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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Dragon's Den Pitch | EFL Class Activities

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hello and welcome to our live video from

real English with real teachers today we

will be giving you an ESL activity and

English is a second language activity

for a classroom or just for you to break

the ice to feel comfortable with friends

practicing English so it's going to be a

fun one and of course it's not just me

charlie we've also got Harry on the

other line on the other side of the

world I'm in Australia and he is back in

Bedford UK hello Harry

hello Charlie hello

thank God it's not just you ain't God

that'd be awful that would be awful how

many how many people would stay around

if if it was if it was just this the

whole time hey how long how long yeah

would you guys would you guys stick

around for that would you stick around

for that if you've watched our phrasal

verb about our video about phrasal verbs

containing the word stick you will know

what that means

stick around would you stick around

would you remain in the class if it was

just Charlie I don't think I would ah

that's a shame

but do say because I am dying to know

I really don't say doing the live

broadcast Justin they and news yes

exactly save it for later save up for

our Instagram because you know we have

Instagram guys we are on Instagram and

on Facebook would you believe it that is

the truth we are we are we are yeah yeah

catch us on there yep there they are

over there over there but um yeah so we

do this activity on our courses we've

for the last two years we've been doing

emerging courses which are residential

English courses where we we rent a nice

big house and we live with our students

and we do activities excursions lessons

and cook together all of that

and Dragons Den is one of our favorite

activities to do because it's a really

good communicative activity so it's

helping students to use the language to

really use a language and to be creative

with the language as well which is

really important we need to be creative

where we're human beings we're naturally

very creative on me Charlie so we need

to create definitely yeah it's all about

being creative so you said Dragon's Den

that might not be a universal term what

do you mean by Dragon's Den

good question joy so Dragon's Den is a

program in the UK and we broke them it's

a TV program thank you yes TV program in

the UK where entrepreneurs entrepreneurs

who are people who are business minded

people businessmen and businesswomen who

want to start a new company so that is

an entrepreneur they go on to the show

Dragon's Den and they they pitch they

pitch or they give a pitch about a new

product that they have invented or and

normally a new product maybe an

invention something completely new so a

pitch what's a pitch Charlie as it says

below it's like a presentation yeah but

it's normally selling something yes

exactly so do you in your like lessons

do you ever have to give a bit of a

pitch as to why the student should

continue taking classes with you that's

funny you should say that actually

sometimes when I have trial lessons I've

done this for quite a while now so I'm

quite relaxed and I think if they feel

like it's a good connection then they'll

be happy to book another lesson but the

other day someone said can you tell me

why I should I should be a student of

yours and not Harry's yeah that's my

main I've been watching both of you and

I've put

trial lesson with you I'm gonna book a

trial lesson with Harry but I want you

to tell me why should I go with you

hilarious who who was that

to throw I'm ready for them I I can't

remember their name actually it was a

little day it was it was at least a

month or two ago well I hope they're

watching and they realize you've

forgotten their names

so obviously judging by that then they

didn't choose you you don't exactly you

need to root your pitch yeah I do yeah

and my memory but anyway so either a

pitch or a presentation and an

entrepreneur is as Harry said is often

bringing an invention and they are also

often inventors themselves they are they

are often inventors we've had some

interesting products that been

introduced on this program to the

venture capitalists so a venture

capitalist is an investor it's an

investor someone who has lots of money

who wants a new venture so adventures

like a new business endeavor something

new in the business world so and this

pitch is always given by the

entrepreneur to a panel of venture

capitalists who are thinking about how

they can invest their money how they can

invest their their dollars although

their pounds their pounds in a new

product that will that will earn them

more money having invested it so there

we have venture capitalists and today in

this lesson you you English Learner

you're going to be the venture

capitalists we want you to be thinking

