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Spicy cod roe udon

Frozen udon noodles are put in boiling water.

Tip) It's frozen noodles, so it doesn't boil long.

When the noodles are freed, take them out and rinse with ice water.

Tip) If you put it in ice water and cool it, it becomes more chewy.

Drain the noodles, dry them, add Tsyu and mix.

Top with spicy cod roe, mix with mayonnaise and black pepper.

Put the noodles in a bowl, sprinkle cod roe, egg (yolk), chives and sprinkle sesame seeds.

Complete with sesame oil.

The Description of 명란비빔우동 명란알이 톡톡톡! 꼬숩 짭짤♥ [만개의레시피]