's enjoy this.

Push down.

Good. Last 2.

You did it.

Let's stretch.

Come up slowly.

Squat to release these weights.

Come center.

Hands to the right thigh.

Squat and round up.

Feel the stretch through the side of the back.

Take a big inhale.

Exhale down.

Roll up slowly.

Let's change sides.

Hands to the other thigh.

Round up and feel the stretch.

This feels good here.

Another big inhale and exhale down.

And then let's roll top slowly.

Head comes up.

Good. Take your right arm across, let's stretch the delts.

We're stretching a lot through this workout

and it's good for muscle recovery.

You want to give your body time to recover

so you can get the body that you want.

Let's change sides.

Ooh, that should feel great through the front

and back of your shoulder.

Take a big inhale and exhale.

Big inhale up, exhale down and let's march.

You did it.

Let's move to cardio.

Step tap right, left.

Step tap. Let's enjoy this.

Go ahead and put your hands on your hips.

Here's 2. Here comes that step knee.

Step and lift.

Now take this opportunity just to round through the back.

Stretch it out just a bit.

Now, straight up with those arms.

Big lift here.

Big lift, reach tall.

This should feel good.

Here comes a 4 count move.

Knee, extend, reach, good.

Knee, extend, change sides.

2 more like that.

As you lift, reach tall and long.

1 more. Lift, reach, let's put it with a 2 knees.

2 knees and lift.

Here's a 4 count.

Inhale, breathe.

2 singles.

I love this.

I feel stretched all over.

Good, let's add on.

Cross step right here.

So, cross and tap.

Good, now add the arm.

1 arm to start, let's add a glute lift here.

Down and lift through the heel.

Just squeeze the glute in the back.

Not a big lift, keep the back flat.

Now, let's repeat it.

Both arms, lift up and change sides.

3 on each side.

Let's do 2 more.

Now, this time, dig a little deeper

and really open through the chest.

You look great.

Let's put it with those singles.

1 side and change.

Here's the repeater.

Lift and open.

Good. 2 singles.

Think about opening through the chest.

Make it fluid, enjoy the movement.

Let's put it with the knee.

Here we go.

Single knee.

4 count knee, lift and reach.

Good. How tall are you?

Can you reach to the ceiling?

I feel like I can.

1 more, 4 counts.

Cross step right, then left.

Big open here.

Good, now dig deep.

Open through the chest, enjoy this.

2 singles.

Whoo. Breathe.

Repeat it.

Let's add on.

Here comes a new move, v step.

Right, left, no arms.

Check out your feet.

Make sure you're making that v. Now let's add our arms

right here.

Wrap and reach.

Just around the waist.

Here's 2. Now, we're going to take it to a turn step

and let your arms just follow.

They graze your sides a little bit.

You look good.

Let's make it a little bit bigger, you ready?

We're going to take it back to a tap

and let your arms pull you down.

Just let them flow.

Good. Now, let's bring it back to that turn step.

2 more just like this.

Now, let's go back to that v. Wrap your waist.

Just a v step.

Here's 2. From the top, step knee right here.

Big arms up.

Here's that 4 counts.

Knee, extend, and reach.

Do it again.

Add a little lilt in your step.

You can come up on the toe if you want to, it feels good.

Reach. Cross step combo here.

Right side and change.

Good. Open, repeat it.

Big arms, dig deep.

Enjoy it. 2 singles.

Don't forget about your breathing.

Your heart shouldn't be getting too hot here.

V step, wrap the arms.

We're keeping this a little low, intensity purposes.

Good. 2 more big.

And bring back to the v step.

Wrap the arms.

We're adding a new move.

Side lunge to the right.

Side lunge and up.

Reach. 1 more.

Circle down and around, go the other way.

Side lunge.

Doesn't this feel good?

Your arms just kind of pull you to the side.

Circle down and around.

Let's do it again.

To the right.

Circle now, reach.

Give me a side bend.

Straight up and circle down.

Go to the left, down and reach over.

Feels good, huh?

Straight up, let's go from the top.

Single knees, up and lift.

Knee and extend.

Reach it up.

Good. 2 singles.


And knee and extend, reach it up.

Cross step right, then left.