along with the other the other venture

capitalists who'll be Charlie I'm going

to give a pitch Charlie will also be a

venture capitalist and you guys you want

you to ask your questions and really put

me under pressure scrutinize me

scrutinize ask lots of questions and dig

there's to scrutinize yeah earlier you

said a panel of venture capitalists a

panel being a group

of people that have come together that

usually are like-minded yes so what was

that a panel a panel just describing a

panel is a group of people brought

together that are usually yeah of like

mind good yeah I just said yeah you know

sometimes just say yes like holiday just

talking talking talking you say yeah

yeah yeah sorry can you repeat

everything you just said about your

family well I actually had dinner the

other night with my sister her husband

and Stacie and I was in conversation and

my sister and then I just said it was

quite interesting in my opinion the

conversation we were having and then I

just said isn't that right Stacy and she

just looked at me said oh I'm sorry I'm

not listening be very honest appreciate

the honesty good yeah good fun all right

we're having dinner I thought you would

be but fair enough it wasn't like she

was distracted she had a phone or she

was a computer she just chose not to


she wasn't even eating she finished her

dinner completely not there she was

thinking about the dessert but there you


but yeah the dessert but you guys to get

you to get you moving and in the in the

comments can you tell us are there any

programs like this like Dragons Den

Adventure caps of this show in your

country and if so what new inventions

have been introduced maybe you can tell

us about a new startup company a startup

so in a new company in your country can

you tell us in the comments so we can

learn a bit about about your your

countries that are we really interesting

yeah definitely so should we go on to

the first example of a of a pitch

potentially let's go on let's go on to a

pitch edge would you like to give me a

pitch about that

company you were you were talking about

earlier degree hanging up turn your

volume up slightly yeah I can see that

mines on max any chance you can bring

her down so if I just press volume down

it work right

no that's the output that's the output

so which one thing do I used to learn

down if you need to go into your

computer settings I don't sound

preferences and then write output

classic I know your input your input

anyway so Harry's gonna do that and then

I am going to tell you all about a

Dragon's Den example so we'll bring this

up here there we go welcome to Dragon's

Den so I was thinking of a fantastic

idea area where you you create an online

platform that allows language learners

all over the world to to join together

and be taught by a native who is from

that country that they're wanting to

learn the language of and they're

nowhere near each other so they go

online and they do this web conference

kind of thing or like an online school I

guess and they can do it every day for

about three months and that will just

completely boost their confidence and

their skill level what do you think

about that oh by the way by the way

this is this is called lingo des this

would be my imagination of something

called lingo des got a feeling sounds

like an interesting an interesting idea


but if you're taking a lesson every day

for three months on this platform in a

group is it not going to cost quite a

lot of money you know it's gonna cost a

lot of money and what if you don't have

time to do a lesson every day you know

well it is sometimes expensive if you do

outside of something like lingo des if

you were doing it privately perhaps but

with this organization I'm imagining

that they would give you the challenge

of doing it every single day and if at

the end of it you managed to succeed and

you metaphorically passed that marathon

finishing line then you get all your

money back shucks

yeah all your money back can you believe


but if that's too much about a long race

for you or is that too intense you don't

have that time you could do the half

marathon and that's 15 days a month for

three months but fees not 15 classes 15

classes thank you 15 classes in a month

for three months and then at the end of

that you get half of your money back wow

that's pretty good so this is actually

real isn't it oh my god so oh yeah an

amazing it's an amazing deal it's an

amazing deal nice pitch charlie

nice pitch and I you know if if I were

an investor right now I would say I'm in

I'm in and meaning you know I'm going to

get to be involved in this consider me

an investor in your product I am in I

think it's an amazing deal the let

language marathon you need to sign up

before the night of September so if you

want to seduce marathon then you need to

sign up before the 9th of September

today's the 21st of August but places

are limited so if you want to take part

in this amazing offer then we recommend

