Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Victoria Beckham on Her Family

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- You're very private, I'll say that.

So you haven't been-- you were here seven years ago--

- Correct. - And I don't think you've done

anything in seven years.

You don't do a lot of press.

- No, I don't.

You know, I work, and I'm at home looking after the kids.

So no, I don't tend to do a lot of TV,

but I love the show,

and it looks like there's lots of really...

strong, powerful women out there that want to have fun,

and I'm just a big fan of what you do--

- Well, thank you so much. - So thank you.

Thank you so much. [cheers and applause]

[cheers and applause]

So... [cheers and applause]

You're a-- [cheers and applause]

You know I adore you. I adore your husband.

He is just the greatest.

I just--what's his name again? David--

- [laughs] - Be-ham?

- Yes, David Beckham, yes. - David Be-ham.

Yeah, he's a-- he's a wonderful guy,

very very funny, and he's done some funny stuff for us here.

And the last time you were here, you just had the three boys,

- Yeah. - Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz.

- Yeah. - And then you were hoping

to someday have a girl, and now you do.

You have Harper, and how old is she now?

- She's going to be four. She's going to be four.

- Really? Wow. (audience) Aw!

- Yeah, you know, she's amazing. All the kids are amazing.

I mean, they're really good kids, you know?

They work hard at school.

They're happy, they're funny,

and they're just really good kids.

And she's so great, and the boys are great with her.

She's a little tomboy, you know.

She--she loves to wear little dresses,

but then she loves to put her football boots on,

and get in the garden with her brothers,

and have a bit of rough and tumble, which--

which I think is great, you know.

- That she's both, yeah. And Brooklyn took a pic--

he went to Coachella this last weekend.

- He did. - And there was a--

A picture of--he was by him--

I guess he was the first one there, 'cause he was--

[audience laughter]

Nobody else showed up.

He had a good seat. - Yeah.

- He's got, like, 1.7 million-- he's--

Instagram followers, right? - Yeah.

He's a good boy. - Yeah.

- He's a good boy. - He was like--he was a bus boy

at a cafe, which I think--

you know, he doesn't have to do that,

but I though that was amazing that he's a bus boy.

- Yeah, he's--he's worked in the local cafe,

washing up dishes, for the past two years,

which I think is great, you know.

For me and David-- we work a lot,

but the kids are everything to us,

and we're very, very present, and I think it's important

that the kids have a good work ethic,

and, you know, try and help other people as well.

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