Open to the chest.

Don't forget about your glute lift.

Repeat it.

Lift the heel.

2 single crosses.

Open. Repeat it.

Here come those v steps with the wraps.

Here we go.

V step and wrap.

Okay, let's make it big.

Enjoy the flow.

Good. Let that foot just tap back.

One more. V step, wrap those arms,

get ready for those lunges.

Side lunge right, down, reach up.

Now go for the bend.

Straight up and circle down.

To the left, here we go.

This is your last chance so reach.

Enjoy the move.

Circle down and around.

Let's bring it to a little march.

Just a tiny little march.

Take a big inhale in.

Exhale out.

You did a great job.

Side lunges are next.

Beginners, you follow Sumi and you don't need weights here.

All others, let's pick up our light weights.

Move to the center of your space.

We're going to start with the side lunge right and then left,

adding 2 kicks in the center.

Are you ready?

Here we go.

Step right, feet together.

Let's change.

Give me 2 kicks.

Bend the knee as you kick.

Good. Let's do it again concentrating

on putting the weight in the moving leg,

pushing through the heel.

Give me 2 kicks.

Let's add some arms to this.

Start with a scoop across the chest.

Scoop, change sides.

Bring both arms down.

Wrap the shoulder blades around the spine.

Let's do it again.

Scoop, reach, good.

Give me 2 kicks.

Great job.

Continue with this movement.

You might notice we're using light weights throughout

this workout.

We don't want to fatigue our muscles with this workout,

this is about muscle recovery.

We want to enjoy the flow of the movement,

increasing our flexibility, our range of motion,

and our strength without fatiguing our muscles.

So, keep using your light weights.

Reach. Good.

Give me 2 kicks.

If you want your body to change, you have to let it rest.

Muscle recovery is about resting,

letting those muscles rebuild themselves.

Then you'll really get the results you want.

Let's move on.

Tap squats are next.

We're going to start with the arms.

This is a complex movement, a lot going on.

So, let's start with the arms, you ready?

Shoulders back, give me clean and press to start.

Clean and press, French press, bring it down.

You're going to shoulder roll at the top.

Good. Let's do it again.

Clean and press to the French press.

Keep your elbows in towards your head.

Bring it down and shoulder roll.

1 more time.

Clean and press, French press, bring it down,

you ready to put the legs with it?

Make sure your feet are together,

step squat to the right.

Squat, now closed squat.

Bring it down.

As you shoulder roll, calf raise.

Do it to the left.

Squat, push up and closed squat.

Bring it down.

Shoulder roll and calf raise.

2 more like this.

Think about pushing through your heels as you stand up.

Bring the weights down and shoulder roll.

Feel those calves work.

Step squat and push up.

Beginners, you're going to keep following Sumi, you don't want

to squat too deep, okay?

Here we go, let's add a tap squat.

Tap squat and push up.

Sumi is squatting shallow here, you don't want

to go too deep too soon.

Tap squat to the left.

Push up, French press.

Bring it down.

Inhale as you shoulder roll.

Let's do it again.

Tap squat, push up, bring it down.

Calf raise and shoulder roll.

You just get 1 more of these.

Come on. Tap and push up.

Bring it down and shoulder roll.

You can take 1 more big breath.

Great job.

Let's squat to release these weights.

We're moving on to my favorite exercise next.

This is called the pendulum.

Everyone needs 1 medium weight, except for beginners.

You're still with Sumi here.

Spread the feet, bend the knees, tighten the tummy

and flatten your back.

The weight is in both hands, start with a swing to the right

and a circle in the center.

Swing right, circle, then left, big circle.

Enjoy the flow of this move.

Now, release the weight.

To the side and circle.

Enjoy it. Don't go too fast.

Reach. Good, now let's add a tap with a toe.

Tap in and change.

Tap and change.

Good. You look fantastic.

I hope you're feeling great.

Give me 4 more.

Tap, swing.

Just 2 to finish.

And you did it.

Great job, let's stretch.

Bring the weight up slowly, let's squat to release it.

Come back to your space.

Stand to the side.

Side lunge.

Feel the stretch through your inner thigh here,

really sit deep and feel it work.