that you sign up sooner rather than

later so we have a discount code in the

description box below which will get you

ten them $10 discount on the sign up to

this marathon I've been doing it for

Spanish it's helped me massively

massively in my confidence I've been

doing the half marathon

and just got back from a trip to Spain

honestly I felt so much more comfortable

speaking the language so I recommend you

give it a go look at the description box

there are the frequently there is a link

to the frequently asked questions the fa

Q's so check them before you sign up

just to make sure you you're aware of

the rules and the things you need to do

so that you can get your money back off

them so I hope you enjoy that and let's

let's one one quick add-on they're

really nice glad that it improved your

confidence when you went to Spain you

felt good what if you don't complete the

marathon what if you go for it you think

you're great and then you don't quite

make all of them what happens so you

don't you don't complete all the lessons

hmm well you don't you don't get your

money you don't get your money back but

still that the lessons are very

affordable anyway it works out alike I

don't know eight seven eight euros per

lesson which is really cheap really gdg

and you still have that confidence and

all that all that vocab and all that

speaking practice it's really is

valuable stuff yeah and on top of that

you've still got all of those classes

that you still want to do because you've

got to pay for it so the pressure is

still there yeah yeah and I'll tell you

the truth I failed the marathon but I'm

still still I'm still enjoying it ain't

I failed it because I was stupid I

didn't put the date in my diary it's

very durable and I've spoken to students

that have completed it so yeah if you

don't get your money back it's still

affordable and it's still gonna help you

and force you to to really progress with

your your language better yeah let's say

let's get going with that with Dragons

Den hope you enjoy the marathon guys

there we go okay back to rue it real

English with real teachers so yeah that

side Harry hit me with your pitch please

I am the venture capitalist

catalyst can't even say my title that

shows how much money I've got in my bank

and my pocket here impress me

okay cool okay just before I do that my

student Carlos has asked me can you tell

me why I should be your student a

student of yours and not Charley's eater

pitch to him I've got lesson with him

later and ultimately brahim has said

we've established a program called

machine driver startup company in Turkey

but things are not going well a program

or machine driver startup I don't know

what that is Ibrahim or a Ibrahim from

and primary driver is in like

self-driven cars maybe perhaps yeah tell

us more about Avery I'm sorry it hasn't

got off to a good start

yeah so you could say the the venture

hasn't hit the ground running good enjoy

nice very nice

yeah so it hasn't hit the ground running

meaning it hasn't gone the way that you

had planned it hasn't started strongly

that's it and then if it did start

strongly you could say yeah we have

really hit the ground running or the

project has hit the ground running good

experience so okay I'm gonna start my

pitch and Dragon okay yeah please do

okay I'm intrigued okay so thank you for

having me here my name is Harry as you

can see in my little box I am an

entrepreneur and I'm also a language

coach I specialized in pronunciation and

I've been working as a pronunciation

specialist now for 30 years okay

and I I went I said look about 30 what

you look about 30 so did you start very

young well yeah I've aged well I'm I'm

I'm 49 okay

aged well lovely I've aged well yes so

I'm getting old

slowly in a physical sense and I'm still

gonna die one day but I have aged well I

am aging well look at me yeah well carry

on this is well my students say the same

to me

so but I've got I've had thousands of

students charlie sir mister mr. Baxter

I've had lots of students and the

majority of them want to speak with a

perfect British accent and it required

lots of training and yes I have had lots

of success but there are some students

that because of their first language

because of the sounds in their first

language it's really really hard to

sound British no matter no matter how

much coaching we have we do it's just

too hard to break to break their habits

to break their habits meaning to to

change their habits of of pronunciation

to break one's habits is too it's too

much so I thought what if what if

there's another solution - what if

there's another solution to that this ok

I I can't think of one so you've

obviously you've obviously thought

outside of the box because most people

think that there's not another solution

out there no surprise me

yeah I have I have thought outside the

box I have to go outside of the box we

can use of can we but then sometimes

without yeah

outside of the box outside the box yeah

