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hi welcome it's me Dr Khaled Sade. and you've tuned in to another

episode of my fantastic youtube channel on cysts and lipoma removal.

in the next clip we've got this cyst that's right next to the nipple

almost like a third nipple you can see it just there

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until next time take care everybody bye bye all right so let's give this a.

bit of a clean first i'm sure have you been open throughout the pandemic or is

it only recently no recent yeah recent

recent yeah

so how long has this been here for so it started about

10 years ago 10 years yeah it was small it was really tiny i popped it at first

went away for about six months and then it just filled up again and.

um over the last seven years it's been just been getting bigger

who's that baddie from james bond with like.

the third nipple yeah i don't know but is what i want to avoid

that's why i'm here okay now this is the worst part okay

this is the anesthetic going in it's a sharp scratch

and then it stings again okay

okay yeah it's fine.

oh sorry it's all right it's like a bee yeah

is that just a needle going in me or i i am the anaesthetic as well

okay oh wow yeah okay surprisingly the worst part of it

is that it's just the thought of it that's the one

i'll leave that to work for a moment


i hope you're all bond villain buffs if not then.

there was scaramanga for you in the top right hand corner anesthetic as you know

works very very fast but it's a bit of a

pickle to put in stings a little bit um but once it starts working we have lift

off we've got good access and good maneuverability around

the cyst interesting position um right next to

the nipple there so we'll see if we're going to struggle with this

a lot of sensitive tissue there so hopefully we don't have any obstacles

but you can never tell no operation is the same

let's get back and see how they're getting on

let me know if you can feel any pain

so we're going in for the first incision we want to make a small incision because

the size and decision will dictate what the scar will look like

and although it's quite a sizable piece you can see in between my fingers there

it's uh at least two and a half centimeters but

i think we could get away of like a seven millimeter ten millimeter.

incision so we're going to get good access on this

and see how we get on solid cane working nicely

not much bleeding okay yeah good

do you think it's going to be a pass that comes out or is it going to be more

harder i think it's going to be hard okay

yeah sometimes when they're infected they go all necrotic and liquidy and

you've come at the right time a lot of people leave it too late

although you're ten years you know yeah but it hasn't i mean like hasn't got

infected or anything so yeah it's still it's still good

remember if you do leave it too late it can get infected we had

an episode of an infected cyst liquefied content

can have a little bit of a smell and healing can be complicated check out

that video if you haven't the link will be in the

bio let's get back

i saw enough uh videos online to uh yeah to prompt me to

yeah did you see any valve videos yes

you know what there's nothing to it exactly

and it's not for every every um everything that you can look at a video

beforehand every procedure that you can

see where it's exactly going to be beforehand by looking at a video

yeah you could read about it but yeah watch it

is the next thing

and that really is a wonderful thing to hear from patients the whole my main

aim for this channel is to spread the word get people

to dispel their fears to dispel their mythology

around having these uh these minor lumps and bumps removed

and if we can visualize it in a friendly safe environment for a short 10-minute

clip then that patient education can really

help millions of people around the world

youtube gets a lot of traction so remember

share of your friends the more comments the more views the more likes

the more exposure these videos get and you're helping in

a world medical education if we can educate people

we can avoid infections we can avoid real deep complications when it comes

to these cysts great opportunity guys had it he's tried to squeeze it hasn't

been successful and he's come to see me before it's got painful

before he's getting affected very passionate about medical education

when it comes to skin care so it's great that there we have the feedback that

we're looking for

i'm just getting down to the sack now okay okay

sorry i don't feel anything it's just the idea of what you're doing that's all

if you want me to stop no no no i want this out so badly

i just i'm just gonna press on it you can just

get stuff out

well this will come out so here we have the action in slow

motion as you can see the content pushes up

against the cysts the cyst ruptures and out comes this cauliflower type

discharge it's very dry it hasn't been infected hasn't gone in contact

with any bacteria and just some gentle manipulation

helps to bring it to the surface we knew it was going to be quite a bad

amount there was a two centimeter cyst so you'd expect to see that kind of

volume coming through very satisfying to uh to to get all that

out but also to watch i'm sure let me know

your thoughts put your comments down below

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let's get this channel boosted let's get back to the action

it will come out really the content has yes i'm not going to do now

okay is go for the assist so that this thing

okay is it going to be a trouble for you in the future okay

and it's pretty good pretty good sized uh

assist that you have there okay but it's coming to an end now i'm just gonna

separate that away

when you say this cyst you mean the actual sac or yeah

yeah the sack is the assist and then it just

inflates yeah so okay that's what assist is it's a cycle in place

yeah exactly exactly exactly

so that's all out once we put the stitch in

that was quick yeah i do want to see when i'm dying not now but what color

of course that's incredibly quick

i'll just put the stitches in okay

excellent thank you so much for watching we're just going to close the skin we're

getting some deservable sutures in this instance two

interrupted uh stitches remember if you like the video tell me

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then be sure to find me there enjoy the clip and i'll catch everybody

next time take care bye bye


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