Open the arms to stretch the chest

and lift your chin to the ceiling.

Take a deep breath in, exhale here.

That's good.

Stand center, bring the arms down.

Let's move to the left.

Lean to the side, feel the stretch through the inner thigh.

Weight is in your back heel, clasp your hands in front.

Press away, drop your chin.

You're stretching the upper back.

Remember to breathe.

Inhale and exhale.

Take a big inhale up, bring your arms top, exhale down.

For triceps stretch, hands go behind the head.

Inhale and exhale.

Bring the arms over and let's march right, left.

We're going to have some fun.

You ready?

Move your hips.

Hands on the hips and just loosen them up a bit.

Okay, we're going to get a little sassy, you ready?

Travel right.

2 times and tap.

And change.

Have fun with this now, come on.

Go to the right.

Give me a push to the front.

Change sides.

Push to the front.

Let's add our arms in here.

Push down and out.

Big sweep, enjoy the movement.

You got it.

Let's add a triple here.

Big triple.

Change sides.

You got it now.

Let's samba to the front, right leg.

Samba, step back left.

Samba, good.

Like that, bring it in.

Good, do it again.

Push front and rear.

Legs out, use your hips.

Let's add the arms.

Swing the arms to the right and then to the left.

Arms out and up, push out, swing it up.

Good, let's do it 1 more time.

Swing to the right, swing to the left.

Arms out and up.

Use your hips, come on.

Here goes the left, just the legs.

Step front, step back.

Step to the side, just the legs here, no arms.

Do it 1 more time.

Front, then back, step side, push out with that hip.

Here come those arms.

Same arms, just swinging left, then right, arms out and up.

Push out, push up.

Do it 1 more time.

Swing and back, out and up.

Here comes those travel hips, you ready?

Let's do it, travel, sweep forward.

Triple change, push.

Now you want to get your hips into this.

Triple change.

Enjoy the movement.

Whoo, that feels good, huh?

You ready for the samba?

With the arms, right front first.

Step back left, push out and up with the arms.

Push out with the heel.

Good, let's go to the left.

Left front, back to the right.

Arms out and up.

You look great.

Let's add on.

Mambo to the side.

Hands on the hips to start.

You're going to triple and change each of these, good.

Now, let's add our arms here.

Back your arms, wrap, open front.

Wrap, open front.

2 more. You got it.

Now 4 count move.

Mambo, open.

Mambo, triple.

Change sides.

Mambo, open, you got it.

Mambo triple.

This is easy, I know you can move like this.

This is fun, nice and easy, no impact.

Good, let's put them together.

2 singles.

Mambo change.

Here's that 4 count.

Mambo, open, mambo, triple.

Do it again, 2 singles.

All right, travel hips, here we go.

Push right, left, big sweep.

Triple here.

You got it.

Enjoy the arms, just kind of let them flow.

Don't make it too stiff.

One more time.

Here comes that samba.

Swing your arms right, step back.

Out and up with the arms.

Push out, pull it in.

Let's do it on the left.

Swing, push back.

Out and up with the arms.

Push out and up, here comes the mambo combo.

2 singles.

Wrap and open, change.

4 counts. Mambo, open, mambo change.

2 singles.

Mambo and change.

This is the mambo combo, remember those 2 words.

Here we go, from the top.

Travel, push down.

And sweep.

Triple. Isn't this fun?

Do you feel like a dancer?

I do. I didn't realize my hips could move this way

until I tried to get into it.

You should try it because nobody's looking.

Samba, here we go.

Big swing, sink low.

Out and up with the arms, push out, push up.

Samba here.

Left front, right back.

Out and up.

Push out, push up.

Mambo combo.

Let's go. Wrap and open.

Now think about traveling just a little bit.

Mambo open, mambo change.

Do it again.

Change. Mambo open.

Mambo change.

This is your last time.

Travel step.

Travel, here we go.

Sweep and triple.

Come on, this is your last time.

Can't be a diva for too much longer.

Push it out.

Here comes that samba.

Swing, push back.

Out and up, push out, push up.

Go left. Samba.

Push back.

Out and up.

Push and up, here comes the mambo combo.

Wrap and open.

Mambo, open and triple change.