yeah I have yeah other boy thoughts

creatively and I thought what if there

was a medical treatment for this and I I

i have teamed up with them some other


from Cambridge University where I

graduated from so I've teamed up with

with these with these professors one who

is a medical student he's now our he's a

consultant at hospital in London and

another linguist like myself whose name

is and he's a Spanish linguist and we

we've teamed up together right and we've

created a state-of-the-art a

state-of-the-art breath spray and it's

called instant British accent as you can

see it's all with we've got the

packaging and everything we have the

spray and with just two sprays of the

infant British accent breath spray you

can sound like a native speaker

with just two two sprays two sprays now

that is epic

I'm just gonna change this up one second

it's off state of the arts while charlie

fart and the presentation of the video

and state of the art is isn't an

expression that we use to describe

something that's incredibly modern and

technologically advanced so to make this

spread this spray is state-of-the-art or

I could say this is a state of the art

spray and so it makes you sound richer

but it makes you sound richer like you

have more money you can sound like like

I brie you can sound like the Queen Wow

Wow okay have you tried this yourself

III have it just makes me sound Pasha it

makes me sound richer smarter and even

makes me look more attractive if you can

believe that

okay could we sample it right now could

you take it

out-of-the-box and and well I don't

think I'm going to take you out of the

box but I can kind of do a demonstrator

III it's the only prototype we have at

the moment so no we already packaged it

you packaged it and you say that you've

tried it and you say that this is the

only one well it's the only one that we

have in a box

we'll get the one that you've used

please all right well I have some here

oh good I've been drinking it throughout

the show do you mind if I do that what

you sprayed it in your water yes yes

exactly I put oh okay I did a double

dose I had to get a double dose alright

let's let's see it yeah go for it okay

so I'm gonna take a nice big glug of

this a glug glug big sip good glug

lovely GOG that okay right yes now I'm

I'm I'm ready this is the the spray yes

and now I sound little bit richer little

bit smarter and even I think I look more


I might unbutton one of my baskets the

richer have more chest exposed more

chest and usually more hair on the

nipple okay very good thank you very

much for that

so so this this invention can it be used

worldwide or does it is it better on

some different nations perhaps oh no

well amazingly this can be this can be

tailored to the needs of the customer so

if somebody is from Indonesia for

example they can buy the instant British

accent breath spray for Indonesians and

likewise if you ask vanish you can buy

the instant British accent for Spanish

speakers so

all right go I'm guessing posture and

posture by the minivan by oh god okay so

it gets stronger and stronger as you go

yes if not usually takes around around

thirty Seconds to a minute to really

kick in to kick in meaning to take

effect and so as you can hear I am

gradually getting posture and posture

and I am articulating everything I'm not

using any gospel tease at all why I'm

speaking very much like a BBC news

presenter in the 50s yeah exactly

in in in the 50s so dark Daria Daria

said I wonder if the voice changes after

using the spray we've got proof there we

go he's sprayed it in his glass and and

there we have it he sounds a lot of

pascha so yeah very effective yes yes

it's very effective and but so as we've

only we've spent all of our funds and we

are repaying quite a hefty student loan

and all three of us

hefty meaning big a hefty student loan

and so an amount of money that has been

given to us by the government thank you

very much to the government for that

hefty student road but I am now having

to pay it back so we do need some

investment and for your participation

mr. Baxter in this venture I would like

to to to to to art for an investment of

500,000 pounds for the development of

this product and in return in return for

your investment of 500,000 barrels I

will give you 20% equity in my company

Hey certainly a hefty hefty fund

yeah so you want me to give you half a

million to distribute this spray that

you've already created a prototype of

and are you focusing globally are you

gonna go global straight away this is

going to be global yes I mean English is

a global language and therefore we need

to develop sprays not only for Indonesia

and Spain but for other areas of of the

world but also for Americans for

Australians so everybody can speak with

a perfect British accent oh I think

you've got that bit carried away there

haven't you you think I got carried away

why the American can speak how they like

the Aussies can speak how they like and

