Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Epoxy Inlay and Rustic Compass Butcher Block Countertops

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so what's going on here is the bed of the CNC and not quite big enough to fit

all three of these leaves on there once it's not Jackman sized, well let's

face it neither is this shop so what I ended up doing is using the center point

of the compass rose for my zero zero you can't see it all here but it'll cut

everything that's off the sheet anyway so I just had to split this off into two separate

tool paths one for these two leaves and then the second one for the third leaf

so let's go

hey guys thank you for watching and a big shoutout goes to Waterlox for

making this video possible now you guys know this already but Waterlox hands

down is my favorite finish it's a tung oil resin mix that really

soaks into the grain to give you an awesome depth and in the resin gives you

this subtle shine to the service it is also also water proof and food safe and maybe

even water safe and food proof so it's perfect for a countertop like this I'll

leave a link in the description so you can learn all about Waterlox. If you

don't have it in your shop yet you are falling behind

so definitely go check it out also I'm teaming up with Inventables to kick off

the Power Hour carving challenge with this project it is all just about

designing a project that has less than an hour total in cut time this one

clocked in at about 55 56 minutes so just under the cutoff you don't even

need a machine to enter into this contest because that is the grand prize

so just follow the link down below to easel that's their CNC software and you

do all the work right in there and lastly I feel like this project deserves

a little bit of an explanation so what this is is actually three table leaf

countertop sections that are gonna live on top of a half wall in my friends

house so it's a pretty small house that lacks countertop space so this will help

out a ton when they have people over and need a little

bit more room so this just lives above the stairs temporarily and if they don't

need it it's in the three sections so I can easily tuck it away inside of a

closet somewhere anyway thank you for watching go check out Waterlox they

are a huge supporter of what I do and I wouldn't endorse a product unless I

really believed in it but that's it for now I'll see you next time

The Description of Epoxy Inlay and Rustic Compass Butcher Block Countertops