Last time, come on.

Mambo and open.

Mambo, open.

Mambo, triple change.

And march it, here we go.

Just add some hips, bring it down.

Inhale, exhale, you did a great job.

Figure 8 side lunges are next.

Beginners, you don't need weights,

you're going to follow Sumi.

Everybody else, let's get that 1 medium weight.

Bring it center, hold the weight at your chest.

We're going to start with a side lunge and shift our weight side

to side, then change and go the other way.

You ready?

Let's do it.

Side lunge, shift, bring the feet in and change sides.

Side lunge, shift, feet together,

now let's add a glute lift.

Side lunge, shift, lift the leg, other way.

Side lunge, good.

Lift, let's add those arms.

Figure 8 with your arms.

Big lift up as you lift the leg.

Figure 8. Big lift up.

Good. Go with the flow here.

Let the momentum just take you where you should go.

Good. Now, that you've got the move,

let's think about lengthening as you lift, really extend.

This workout is all about lengthening and strengthening.

We want to be long and lean, not tight and tired.

Big lift. One more, squeeze, and big lift.

Ones are next.

Bring the weight to the chest.

Roll the shoulders back and take a deep breath in.

Good. Let's start with a lunge, right leg first.

Then 2 knee lifts.

Here we go.

Right leg, lift the left right knees.

Go left. Lift the right left knees.

Good. Add a chop right here.

Bring it down across the knee, arms up, crunch.

Good. Down across the knee, arms up, you got it.

2 times. Down and up, squeeze that tummy.

I'm a mom, I like to work as much as I can.

Let's do it again.

Now, slow it down and French press.

Give me 2 slow knees.

Think about squeezing those abs.

Let's do it.

Lunge and French press.

Give me 2 slow knees.

Good, that's your triceps tummy toner.

It's working.

Lunge, French press.

2 slow knees, squeeze that tummy.

Good. Just 1 more and you're there.

Lunge, up, French press, 2 slow knees, squeeze.

You did it.

Let's bring that weight down.

We're going to set up for chair pose.

Beginners, you're with Sumi.

You're going to keep your hands at your chest level.

Everyone else, arms up.

You ready?

Here we go.

Chair and step side, bring it in.

Now take that foot and lunge.

Reach back with that lunge.

Bring it in.

Let's do it again.

Again, beginners, you're with Sumi.

You're not going to lunge as deep.

Keep it shallow.

Good. 1 more time.

Here's our chair.

Step out and bring it in.

Now hold this lunge back, just squeeze and hold here.

Now, take the elbow right here across the knee and up.

Beginners, hand is on your thigh.

You're with Sumi here.

All others, both arms up.

Reach way up, really extend through your middle.

Stretch the core.

Last 1. Great work.

Bring your feet together.

Arms up and breathe.

Exhale down, roll those shoulders.

Let's do it again.

Moving left, chair, step, feet together.

Now travel back with that leg, big lunge.

Step together, let's do it again.

Chair, step, together.

Big lunge back, really reach with your arms.

And last time, come on.

Give me a chair and move, you got it.

Hold this lunge back, reach as far as you can.

Hold here, here we go.

This is your corkscrew.

Reach across the knee and up.

Reach and up.

Again, beginners, with Sumi.

Keep that hand on the hip.

Now, everyone else, I'm challenging you, reach long.

Extend through the body.

Remember, we're lengthening here and that's it.

Great work.

Bring it up, let's roll the shoulders.

Whoo, take those toes out.

Turn your right toe out, right left heel down, arms out.

Lower lift.

This is the warrior pose.

You're lowering in to the right side.

Here's 2. Hold this 1 static.

Now, enter arms in right here.

You're just going to lean over and reach.

Remember to keep that arm close to the head.

Ribcage is down.

Great job, come up.

We're going to change sides.

Turn the left toe out, right heel back.

Again, shoulder back, deep breath in.

Here we go.

Lower lift, into that leg.

You're going to feel

that through the inner thigh, that's good.

Use your arms, pull in opposite directions.

Now add the arms in.

Reach and up, you're reaching as far as you can,

lengthening your body.

Great work, come top.

Heel toe, heel in.

Bring your arms down.