the Brits can speak how they like how

very dare you assume that they need this

spray very assuming of you well well

well well well I thought that some

actors actors mainly for actors what him

an actor wants to interpret a British

character I mean we have seen some

absolutely terrible interpretations of

Brits by Americans and Australians so

they need a spray like this but you said

that I got carried away charlie and

that's a great expression meaning

meaning meaning that I got too excited

and maybe said something inappropriate

so no I got carried away there yes okay

so so the actors that that make sense

yes and would you be promoting it as a

commercial product on the same price as

as anyone who just wants to improve

their accent versus an actor that needs

to be paid the big bucks for their

really good English British English

accent well that's one of the main

benefits it costs a lot of money to have

one-to-one tutoring to change your

accent it cost a lot of money really

does and these online courses are also

very expensive so the spray you can buy

this for two

99 from your local from your local

pharmacy $2.99 $2.99 yes okay any make

any profit on that yes we make profit

yes it costs around one pound two to

make unbelievably and win 34 to 99

yes any question so 20% equity equity

meaning your share of the company I'm

going to give you 20% equity and you're

going to give you 500,000 pounds right

okay that that might be possible but I

need to discuss it with my fellow

venture capitalists Mila has said does

it have any side effect a bloody good

question does it have any side effects

do you start to grow crazy-looking hair

do you need to wear glasses and does

your does your shirt undo itself perhaps

well we did a trial of a hundred

participants whoo-hoo trial this product

yeah we had in divisions and with

Spaniards and Indonesia's if these two

well they're the only people who watch

our bloody channel so we had oh yeah

yeah we had 1500 Asians and 50 Spaniards

and we trialed this product over the

period of out of a week okay and we we

look to see their improvements and

around five of the subjects five of the

participants did start to grow breasts

British breasts well yes yes not very

saggy saggy breasts British British

breasts yes okay

good to hear we've got another question

do you have different versions of the

spray for a different accents like

cockney for her perhaps do you have a

cockney spray well perhaps we will in

the future with your investment I'm sure

we could I mean the the standard accent

comes with this is is an RP accent but

we are developing one for a more modern

day standards southern British accent

which you would hear from fantastic

teachers like Harry and Charlie on

YouTube I see okay

and as Abdul has said does it come as a

cream at all it's just that's another

line of products that we are thinking

about creating yes I'm sure we will be

able to to to to to adapt this product

for creams absolutely hairspray you know

who knows who knows okay okay yeah well

I think I've got one more question and

so does ad oh I do how long is the spray

effective for when does it wear off how

effective is it

when does it wear off I like that chai

nice language there what did you mean by




how long does it last yeah how long does

it last so we're off like it begins to

go - yeah - finished - stop being

effective okay so well usually it lasts

for around 24 hours so I've taken my

gulps of the my sprays for the day 10:00

a.m. and it will last until around 10:00

a.m. tomorrow morning where I will have

another another glass of water with a

couple of sprays of the instant British

accent breath spray okay all right well

I think I'm I'm actually going to say go

back to the laboratories and come up

with a few more ranges of accents like

this suggestion Scottish Welsh and

cockney and then I will invest in your

company but but I can't do that without

the funding I need the funding the

funding the money the moolah

the mullah very nice the mullah the


well you've you've managed to create a

prototype of the RP accent off your own

back so I don't see why you can't do the

same with the other accents it's not

like I'm asking you to distribute


I will fund that part okay so you will

fund this this one once you get the

other accents ready to order well well I

can hardly tell you our plan of how we

can do that but I've done I can't

possibly fund such a venture I am

struggling I've to be honest I'm living

with my mummy again oh dear right I have

no money I have no moola I've never

liked a Mulla Mulla is very very

informal meaning money yes someone with

a spray like this wouldn't use that kind

of language which leads me to a worrying

concern they might be able to use the

accent but they might not know the

language associated to the accent

there's a problem there well I have to

bloody revise though I have to bloody do

some work it's not not everything is

just easy

everyone wants everything to be bloody

easy we've given you with this spray we

are giving the student an accent they

can bloody learn the vocabulary they

want to speak formally well they want to

get a bloody job with the BBC they're

going to have to do some bloody research

right so it's it's not exactly as simple

as buying a 299 bottle spray you've

still got to do the hard work yourself

well not really not really you have to

do very much work just a little bit just

a little bit okay so last one from

positive vibes how does it taste well

taste like blackcurrant

I can say and bill that one okay so

we've got a comment saying is this spray

related to the Dragons Den so do you

want to tell them the relation to this

and and how the whole exercise works in

an ESL activity Harry yes well basically

it's a I'm gonna stop speaking like that

now it's worn off now yeah yeah it's

it's great if you are a teacher because

you do it in a we do it on the course of

two groups so we will say right both

groups you need to invent a new product

and you need to create your pitches

together so it's a really good

communication activity because they need

to all speak within the group and then

pitch together

pitching presenting is hard in a

language and then naturally like during

this conversation we've had lots of

random words coming out like this so

it's VOC outlet it merges naturally

during during the pitch and that's

exactly what this exercise is all about

but we've had interesting 170 Sharlee

where everyone has a different role in

the group so you use different language

depending on what role you have in the

group yeah that's right so we set them

the task we normally introduce it with a

little fun random invention that we've

thought of I think the last one we did

was VI poop the spray it's always sprays

what were that about but we spray the

spray that you put in the toilet to make

your your doodoos sound smell nice not

sound anyway and then they go off for

about 10-15 minutes as a group and they

discuss who's going to pitch what who's

going to present what and and then they

come together and they present it in

front of everybody who is also part of

the panel and then just like you guys

have done they ask relevant questions to


the inventors it's really good it's

great and as a teacher you can sit there

and you can be a dragon you can be one

of the investors like Charlie has been

and you can write down notes about their

English there may be some notes on good

things that the student has said and

also some some maybe some mistakes

things that you can correct afterwards

and then you can go through that on the

board after so it's a really cool really

cool communication activity it's a Dogme

activity which is like a teaching method

which is all about having organic

activities which create conversation and

they're very flexible there's no there's

no set plan so it's very open and allows

and the content of the lesson to emerge

naturally in the class exactly okay

thank you very much Harry I appreciate

your your pitch thank you and that was

really that that item was actually given

to you by a German student that came on

our immersion course didn't he yeah

Thank You Bjork beyond beyond beyond yon

thank you young and pure Borg is it Borg

is the tennis player theone Borg but but

yeah Bjorn thank you for this I love it

I love it love you hope you're well he's

a hairdresser

he is you've published a book he's

published a book for hairdressers

English English phrases for hairdressers

in Germany yes yes that was a really

nice idea so he's already done it yes

public yeah so he's an entrepreneur he's

an entrepreneur

yeah so Charlie uh-huh what'd you go

sorry what did you say God he didn't

need to go to a venture capitalist he

did it off his own back did it off his

own back off his own back me he did it

himself without the help of other people

without other people encouraging him he

did it off his own back yeah shall we

review some of the vocab quickly sure


how would you guys do that babe


rhyming that be stressful rhyming all

stressful yeah let's do it nice next

full of you why don't I I shoot some

examples at you Charlie and see if you

can guess the word okay you're an

example but I'll leave a gap and you can

guess the word yeah okay okay are you

gonna leave it down there for me no no

no no I'll be way too easy

okay so this is my company Charlie and

I'm offering you 20% blank in the

company 20% equity very good well done

next one oh I hope you enjoyed my blank

whoa my saggy breasts saggy present we

didn't as the piece that butt saggy

means fallen yeah they're coming down at

me that's how they say it's very

something I know no it just made me

reminded me of an American lady that I

met when I was living in a higher and

Ohio and she said oh yeah my belly

button has fallen it fell three years

and I was just amazed at how comfortable

she was at saying I'm so overweight that

I don't have a belly button anymore my