Take a deep breath, good.

Let's move to the floor, we've got star next.

We're going to work our outer hip and our waist.

Lie down on your forearm, knees and hips

in line, feet behind you.

You ready?

Let's lift right here.

Lift it up and lower.

Now, you're targeting your outer hip

and your waist right here on the bottom side.

Take that arm and sweep it up.

Hold it up here.

Squeeze. Remember to breathe.

Now everyone lift your knee.

Just open at the top.

Open and squeeze it up.

2 times. Beginners, you're here.

Everyone else, extend your leg.

Just open it to the front.

Extend. You look beautiful.

Okay, now, we're going to take it up and just hold.

Here we go.

Reach, reach, come on lift it higher.

Don't quit on me now.

You're doing great.

Good work.

Lower down.

Let's move into moving cat.

On to all 4s.

Set your table, tighten the tummy.

When you're ready, pull the leg in.

4 counts. Extend for 4, really reach.

Give me a push up, bring it back in.

Let's change sides.

Pull it in.

Really extend, pull the shoulders down, push up.

You got it.

2 more like this.

Think about rounding through your back, then extending

and making it a long body.

Come up, bring the knee down.

Let's do 1 more.

Round and really extend.

Push up. Now, beginners, you're going to stay here.

Going to add a glute squeeze next.

So, round up, really extend.

Push up, give me a glute squeeze at the top.

Knees in, other side.

Round, how long are you?

Can you reach longer than this?

Lower down, glute squeeze.

Remember, you're long and lean.

Round that back, extend through.

Down and up, glute squeeze.

This is your last time.

Give me a good round back and a really long leg.

Lower down, glute squeeze.

Great job.

Sit back in child pose.

Heels to the glutes, push your arms away.

Let's stretch.

This feels good.

Take a deep breath in, exhale.

Turn to the other side.

Let's move down for star.

Here we go.

Lift lower.

Up and down, it's the same form as before.

Make sure your knees and hips are in line.

Here comes that arm, sweep it up.

Squeeze. Remember,

you're working the bottom side, here comes that knee.

Open at the top.

Squeeze it up, give you

that little squeeze right through that hip.

Now, beginners, you're here.

Everyone else, extend the leg.

Remember to breathe.

Don't hold your breath on this one.

Now, take it up and just hold.

Long, lean lines.

Reach tall and reach long.

Inhale and exhale.

Great job.

Come down slowly.

Push top. We're going to get our weights for flying bug.

Get your light weights, bring them front.

Beginners, you don't have weights here.

You're with Sumi.

You're going to roll back, bring your knees

to 90 degrees, arms up.

When you're ready.

Down 2, up 2 here.

Down 2, up 2.

Now just the arms on this one.

Right back, then left.

Now, let's add our legs in.

Down 2, up 2.

Now, arms follow the legs here.

Tap the toe to the floor.

Good. Down 2, up 2, just a regular pec fly.

Keep a slight bend in that elbow.

You're hugging that giant barrel.

You're also working the front of the shoulder along

with those chest muscles.

Tap. You're doing great.

Inhale, exhale.

Good. Don't forget about the legs.

Just 2 and you're there.

You're doing a great job.

Whoo, hasn't this been fun?

Do you feel long and lean?

I do. Inhale, exhale.

Last time.

Good tap with those toes.

Let's move on to abs.

Great job.

Bring the weights down.

Place them behind you.

Place the hands behind the head.

We're going into circle abs.

You ready?

Here we go.

Twist up, all the way around, and back down.

Go the other way.

Up, all the way around.

Beginners, you're here.

Everyone else, extend those arms and reach, back.

Do it again.

Extend the arms up, you're doing a great job.

Inhale and exhale as you look at each knee.

Good. Exhale as you look at your knees.

Just 4 left.

Enjoy this movement.

Feels good to the abs and the legs.

Last 2. You're going to have a great tummy after this.

And you did it.

Lower down.

Extend the arms and legs.

Take a deep breath in, exhale here.

Let's move into our stretch.

Pull the knees to the chest slowly.

Hug your legs, just hold.

Great work.

Let's take that right foot, place it on the knee.