belly button is fallen yeah anyway so

yeah let's let's move on from saggy

breasts and stomachs but anyway I so

today in this lesson I gave a blank and

Charlie also gave a blank on behalf of

lingo der a pitch or presentation very

good and so I was the blank and Charlie

was the blank in this role play you were

the entrepreneur and I was the investor

very good and I asked for a blank

of 500,000 pounds you asked for I can't

find it and invest right investment this

is looking for fund I was looking for

you you were asking for an investment of

500,000 pounds for my right foot

Oh for 20% equity yeah yeah yes yeah and

my spray is blank blank blank blank so

state of the eyes is new it's very

modern technology that's it yeah that's

it you guys you venture capitalists well

done by the way and you were blanking me

during my work scrutinizing me good yeah

not new me me were scrutinizing you

think I was playing hardball

oh very good we didn't know see we

didn't paint man so let's to find that

now that's when you're being ruthless

and very stubborn in what you want so a

businessman who plays hardball is very

hard to negotiate with because they're

so this there's so much conviction about

the price they want you can't change

their mind so there he was playing


he was very ruthless and hard to to sway

hard to encourage yes yeah so I was I

was saying you need to go back and test

your product with different accents

would you say that I was playing

hardball because of that or I wasn't

really yeah I guess you were yeah I

guess you are yeah you're being a

yeah yeah you're playing wrong book yeah

okay keep going we're nearly done

so my Britain

innocent British accent spray is a blank

blank a startup yeah well my company

which is and the company is hilarious

Jesus had a sister Productions is the

name of the company

so my company's had a sister productions

yeah the company that's the name of the

startup company yeah a snailor company

yeah and hopefully if I get your

investment and we will be able to blank

blank blank blank we will be able to hit

the ground running

yeah and it's actually written wrong

there so let's change that we'll be able

to hit the ground running so just make

that off hit the ground running there it


so hopefully it will hit the ground

running yes and then Charlie was saying

that well I was saying thanks to this

spray and just being a young lucky man

and I am blanking well I am aging well

or you have aged well that's it to age

well yeah I was saying that someone

who's worked on the pronunciation but

it's just too hard for them it's hard

because it's really difficult to blank

ones habits to break ones habits

it's really hard for somebody to break

their habit habit come up with this idea

I had to think outside the blank well

sorry I had to blank outside the box

teamed up with so Harry had to think

creatively he had to think outside of

the box there you go and Carlos

an old professor of mine and myself we

team lamp we teamed up together team not

together that's it or exam doubt with

Carlos for this product and the prop

guys are not in there and to finish my

degree or to do my degree I had to ask

for a blank blank blank a hefty student

a big student loan yet hefty big yeah ok

we're getting a bit carried away here

aren't we we are well yeah we're getting

overexcited walking we got carried away

and your chin is saggy a little bit not

too bad not too bad yeah I think well

here we've done pretty well there we had

to kick in so that means to take effects

you can use this with drugs Kayne so

there yet this VX this people take the

ecstasy will take an hour to to kick in

enjoy okay yeah although you know legal

tracks the paracetamol the ibuprofen the

nurofen if you want some brands yeah

yeah yeah give me some more brands

please yeah loving the brand the Tesco's

own paracetamol will take 15 minutes to

kick in there you go and it's always

packaged when you buy the just like my

my product here it will be packaging it

will be packaged the price it's more

just like the spray so you need to get

some good packaging yeah

good packaging but to get the packaging

you need moolah right which is why

you've come to me the capital vent

venture venture capitalist yeah so you

do you know I think I I don't think I'm

gonna be a capital venturous anymore you

a capital nudist I'm

the money funding money to help you with

a project okay there we go

lovely stuff thank you very much Harry

for that wonderful accent and pitch it

was lovely stuff we hope that you

enjoyed the activity it might be useful

for you if you're teaching English or if

you want to inspire your your lessons

that you're having or inspire your

teacher perhaps yeah or or you could

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yeah it'll probably be April but yeah

brand springtime in the you core great

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bye for now


The Description of The Dragon's Den Pitch | EFL Class Activities