Reach in through the legs and pull the knee to the chest,

stretching the outer hip and thigh.

You did a great job today.

And this stretch is the best part of it.

Good. Let's release this and change.

Take the other foot on the knee.

Reach in through the legs and pull.

Feel a good stretch to the other outer hip.

And release this foot, but hold on to the knee.

Roll yourself top.

Roll around the other way on to your tummy.

We're moving into the cobra.

Hands are here.

Take a deep breath in, extend the upper body up.

Beginners, you're keeping your elbows on the floor.

Feel a good stretch through the tummy.

All others, lift your elbows up

and extend just a little further.

Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Remember to pull the shoulders down away from the ears,

lift your eyes and chin towards the ceiling.

You should never feel this in your back.

If it hurts, you need to release the stretch.

Stretching should always be gentle.

Lower down.

Reach back and grab your right foot.

Reach for the ankle, pull the heel towards your glute.

Push your hip into the floor,

stretching the front of the thigh.

Those are your quadriceps and they did some work.

They need a good stretch.

Inhale, exhale and release this.

Let's change sides.

Reach for the other ankle.

Pull the heel to the glute, again,

pushing that hip bone into the floor.

Another inhale and exhale.

And let's move on.

Press up on to the side and up into the mermaid pose.

Feet are in front of you, take the arm up.

Big reach here, you should feel the stretch

through the waist right.

And then change, hand down.

And the waist on the left.

And bring it up slowly.

Take the right foot forward, bring your left leg in.

Big inhale, arms up, exhale and lean forward.

Chest down towards the knee, stretching the hamstring.

Take a big inhale up.

Pull the knee in.

Turn to the left.

Stretch the back.

Big inhale, exhale, and open a little further.

Proud chest.

Good job. Turn back front.

Take your legs to the other side.

Take that arm up and over.

Left arm now.

Feel a stretch, a deep stretch through the left side.

Big inhale.

Exhale down.

Place that hand on the floor.

Lift the other arm up and over.

Really enjoy the stretch.

Breathe with each move.

Increase your flexibility when you have the chance.

Come up slowly.

Extend your left leg, pull your right knee in.

Take a deep breath in, arms up, exhale and lean forward.

Lead with the chest.

Again, your back is flat here.

We don't want a round back.

You should feel the stretch behind the knee

in the hamstring.

Big inhale up, pull the knee in, and twist.

To the right side now to stretch the back.

Boy, that feels great.

Inhale 1 time, exhale and open a bit further.

Turn to the front.

Cross the legs in front and walk your hands back.

Beginners, notice Sumi has her legs a little further in front.

Open the chest to the sky.

Lift the chin.

Exhale down.

Take a big inhale up.

Arms come top.

Hand together and stretch the triceps.

Feel the stretch through the back of the arms.

Take a deep inhale.

Bring the arms up, exhale and side.

Now move to the right to all 4s.

Take a big inhale and round the back.

Separate the shoulders.

This should feel good through the mid and upper back.

Now, reverse it.

Drop your bellybutton towards the floor.

Cast your eyes and chin upwards, pull the shoulder

down away from the ears.

Bring it back to a neutral back.

Walk your hands back.

Place your toes on the floor.

Press the weight into your feet.

Let's walk it up slowly.

Weight is in the heels and then, gently, roll top.

Head is last to come up.

Turn to the front, lean to the right.

Take the hand behind you.

Grab your wrist, pull to stretch the delts,

the front of the shoulder.

Come up slowly.

Take your head to the right.

Feel the stretch through the next,

down in the trapezius, bring it up.

Big shoulder roll.

Let's lean left.

Do the same thing.

Take the right arm, pull it back behind you,

grab your wrist and pull.

Again, stretching the front of the shoulder.

You're almost there and you've done such a good job today.

Come up slowly.

Take your head to the left.

Good. Again, feeling the stretch right here through the neck.

Come up and big shoulder roll.

Give me 1 big inhale.

Bring those arms all the way up.

And exhale down.

And you did it.

Great job.

You just finished Total Body Lite,

a workout that will strengthen and lengthen your muscles.

Use this program to recover and rejuvenate your entire body.

I had a great time with you today

and I can't wait to see you again.

[ Music ]

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